Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani

    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani

    I have always had an affinity toward Real Estate. At an early age I was influenced by my parent's purchases and improvements of Real Estate. I followed suit in my own life by investing and improving properties over the past several years. Understanding the trades, budgeting, planning and negotiating bids translates into skills that are applied when assisting my clients buy and sell their own homes.

    With patience, integrity and commitment I guide my clients step by step
    throughout every Real Estate transaction whether it be buying, selling, renting or relocating. Backed by an award winning team with over 40 years of experience, quality service is top priority. Thanks to feedback from my clients I have achieved 2014 Quality Service Award.
    My goal is to build lifelong client relationships.

    My Client Testimonials

    I have worked with Wendy on multiple properties and she makes things easy for me, reduce my stress and makes sure I get the best price. I would work with her again in future without a doubt. ~ Yaser Mushtaq- glastonbury
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was excellent at keeping us informed during the sales process and making sure that documents were signed in a timely manner. Wendy is extremely helpful and always puts the best interest of her client first. She was even able to put us in contact with people that we needed to use in order to get the house ready to sell and was able to suggest ways to get rid of things that we had not thought of before. Wendy does whatever it takes to market the house so that there are multiple offers. She also puts more work into the process than any realtor we've ever dealt with in the past. The final result, a quick sale, shows her ability to get the job done. We had a great experience with Wendy and I'd recommend her to anyone I know who needs a realtor in CT. ~ Tim & Jackie , Florida
    Wendy made the sale of property effortless for us and took care of everything that needed to be done to get the property ready for sale. With my busy schedule I needed someone who can take charge of things and get them done and Wendy was the right person for this job. She is knowledgeable and her contacts come very handy to get things done on time. ~ Yaser Mushtaq
    Our broker did a fantastic job with a difficult situation involving a buyer with bad and often negligent representation. Kept the sale on track and got it achieved. Highly recommend. Very attentive and took care of all our needs. Went above and beyond often forced to not only work on our behalf but also for the buyer to ensure the sale was completed. ~ Kevin Tully West Hartford
    I didn't really deal with anyone on her staff for this transaction - it was very quick and very "clean" - no hiccups. Part of that is due to the seller being motivated to sell and the other part is Wendy took care of everything as soon as it came up or even before anything arose as an issue. Like I said before, the sale went off without a hitch. Wendy made sure everything said on track and took care of issues before they could become issues. Like I said before, the sale went off without a hitch. Wendy made sure everything said on track and took care of issues before they could become issues. I guess I don't understand what "as is" means. The sale was expressly "as is" since the owner lived out of state and the condo had been used as a rental. However, Wendy was able to get me a substantial buyers credit - much to the surprise of few people (but not me) who doubted she could ~ Emil Huyghebaert, New Hartford, CT
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani is by far more than just a realtor...She goes way above and beyond for her clients. We could not have completed this process without her. We highly recommend that if your looking to buy a house Wendy is definitely the realtor you need. Even after getting the house, we wanted she is still helping us always leading us in the right direction...I must say Wendy becomes your friend, family, and realtor all in one. ~ Kurt Menard & Mike Cartagena
    Thank you Wendy for all you did for us in finding that special house for our disabled son! I would highly recommend Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani to anyone looking to purchase that special place, or any place for that matter. She is a tireless go-getter that will be there for you even after the sale is closed with solid recommendations in whatever areas you made need to make home improvements upon. Wonderful experience!! ~ Mears Family, Manchester
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was a fantastic agent to work with from listing to closing. We could not be any happier with the smooth transition. All questions, comments & concerns were handled with the expertise Wendy has in today's market. We would highly recommend & ask for her assistance in the future! ~ Robert Painter, West Hartford
