Taking The Leap

    Taking The Leap

    Feb 24, 2021

    Hello to all you wonderful readers. As you may know or hopefully will come to learn my name is Ryan M Johnson and I am your Friendly West Michigan Realtor.

    I received my Michigan real estate license in late 2019 and began to pursue this business as side passion while working full time in IT Contracting. I quickly learned that the coursework doesn't to justice when it comes to the actual practice of real estate. Though I at times was forced to stretch myself thin, I was able to get some deals and real world experience under my belt while also having a steady salary to help support my family and I.

    Among the real estate transactions I partook while in my first year of real estate were the sale of my own personal home in Plainwell Michigan and the purchase of a home in Hamilton Michigan. Though my wife and I loved our "first home" we wanted to more strategically place ourselves for my real estate endeavors. I a now proud to say that as of February 22nd 2021 I have the pleasure of calling my self a Full Time Real Estate Agent. I am one of the very lucky ones to have a very supportive group of agents within my office at Century 21 Affiliated-Douglas.

    As I sit writing this blog it is my third day of going at this full time, and I am not afraid to admit to all of you I am nervous. For my entire adult life I have been blessed enough to know when my next paycheck was coming, but now I don't. I have chosen this new career that is full of uncertainty, but as terrifying as it may be it is also exactly what I believe I need at this point in my life. I can now say the choice I made nearly a decade ago to pursue Entrepreneurship at a collegiate level has come to fruition in my professional life.

    Those that know me well would likely not describe me as a risk taker so to make this leap is rather out of character. What is spot on for who I am as a person is the need to be challenged daily. I enjoy meeting new people and having every day be a little bit different which is why I feel this business is perfect for me. I hope to use this as a bit of a platform for updating you on my real estate happenings and the journey of my life in this business.

    I wish you all well and hope that if you are reading this we have the opportunity to meet, network, and hopefully work together.