Two Weeks In

    Two Weeks In

    Mar 08, 2021

    Welcome Back!

    Monday March 8th marks the beginning of my third week full time at this real estate gig. I am thankful to have a clients offer get accepted over the weekend but as they say "don't count your chickens before they hatch". I have learned over the last year that a signature on the dotted line is just the first step in the process. Now its on to inspections and surveys which in my eyes are the real make or break. From there there is the coordination with title, lenders, and the other agents.

    The home buying and selling process has a lot of little moving pieces and that's where I believe a good real estate agent has the chance to shine. Keeping your customer informed while coordinating everyone's schedules and working with deadlines on a purchase agreement is the less glamourous part of the process but it is key. I am trying some new organizational systems with attempts at automation to make the process more fluid, in time we shall see if there is benefit to it.

    Keep checking back here to follow me in this process. I thank you again for taking the time to read this and I hope that we will have occasion to work together!