    Where do I even begin? My husband and I were introduced to Wendy close to 3 years ago. Since the day we met her she was patient, polite and was EXTREMELY knowledgeable of literally everything. As first time home buyers, you can imagine that we knew close to nothing, so we relied heavily on Wendy to guide us to the right home for us. We told her exactly what we wanted and she delivered. Before Wendy we would go to showing and the realtor would hand us a paper description and wait at the front door, NOT WENDY, she came equipped with flashlights, sanitizer wipes and walked us through the entire house pointing out things that would potentially be an expenses when she saw fit. Wendy is very intentional and pays very close attention to detail. Show me another realtor that would climb into creepy Spaces with you to examine every inches of a house, i know you cant because Wendy is it! I have already recommended her to every friend and family member that i know because i want them to get the same experience that i did. she was on our side from start to finish and she made it very clear even when negotiating a price for the house, when communicating with the sellers our best interest was always first! Then youd think shed disappear after closing?! NO! Shes still here assisting with picking paint colors, assisting with questions we have like who closes the pool? Do we need a contractor for this? How often do you clean and fire place? Wendy is still in constant communication with us even after closing and i think that sets her apart from the rest. She even came over to drop off a color wheel to help us pick paint colors for our new home. Wendy made us feel like we had a true ally, in her own words i will never stare you wrong she made it so easy to trust her. OOHH not to mention communication!!!! Wendy has to be some sort of Jedi, i would think of something and text Wendy at 11pm and guest what? She up!!!!! And responds! Like who does that lol? we had access to Wendy 24/7 we had showing literally everyday of the week including Sunday's. I often asked her when was her days off because how can one person be so committed to something. When we called she was there at all times. Very responsive, communicated well and was always open to showings and on time. You cant go wrong with Wendy. She now has a special place in my heart. I have so much more to say but then this review would be a book. Wendy, THANK YOU!!!!! ~ The Martials Manchester CT
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was awesome. She was very knowledgeable, very prompt, intuitively understood our needs and also gave us the space to make the right decision without pressuring us to rush into a deal. She always looked out for us and provided us the right facts to make decisions. While it took us a couple of years to identify the right home, Wendy patiently worked with us. She is very friendly and my daughter loved the home walkthroughs we went along with Wendy. We are thankful to have found a great partnership with Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani through this experience and we would recommend her 100% to our friends. ~ Lakshmi & Srivatsan
    Wendy is the most amazing realtor Ive ever had! I am grateful for all her help in selling and moving at this difficult time! Thank you for all she has accomplished for me. ~ Michelene Bakunis, Clearwater, FL
    My experience with Wendy Giordani has been as a renter and eventually a buyer over a period of three years. Given the choice I would never consider working with anyone else. Wendy is full of practical knowledge. She knows more about what you need than you do and she is unrelenting in pursuing your interests and solving problems. If you are looking for an agent who goes far beyond the basics, she is the agent for you. She is a great resource long before and far beyond the clearance of the commission check. She has great contacts and loves connecting clients with vendors and contractors with whom she has firsthand experience. Can't say enough. Hire her. ~ John F., Bloomfield
    She was on top of everything. She didn't let us miss anything either. When it came to inspections by the buyers she ensured that it was done right, which was greatly appreciated. She is a great realtor, she had our best interest at heart which you don't always get. I would by far recommend her to anyone interested in selling their property in the Hartford area. As far as I'm concerned, she went way above and beyond what I expected of her. ~ Sean Fortin, West Hartford
    In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, Wendy was excellent in assessing our situation and really understanding what we all needed to do to sell our house. She went above and beyond expectations, was always available and quickly responded to any questions or requests we had. She stayed on top of all appointments and tasks with us and we trusted her advise and ability to navigate vendors and the buying party. I would absolutely use Wendy again to sell a future home. She is very experienced and knowledgeable; a true asset when selling your home. ~ David Zavaleta East Granby, CT
    Wendy was very friendly and professional. I felt like she was sincere in her desire to provide us with the best experience possible. I liked the fact she was willing to go the extra mile and help out with anything that I needed help with. I appreciate the little things she did like loaning us multiple flower arrangements for the photos. It was nice not to have to worry about such things when I was busy with everything else for our move. We were very happy with the sale of our house as Wendy was able to get us over asking price. She is the best real estate agent that I have worked with over the years and I would definitely recommend her especially for relocation clients. Moving is stressful but Wendy helped make it a smooth and pleasant process. ~ Karen Barthelette, Southington, CT
