Suzan Mascall

    Suzan Mascall

    North Idaho Resident for over 25 years
    Children attended local public schools
    Certified in interior decor and design
    Nearly 40 years of experience with The KOSH & Suzan Real Estate Team
    Marketing Specialist and full service real estate since 1994
    Enthusiasm and dedication to servicing our clients
    2015 Quality Service Award Winner
    We are here to serve the needs of our clients and make the process easier
    Satisfaction guaranteed

    My Client Testimonials

    Very impressed with my agents sales plan and energy. Suzan was always communicative, which was a quality my wife and I required to feel comfortable and reassured in the sales process. She was obviously highly experienced and had a deep sense of her customers needs. Suzan and Kosh had a targeted approach to garner interest in surrounding states that had significant numbers of relocations. ~ Keith & Shelly
    It was a pleasure working with Suzan. She is friendly, knowledgeable about the area and very accessible when needed. ~ John M., Coeur d'Alene
    Suzan had sold my home on the Spokane River and found a new home in Twin Lakes Village. She went above and beyond her professional duties. She even assisted me with packing, finding moving boxes, and someone to clean my home. I appreciated everything Suzan & Kosh did to simplify my sale. ~ Barbara Andrews, Rathdrum Idaho
    It was a pleasure to work with Suzan and Josh. They made the homebuying process very positive. We would be happy to work with them again. They were easy to contact, gave immexiate feedback and gave thorough explanations throughout the process. They kept us informed of what to expect along the way. ~ Bill and Eve Wilson, Hayden, Idaho.
    Suzan is one of the most hard-working and professional realtors in this area. She is diligent at marketing, actively seeks buyers through networking and advertising, and is one of the most knowledge agents not only in regards to existing property but especially in new construction as well. She works hard to represent her client yet is extremely fair and ethical in all her communications and business transactions with others. She goes above and beyond to offer assistance to her clients...not something you see very often. Suzan is the best you will find! ~ Shawn Anderson, Monarch Custom Homes
    We have used Suzan and Kosh before. We feel that they gave their 100% to helping us sell this property, quickly and they were always looking out for our best interest. We have used them twice now and I wouldn't use them and recommend them again and again. They are both wonderful people and I would consider them friends! Excellent on everything! WE feel that Suzan and Kosh went above and beyond in assisting us with the sale of our home! we were happy to do business with them again. ~ CJ / Hayden ID
    We would strongly recommend using Suzan! ~ Weston and Michele. SPOKANE
    Suzan and Kosh are great. Made the whole home buying process so smooth it was perfect. She keept us all in the loop myself my wife the loan officer. I would and already have recommended Suzan Mascall to any person looking to buy a home my family friends and just random strangers. It's great to have someone who is knowledgeable and actually shows they care about what they're doing. Buying a home is in a very important step in people's lives this is where you build your family and your children grow . Thankful we had the chance to work together. ~ Chris Post Falls Id
    It was not actually for sale until she ask me and I said OK...she had a buyer...than it sold..yeah gold star..very professional..informative..I recommend Suzan every chance I get. ~ Monet,Diane G.
    Suzan Mascall did an excellent job for us in every way. Upon meeting with her and looking at several houses she quickly grasped what we were looking for. After the initial visit we worked with Suzan long distance thru phone, text and internet. Upon finding the right house for us, we asked Suzan to appraise and inspect it, since we could not get there to look at it. She gave us her opinion and we trust her to the point we put an offer in upon her recommendation . It was accepted . Suzan took care of every single detail thru the process and was a great pleasure to work with thru a nervous process for us. We are moving in now and love the house. I would recommend Suzan Mascall 100% and will use her for future real estate transactions. ~ Peter and Elizabeth Matousek, Post Falls,ID.
    Susan was attentive and knowledgeable. She kept me posted on everything going on and answered any questions I had right away. She is a kind individual and a pleasure to work with. Thank you and Two thumbs up! ~ Audrey Wilhoyte
    Again, Susan was great. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. ~ Audrey Wilhoyte
    Susan was very helpful with everything and during all this my husband went into the hospital during closing and she offered to help me unpack. So I am saying she is also a very friendly and sweet lady. Thanks for everything. ~ Sandra Spielman, Hayden,ID
    As a first time buyer last year Susan jumped through so many hoops helping me and answering all my questions, she did an amazing job. I had no doubt in my mind when it was time to sell she would be my go to lady to get it on the market and sell it! She did an amazing job as always! I would recommend her to any first time buyer that has lots of questions or to someone selling or buying their hundredth house! Amazing work Susan! When John and I are ready to buy our dream home in a few years we will be giving her a call for sure! Thanks so much Susan! ~ Jessica Dehnert
    Suzan handled our out of state purchase of our home in Hayden and worked well with our realtor at our previous home. ~ Meg Westrup

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