5 Tips to Make Your Home a Great Buy

    5 Tips to Make Your Home a Great Buy

    Jun 04, 2019

    The temperatures aren't the only thing rising; home sales in Southwest Louisiana are hot, hot , hot! If your home is on the market during the summer, chances are it won't be for long, especially if it's in great condition and priced right (something your experienced realtor can advise and handle with you).

    There are many open houses and individual showings happening now; be sure your home is among the ones being showed to its best advantage. Consider these tips when your home is on the market:

    Does Your Home Stand Out? There are many homes on the market during the summer. As potential home owners are touring, you want them to remember yours. Work with your realtor on highlighting the key features of your home, whether it's a welcoming front porch (add seasonal flowers in pots, be sure leaves and debris are swept away and perhaps add a pretty wreath on the front door), beautiful kitchen amenities (stage a nice dessert area with cookies, pretty plates and napkins), or a spacious mater suite (spruce up your bed with pretty pillows and add a plush robe and beautiful soaps near the bathtub). Your realtor will help you enhance the features of your home.

    Make Those Repairs. Details often make the sale. A fresh coat of neutral paint along with fresh mulch in the landscaping can make a world of difference. You want your home to look inviting and well-cared for.

    Follow Your Agent's Lead on Pricing Your Home. You may feel it's worth more but an experienced realtor knows the local market and what buyers are willing to pay. Don't aim too high expecting to lower it later; it's best to price it realistically from the beginning. Pricing is based on comparable sales in the area, an up-to-date appraisal, the home's features, condition, and location.

    Look for Pre-Qualified Buyers. These ready-to-to buyers will make for a quick, smooth process. While they still have to undergo the loan process, they're off to a good start.

    Consider All Legitimate Offers. The expertise of your realtor will be invaluable in determining what offers are worth considering and how you should negotiate. Even if the offer isn't what you were hoping for, all is not lost! Closing costs, repairs, and even appliances can be used as bargaining tools to come to a pleasing deal for both sides.