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani came very highly recommended to me from a friend who she had previously worked with, Wendy was everything he had told me and more. From the beginning Wendy was professional and genuine putting me first from the start by looking out for my best interest. Prior to contracting with her on my property Wendy offered her expertise and information as I had parties interested without having listed it. In todays day I dont know many people willing to help without getting something in return. Wendy is very knowledgeable in her craft and was right on point about the current market and formulated the best plan to move forward for the sale of my home. Wendy was always available and responded to any communication and constantly forwarded any information or feedback to me that she received during the process. You are more likely to hear from her than you having to call her! Wendy did and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, willing to roll up her sleeves to finding resources if or as required. Wendy sold my home in a week, having listed it on a Saturday with offers by the following Friday and accepting a revised one on Monday all 1.5 weeks before Christmas! If you are in the market for a real estate agent I highly recommend Wendy as the starting point! ~ Peter Cricco, West Hartford, CT
    Wendy is extremely personable and friendly. She was willing to help me by talking through issues in a calm collected manner. Her clear communication was critical to our deal! Wendy is an excellent negotiator. She did a great job advocating for me and finding a win-win between me and the seller. The best thing I can say about Wendy is that I never felt like I was being sold while I was working with her! She was a great partner and advocate for me and my needs throughout the transaction. I totally trusted her to do her job and knew that it would have the desired outcome. ~ Lou Raven, West Hartford, CT
    Treating us like a good friend. Going outside the comfort zone to get things done. Being honest and trustworthy. We had a hard time to sell due to the overall CT market last year. However, Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani went far and beyond to market and improved our house to attract buyers. Since we have already moved out of CT the entire time during the sale, she treated our home like hers. We had many frustrated times at the home improving schedule and lack of showings, but she acted with absolute professional manners and listen to our complains. She bent over backward to get things done and make the sale happened. We are extremely grateful having Wendy being out agent. Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani is a very knowledgeable agent with an exceptional negotiating skills for her client. I always admire her work ethics and she works late every night. We were surprised getting the emails and the document from Wendy at 2:00 am! Our house is 45 minutes away from her office at West Hartford, but she often visited our house almost every other day to handle business. With this exceptional professionalism, Wendy is highly recommend. We are extremely satisfied with Wendy's help during the sale. I could not ask for more, and her performance exceeded our expectation. We would recommend Wendy to any of our friends and family relocating to CT. ~ Alan and Robin Wan, Frisco TX
    Wendy was an absolute blessing to us on this journey of selling our home. We unexpectedly had to relocate to a new state, so in the midst of finding a new place, setting up the move and transferring jobs, the burden of selling our house on top of that and at such a short notice felt very stressful. I'd like to add that we are also first-time homeowners, so this was our first experience with selling. Upon our first communication with Wendy, we immediately felt comfortable and confident. She helped guide us through the frightening process of staging and preparing our home to show and gave us some very smart recommendations. She even came over multiple times to help us make sure the home showed as well as it could. Wendy was helpful in recommending a cleaning service, a painter, a landscaping service, an electrician, and an HVAC service team to help us through some problems we encountered. She kept constant communication with us throughout the whole process. She had a lot of patience with us, as there was a lot we did not know about selling a home! I mostly appreciated how she encouraged us to not get frustrated and I felt like we could talk to her any time about any concern we had. Overall Wendy was one of the kindest and most professional individuals we have experienced even outside of real estate dealings. She takes a lot of pride in her job and truly cares for her clients. We will be grateful for Wendy's help for years to come and still consider her a friend even after the closing. We would 100% recommend her to anyone. ~ Jaime Rybka
