Shuck and Jive Real Estate Offers

    Shuck and Jive Real Estate Offers

    Mar 07, 2022

    Seems like everywhere you turn these days there is another company out there trying to sell you their version of the latest real estate scheme. This happens in a BULL MARKET.

    Like most schemes these only serve to separate you from your MONEY.

    To understand where I am coming from, you must first accept the basic economic premise that MAXIMUM MARKET EXPOSURE LEADS TO MAXIMUM PROFIT. In other words, the more people that see your house, the higher will be the selling price.

    The National Association of REALTORS does research each year on home buying and selling. For the last 20 years the trend has been moving to Buyers finding their home online. But at the same time, those BUYERS and SELLERS were still working with Realtors over 90% of the time.

    Why was that?

    I can promise you that it wasn't because they wanted to spend more money and have have less return!

    The reason those individuals used qualified real estate professionals was because those agents provided the expertise needed to market, contract, and close the sale. PERIOD.

    The Sellers knew that Buyers were working with agents and trusted that strategy would yield the highest return.... and it did.

    So what are the schemes that Don't Yield Optimal Results?

    In no particular order they were:

    CASH FOR YOUR HOME SCHEMES - These people usually pay pennies on the dollar for your property. They turn around and sell your property for a handsome profit, many times the same day that they close with you. BAM you just got BURNED.

    FLAT RATE MLS Companies - They charge you a fee for putting your property in the MLS, which seems like a savings to you but without seller representation, buyers agents are reluctant to show your property to their clients which lowers the sales opportunities and ultimately the price you get for the property.

    Discount ONLINE Real Estate Companies - They have no brick and mortar presence in your market, don't know the values in your market, have untrained agents that provide poor service and ultimately wipe out any cost savings and reduce your final sales price.

    Nationally Advertised (Mostly on Radio or Online) Flat Fee or Low Fee Non-MLS companies that just throw you to the wolves who howl at your door until you give in and give your property away for less than market value.

    IBuying Programs - These are just a digital CASH for your property scheme that give you 75 to 80 percent of the fair market value for your property.... versus 6% for full service.

    I could go on but I think you are beginning to see a pattern here.

    Professional Real Estate representation almost always yields more profit for the seller and exposes the seller to less liability than any other method of sale mentioned above.

    So consult your local professional ALWAYS and sleep well at night knowing you got the most for your property and your liability exposure is as low as possible.

    If you have additional questions about anything mentioned here.... CONTACT ME! Myself or one of my agents can give you quick answers that you deserve.