Home Decor Ideas Perfect for Summer

    Home Decor Ideas Perfect for Summer

    Feb 26, 2020

    As the seasons change, so do decoration trends. As spring turns to summer and summer eventually turns to fall, pull yourself and your home out of a seasonal funk by updating your decor. Summer is one of the most dynamic seasons in terms of both indoor and outdoor activities, making it the perfect time of year to update both your interior and exterior decorations. Not sure where to start? Here are some seasonally inspired decor ideas to turn your home into the perfect summer hangout spot:

    1. Outdoor Lights & Curtains

    Outdoor string lights are the perfect way to spruce up your deck or outdoor patio. Pick up a set of string lights from your local hardware or department store and string them around the deck to create just the right amount of light for a summer night on the porch. For a more magical and cozy feel, add some curtains to the mix as well.

    2. Summer Scents

    Sometimes decorating is more about smell rather than sight. Set the mood for summer by lighting candles throughout your home that have tropical, beachy scents. Beware of launching yourself into scent over-kill, however. Try to choose a few select (and similar) scents, possibly all from the same brand. You can even take your scents to the visual level and place them in matching, summery candle holders for a sleek and customized look, feel, and smell.

    3. Update Your Shower Curtain

    Seasonal changes to your shower curtain are an easy, subtle, and inexpensive way to set the mood for the new season. To take your bathroom to another level, try switching out seasonal towels and wall art as well.

    4. Paint Your Furniture

    Have patio furniture that just isn't the right pop of color for summer? Grab a bucket of paint and coat your outdoor furniture with your favorite summer colors. Put together with string lights and curtains, this will turn your patio into something from a magazine.

    5. Set Up a Picnic Table

    Hit up your local resale or furniture store and pick out a long(er) dining table and some chairs or benches. Set it up as a dining area in your backyard for family dinners outside on nice summer nights.

    6. Hang Your Photos

    Gather your photo albums for past summer vacations and hang them around the house. Not only will this save you money on buying wall art, but it also serves as a nice memory of previous summer fun and a conversation starter when you are entertaining. 

    7. Flowery Fabrics

    Switch out your bedding, living room pillows, and throw blankets for more flowery patterns. This quick fix provides an immediate change in ambiance and emit a bright, summer vibe. 

    8. Lanterns

    Hung up your string lights and curtain but still feel like something is missing? Hang some origami lanterns in your outdoor entertainment area for the perfect summery accent to your patio. While they only turn on when the sun goes down, they look great in the daylight as well.

    Summer may be half way over, but it's never too late to add some lights, flowery prints, and summery wall art to your humble abode. Show us how you are decorating this summer by tagging us on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/C21Affiliated/.