    Wendy is a very knowledgeable realtor who knows her area, regulations and specific caveats that come with purchasing a new home. She is an excellent negotiator, easy to work with and at the same time hard working in making sure she addressed every concern of ours as as first-time home buyers. She is terrific to work with and would highly recommend. ~ MK - New Britain, CT
    Wendy did it again....she helped us with another home purchase. Wendy was so on top of her game throughout all of the home buying process. She scheduled homes for us to see in a timely fashion, as we were flying in from out of state, negotiated sales price, and was available to answer our questions 24/7. We are in our dream home and could not have done it without Wendys expertise. Thank you so much Wendy!! ~ Lauren F. Burlington, CT
    Wendy's attention to detail in staging the home really helped prospective buyers envision themselves living there. Her pricing strategy lead to a quick sale with multiple offers. I should listen to Wendy more when she advises me. Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani is the only realtor I will ever use. ~ Un Bella Casa LLC Farmington, CT
    Our experience with Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was beyond excellent! She went above and beyond all of our expectations. Wendy's initial evaluation of the property and suggestions on the best way to present the property were honest and well thought out. She provided a long list of services providers should we need them and offered to make connections with professions if we desired. She did not pressure us but rather lent her previous experience as a reference. Wendy's knowledge of the market and proper pricing of the property was spot on and lead us to a quick sale of the home. Her willingness to provide services far beyond that of the typical realtor was appreciated, especially as I live out of state and not always able to take care of local issues. Wendy worked quickly and efficiently even when obstacles arose. Her communication via email, text and the Showing Time App was appreciated and kept us in the loop each step of the way. Wendy's ability to negotiate and communicate with the buyers and their agent was highly professional and reduced the stress and worry on our part as sellers. Her vast knowledge of real estate and the selling process was evident as we dealt with a variety of issues during the home inspection and negotiation of the sale and reimbursements. I felt confident in her ability to represent us in the sale during the entire process. We would use Wendy again and highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area. You will not be disappointed. ~ Sue Ellen Boyer, Barnegat, NJ (Canton CT home)
    Wendy Chmielewski is very professional yet friendly which helped put us at ease during the entire selling process. She provided feedback on an on-going basis and we felt like we were her only sellers! She is excellent with technology so her updates/feedback were either done through texts, email or telephone. Her work ethic is very strong and she is a strategic thinker. I would recommend her to others since she worked very hard to get to get the best price on our house which is the result sellers want and she delivered! She is a definite stand out among her peers and exceeded our expectations. We felt fortunate to work with her and would highly recommend her whether you are selling or buying ~ Mabel, New Britain
    What would we have done with out Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani? She made our first time home buying experience go so smoothly, while always remembering exactly what we were looking for and what was best fitting for our family. Wendy was very knowledgeable and always available when needed. I would recommend Wendy to all first time home buyers, who may think they cant do it. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is ready to buy a home because Wendy was very professional, she also became a friend for life. She made sure we understood each step of the home buying process by always communicating with us. She always knew what she was doing always had resources we can use. After our closing Wendy didn't just say goodbye she has continued to check in on us and helping us. She made things for us so much easier. She is always there when we need her. ~ Samantha Serrano, New Britain
    We love Wendy she is the best agent we could ask for and we consider her as a family that's why she is always welcome in our new home . Through all this time looking for new house we made really good connection with Wendy our children love her and so do we.She was always on top of everything was needed to be done. Also she always listened of our needs and made sure that our new home is everything we need . It was really nice experience and pleasure to have Wendy as our agent and now friend and family ~ Kamil Sakowski Bristol
