Holiday Decorating with Selling in Mind

    Holiday Decorating with Selling in Mind

    Dec 10, 2019

    'Tis the season for sipping cocoa by the fire, finding the perfect Christmas tree, and catching up with friends at holiday parties. While the holidays are filled with good cheer, it's not necessarily the most opportune time for selling a home. But, don't despair! The Century 21 Bessette Realty holiday elves are here to help you pull out all the stops, making your home irresistible to the house hunters looking for a new home this season.

    The good news is that those who are in the market for a new home this time of the year are serious buyers. They may have transferred to Southwest Louisiana for a job, or to be closer to family, or just for our great climate and quality of life. Whatever the reason, they are in the market and if their wish list lines up with your home, we will steer them your way. First, though, we need to make sure your home is staged properly for the holiday season.

    Clear the clutter. With any home that's on the market, it's best to remove family photos, personal items, and a good deal of the knick-knacks. You're aiming for a minimal look which will make the home seem more spacious. You'll want to clear even more than recommended because you'll bring in some holiday things.

    Decorate, but in moderation. Holiday decor is so festive, but go easy. Once you've decluttered, you don't want to bring in too many holiday items. Don't feel obliged to hang every last ornament or put up the 72-piece Christmas village.

    Play up the positive. If your home features a beautiful bay window, you could draw attention to it with wreaths at the windows; or if you have beautiful molding, add candlesticks on the window ledges. If you have a 2-story living room, a tall Christmas tree will enhance the visual space. If your ceilings are 7' or 8', go for a smaller tree. An elegant garland wrapped around a beautiful stair railing draws attention to the ironwork. Placing holiday accessories in prominent places can help play up your home's unique architectural features.

    Complement your existing color scheme. If your home is decorated and furnished in soft neutrals, then bright greens and reds will feel jarring. Opt instead for muted metallics. If you have a gray or blue color scheme, choose a silver or white holiday palette. Everyday earth tones look great with holiday cranberry, forest greens and golds.

    Tone down outdoor decorations. Now is not the time to compete with Clark Griswold. One person's "merry" might be another person's "tacky". Simple outdoor string lighting is always safe and tasteful. You can even use lights to highlight your home's outdoor architecture, a beautiful tree or hedges in your front yard.

    If you get a little blue and begin missing your Santa figurine collection, keep in mind that with a little luck, you'll be celebrating next year's holiday in a new home, and you can decorate that one with as much holiday flair as you'd like.