    I cant say enough about how instrumental Wendy was to ensure the smooth sale of our condo and purchase of our new home. She was extremely attentive to detail through the entire process for both of our transactions. She was very knowledgeable when it came to handling items that I would have previously thought were outside of the scope of a realtor, such as quickly noticing termite damage in a home (no, we didnt buy that home!). As this was our first purchase of a house, there were many things that came up that we werent familiar with from our previous experience in buying a condo. Wendy was extremely helpful in all aspects of our purchase and sale, whether it was recommending an electrician or making sure we closed on both properties - on the same day!! She is an excellent negotiator, for both sides (we were buyers and sellers). Wendy was a pleasure to work with, we will definitely recommend to friends and work colleagues! Thank you for all of your hard work, it is very much appreciated! ~ Amy & Matt - Cromwell, CT
    We were so lucky to have Wendy to work with during our relocation. She went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with our decisions. She had so much patience as we were trying to learn which areas to buy. I still look to Wendy as a friend and resource now that we are in our new home! ~ Brittany M Southington
    My husband and I contacted Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani initially based on positive reviews from couple of our friends and couldn't have been more satisfied. Wendy did a fantastic job with everything and she was just perfect in every aspect. Being first-time home buyers, we weren't aware of so many things and she made us feel secured and confident by assisting us with every single detail. We were amazed with her dedication, availability, endless patience, politeness, local knowledge, excellent guidelines and insight on things. She was the only reason we were able to close our dream house within a very short period of time, she was never hesitant to answer even our silliest questions and she even made the whole experience feel great. We are really happy with her and we can't imagine having a more positive experience during such a stressful period. We would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a similar service and especially, to first-time buyers in need of some extra hand-holding. ~ Bala & Priya, Buckingham
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was absolutely fantastic to work with! She went above and beyond in helping us sell our home quickly and at a great price. Wendy was extremely knowledgeable of the local market and was always looking out for our best interest. Overall, we had a great experience working with Wendy and we highly recommend her services. Thanks Wendy! ~ Jared & Amanda, Bristol
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani's knowledge of construction and the local market is invaluable when preparing homes for sale and determining a pricing strategy. This property is one of many that she priced resulting in multiple offers within a week of being put on the market for sale. The sale process was seamless. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.. ~ Un Bella Casa LLC, Bristol CT
    If you are concerned with relocating to a new community ...Wendy Chmielewski- Giordani at Century 21 Clemens and Sons SHOULD be YOUR AGENT She will advocate for you, keep you in the know and is one of the most organized and efficient agents I have ever dealt with in buying and selling previous homes. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with how smooth Wendy made our recent purchase. ~ Carol Coderre 5 Outbam Lane Avon Ct 06001
    Wendy sold our house in less than a week and for MORE than asking price. We're very happy customers! ~ Felicia Morton, Kensington
    We highly recommend Wendy; her attention to detail, knowledge of the business, and her patience guided us through this process. We have the utmost confidence in her. Thank you! ~ Gene and Jeanne DiBattisto Windsor Locks, CT
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was easy to get in touch with at al times of the day or weekend if needed. She kept us up to date on all communications and handled a complicated short sale with expertise. She explained all phases of the buying process and provided resources if we wanted or needed them. I would recommend Wendy to anyone looking for the right property for themselves or a family member! ~ Dina- Hartford CT
    Home buying is always deals with lot of pressure. One major thing we appreciate about Wendy , she will make us relaxed with the options and solutions she provides when dealing with complicated situations right from signing,Suggestions/followups reg loans,negotiating about the sellers credits, closing issues , followups with town building departments etc.... Appreciate all the help from Wendy!! ~ Suresh Tadisetty, Avon,CT
    When we knew our home was going to be on the market, my husband and I had no doubt in our minds that Wendy was the agent for us once again. Wendy actually was our agent when we bought the home. So we knew 100% that she was the right agent to help sell our home. Wendy is not only a real estate agent, she is a master negotiator, go to person with difficult to deal with contractors, and most of all a trusted friend. Wendy has such impeccable follow through results. Wendy is simply the best! ~ Lauren Fenlon, Burlington, CT
    Wendy is a very helpful and kind person. That was my first purchase and she guided me through the entire process with understanding and great support. I'm sure that without her the process would be much more stressful. She was always ready to help at every time of day and night. I'm sure that she is the greatest agent for everyone! Especially new buyers. Her knowledge and patience are great features that will make the entire, complicated buying process, as easy as it can be. I will definitely recommend her for my friends and family. Thank You Wendy! For everything :) ~ Inga, Avon
    There were many challenges with this purchase; Wendy kept me informed and motivated throughout the entire process. She's like a life-coach for the real estate business. My transaction was relatively small, but Wendy's customer service and attention to detail left me feeling as if I'd bought a multi-million dollar property. Highly recommended. ~ Jeff Zwolak, Farmington, CT
    Wendy worked hard, went above and beyond, and did a great job. ~ C. Brown, Canton, CT
    I saw that Wendy had sold the house next door to me in a timely manner and for a good price. I hoped she would do as well for me and she did exceeding my expectations. Wendy really assisted me in all aspects of the sale. She greatly assisted me with inspection report repairs even meeting with contractors when I was out of state. I have only praise for her professionalism and caring for all details involved in the sales process from beginning to end. ~ Anthony Turko - Moved to Florida
    Wendy was amazing throughout our entire home sale process. She was great from the beginning in coaching us how to stage our home for sale all the way through the closing where she ensured everything went off without a hitch. We couldn't have asked for a better realtor. Thank you Wendy! ~ Rebecca Warren, Thomaston
    We are extremely lucky to find Wendy as our agent. I can't thank enough for all the hard work, dedication and the time she spent in finding a right home for our family. She is always available for any help. Wendy is very professional and pays lot of attention to all the details. She exactly understood our needs and worked towards fulfilling them. We strongly recommend Wendy for anyone look for a dream home. She has lot of knowledge about the localities she serve. Thanks Wendy!!! ~ Sangeeth Manukonda
    We had a different agent before Wendy and that experience left us with a very bad taste. So we were cautious in choosing the next agent, but with Wendy we never had to worry about anything. She is very professional and knowledgeable of the local area. She also knows a lot of local suppliers and helped us get the estimates we needed for closing. We would recommend her to any of our friends and family. ~ Prati Kaufman, West Hartford, CT 06117
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani always acted professionally, constantly made herself available, worked tirelesly throughout the process and provided a combination of realistic perspective, respect and humor in what was sometimes an emotional and stressful time. I would highly recommend her for the sale or purchase of a house. J Ganci, West Hartford CT ~ J Ganci, West Hartford, CT
    Wendy was amazing working with us, she was patience and did not push us to make a decision on the spot. She showed us as many houses until we found the "one" that we know call home. She is very detail oriented, makes sure everything in the contract makes sense and then does an outstanding job negotiating the price. I have only good things to sat about Wendy and so far we are not disappointed. Thank you Wendy for all of the hard work on finding our home :) ~ Paula and Santy, Avon CT
    I could not have imagined a more complicated deal and behind the deal was a contingency of the sale of our home in Kansas. We had a short timeline to work with and Wendy did the impossible. She basically did the work of several people and did it with a positive and fun spirit. Her endurance and persistence is unmeasurable. Wendy is the textbook real estate agent. Over and above negotiation skills and is extremely detail oriented. I would do another deal through her right now just to get the pleasure of the best buying experience and because of the long term value that she delivers. ~ Stephen Bryant, Simsbury
    We are relocating from Texas, was nervous, had no idea about the area! Wendy made the transition pleasant and smooth! She checked in with us regularly, answered our questions and concerns quickly! I was truly amazed at how professional and easy to talk to. We came up here in May to house hunt and she took us out everyday looking, she kept notes of likes and dislikes! We went back to Texas no house! 2 weeks later house came up, had just about everything we were looking for, took my husband and she called said I think this is the one, could not be happier with the choice! Even now that were in house she is going the extra mile with providing contacts for people we can use to help with renovations! She was very responsive with getting house under contract, inspection and negotiations! My family loves Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani, she took up with my kids and they get excited when they see her, we have found our forever realtor for as long as were here. ~ Robin Wan - South Windsor
    When I was informed of the news that my family would be relocating for work, I had no doubt that I would be calling Wendy. Wendy original sold us our home a year ago. Her customer service, market knowledge, and overall persona created a true friendship between us. We were happy to call Wendy and we knew our house sale was going to go well with her in charge. Wendy developed a winning strategy. She presented a plan that we trusted due to our past experience with her. Her plan worked just as she said it would...leading to our house sale in less than a week with multiple offers above asking price. We would not have had such a successful outcome without Wendy's expertise. We wish we could clone Wendy so she can work for us in other markets outside of CT. Wendy is not only a fantastic real estate agent but an even better friend. She took our family needs as her own with true concern and passion that shown in her work. Her strategy and planning is the reason why we were able to sell our home so quickly, at a profit, and above asking price. Wendy is the absolute best. There was no doubt who we would call for the sale of our house. She made a stressful time during my family's life as stress free as she could. We felt safe and confident having Wendy as our real estate agent. ~ Michael V, Avon
    Wendy goes above & beyond.She will ensure her client he/she are in good hands. Wendy is a female who knows her Stuff. Wendy has great knowledge & knows when to be aggressive! I wish the biggest commision went to Wendy. She never allows anything to slip through the cracks. To be honest, I felt as if I was the only client for Wendy, she was always there. Please increase Wendy's pay. She is excellent & does not pressure the client to sign here or there. WENDY IS THE BEST! Century 21 should be Thankful for Wendy she is loyal & takes PRIDE IN HER WORK. I also would recommend Wendy to others, no matter what company she works for.Its the staff members, who helps build the company. Due to Wendy's hard work Century 21 will continue to have a great repuatation. ~ Happy homeowner
    Wendy worked with me through the sale of my existing home and purchase of a new home. She was patient with me wanting to see every house that came on the market in the area I was looking. When I finally found the right house, Wendy negotiated a better price for me. She knows what homes are worth and will work hard to find the perfect house at the best price! ~ Jennifer, Kensington
    Wendy Giordani is the perfect agent. I would say that she is much more than an Agent, she is there to help you find your dream home in any possible way. There are not enough words to express my family gratitude in having Wendy helping us out with the whole process, from house search to closing. Moving is not easy and she was able to turn what can be a stressful time into a pleasant journey. We will miss her. Needless to mention that she knows the area very well, but most importantly I want to highlight some of her personal skills that a set her apart: very transparent and straight to the point from the get go, creative in finding alternate solutions when things get tough, quick in picking up your taste and style, always on top of things, attentive to details, flexible (she is always available) and has a positive attitude all the time. With Wendy, you will be in good hands! ~ Alex & Renata Ikonomidis, Avon CT
    This is not the first time Wendy has represented us in a home purchase. Wendy is very responsive and stays on top of the Real Estate transaction from start to finish. Wendy always negotiates the best price. Wendy is my go to Realtor. Highly Recommend!!! ~ Un Bella Casa LLC Bristol, CT
    Wendy just helped us purchase our first house and we would like to share our experience . We were referred to Wendy by our relocation company last June and were impressed by her extensive knowledge of the local area and professional working style at our first meeting. We have worked with Wendy for an extended period of time since we are new to this area and actually not quite sure what we want exactly. Wendy is very patient and approachable. She actually showed us 50+ houses until we finally found our dream house! Wendy is very thorough in real estate area and we would like to recommend her to any potential buyer. ~ YU @ west hartford
    Wendy ensured that our house was staged well and presented well on internet. She helped us with contractors in getting our house prepared for sale. She gave us exceptional advice throughout the sales process. ~ Mary Ann & Rockey Levander, New Hampshire
    When vetting various brokers, we received phone calls from various agents. Wendy was by far the most friendly and knowledgeable about the area. Most importantly she listened to us regarding our needs and structured our home finding mission with our needs in mind. Wendy made herself available over several days in June. This includes a marathon session where we saw approximately 15 houses in a 12 hour period. Wendy was extremely patient and accommodating. After this time together, Wendy understood what type of home and location we truly desired. Wendy went to work and found us the perfect home the very next day. Due to Wendy's hard work, we are now in a house we love. Not only has Wendy been a a fantastic real estate agent but we believe we have gained a friend. She has our best interest at heart and wants us to love our home. This includes helping with contractors and home remodeling projects. Without Wendy, we would not be making this home into what we want. ~ Mike Vitiello, Avon
    Overall I think Wendy did an amazing job. We had a difficult seller and she hung in there with him. She was thorough in all aspects of the process and she helped us to get allowances for our deck and taxes etc. Just very professional and worked hard for us. We would recommend Wendy to anyone ~ Lynn sanders-whittle simsbury conn
    Wendy was very helpful from my first conversation with her. She was always available and made me feel as if I were her only client - which I know I was not. Wendy was very accommodating - I had one weekend to visit the area and choose a house and she blocked off three days just for me and scheduled and took me to over 20 houses during that time. She helped me weigh the pros and cons of each property and helped get the deal closed on time. She made the process as sooth as possible for us, had great vendor recommendations, and made our move across the country smoother than I could have imagined! ~ Tracy Moyer, Avon
    Wendy chmielewski-Giordani is what a person consider a deal maker, she is the ultimate negotiator. I'm telling family, friends and stranger if they're looking for a house to buy to go through her. We could not have gone through this process with anyone else but her. Her attention to details, her knowledge and personality a complete package to any clients looking to purchase a home. I love this beautiful lady and I just wish she was the lawyer, mortgage company and our realtor. I can say I gain a wonderful friend through this process for life. Love love her. And 10 star is not even enough for her. Excellent Job. ~ Sophia Lewis Hartford
    Wendy has represented us in several Real Estate transactions as a Buyer and a Seller. Wendy's attention to detail and commitment is evident in how she interacts with her clients. Wendy saw an opportunity when an offer fell through on a property meeting our criteria. Wendy was able to secure an offer quickly and assist with a quick closing. We will continue to use Wendy and recommend her to family and friends. ~ UN BELLA CASA LLC - WEST HARTFORD, CT
    Before listing our property for sale Wendy met with contractors and obtained bids for the remodeling projects we planned to complete. Wendy offered design ideas that helped enhance our property. Wendy was instrumental in getting us the maximum sale price for our property. Through her research and knowledge of the market she priced our property so that we received multiple offers. The closing was seamless. I will continue to use Wendy for all my Real Estate needs. Whether you are buying, selling or investing I recommend Wendy. ~ Un Bella Casa LLC West Hartford, CT
    Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani was very driven and motivated and was always interested in our feedback which was important in finding the right home for us. She helped us negotiate a great price and handled all items following the inspection. She followed up regularly with the sellers and sellers' realtor in order for us to move into our new home quickly and out of our hotel room! We were very happy with Wendy's help in the search of our new home! ~ Kirsten Prins, Burlington CT
    Wendy was great to work with. She was very proactive throughout the entire process from advertising the property, showing the property, providing timely feedback from agents who showed the house and through closing. Wendy provided frequent updates via telephone calls, email and text messaging. Our house was only on the market for a little over two weeks. We had a lot of showings during this period. She was great to work with and very proactive. Wendy is a true professional. We highly recommend her. ~ Carlos Pestana West Hartford, CT
    Wendy was critical in all phases of purchasing our home and was excellent, not leaving out any detail. Wendy was extremely helpful with many difficult aspects of the purchase including dealing with the seller and the mortgage company Top notch realtor. Will use her again in our next move. ~ Kevin Tully, West Hartford
    I have been searching for a place for almost a year now. What started as a condo search turned into a house search and eventual purchase! Through it all, Wendy was patient with me as I determined what I really wanted in a home. Wendy's wealth of experience was vital for me as a first time buyer. She gave me all the information I needed (and more) to help me make my decisions and set expectations through multiple properties that sparked my interest. And when the time came, she gave me the confidence to put in a lower offer--and it was accepted! ~ Kirsten Murphy, Bristol CT
    From the moment we met Wendy, we were so impressed with her as our realtor. She was knowledgeable, professional, kind, and even funny. We hit the jackpot with her. Many of the homes we toured we had our 2 children with us and Wendy was so sweet and kind to them. My older son asks when we will be looking at houses again with Wendy. :) We will recommend Wendy to our family and friends that need a realtor. ~ L Fenlon, Burlington CT


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