Casey Sears

    Casey Sears

    Real Estate Associate Broker (20+ years experience)

    Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Foreclosure
    There are hundreds of agencies and tens of thousands of agents you can choose from. So, the question is, what sets each apart these days, and how do you make a choice?

    EXPERIENCE - I have been a part of real estate for nearly my entire life. When I was much younger, my first job was for a builder as a carpenter then later as a site supervisor for new home construction. After college, In 2005, I qualified for my real estate license. Since then, I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to be mentored by several of the most successful and highest-grossing real estate brokers in Atlanta.

    In 2008, I joined a team that specialized in selling Fannie Mae foreclosures. Over the course of 2012, our 3 member team listed and sold 1000+ properties.

    MY GOAL - I work mainly on referrals from previous clients. The - most - important part of my business plan is to provide the highest level of service to my clients. It is my goal to ensure that you are so thoroughly satisfied with the job and advice, that you will not hesitate to tell your friends, families, and neighbors about me. :)

    My phone is always on me, and if you call, you can rest assured that I will pick-up live immediately to answer any questions you may have. If I am not available, It means that I was temporarily unavailable and will return your call normally with-in a few minutes. Buying or Selling a home is a stressful process. If you are like me, getting a quick response to your concern can help minimize that stress, and that is part of my obligation and personal promise to you.

    My Client Testimonials

    Thanks to Casey's guidance we were able to close on a house less than 2 months from when we started looking. He is incredibly knowledgeable of the area and industry. As long as you listen to Casey, YOU WILL GET A HOUSE! ~ Jonathan Shafffer, Cumming, GA
    Casey Sears was phenomenal. He helped us buy our first home and he made it a great experience. He also assisted us with selling our home. He answered all of our questions, provided his expertise with how the market is currently, and communicated with us constantly with updates. He is most definitely our go to realtor. ~ Jziamonye Wicker & Vernon Nalls, Locust Grove
    Casey Sears is a hard worker and it would not be hyperbole to call him a strategist. Our house wasn't perfect but the end result would lead you to believe otherwise. ~ Matt Shannonhouse, Stone Mountain
    We are a return customer to Casey Sears and have always had tremendous success when working with him on our home buying journeys. If he can, he responds immediately and if he's preoccupied he lets you know immediately so that you aren't left waiting for a response. He's well connected, charismatic, and knew just the right questions to ask and points to press to ensure we find the house we want in the locations we want to conclude our search and be happy with the result. We love the house we found and the area it is in and would readily suggest Casey to any friends or family that might want to start their own home buying journey. ~ Matt Shannonhouse, Tucker
    There are very few people who are truly good at their job. Casey Sears is one of them. While I doubt I will ever need his services again (we are that satisfied), I would certainly contact him again for any real estate needs. ~ -Travis Melton, Georgia
    This property proved additionally challenging to put into the market as it was in a neighborhood with a unique FHA status. The neighborhood was not FHA approved, but was trying to regain FHA status, and as such it had rental restrictions in place and was not allowing any more rentals. As such, this property was not able to take default FHA offers, and would not be desirable to investors looking to rent either. We eventually got an offer that sought FHA spot approval, and Casey represented us in such a fashion to ensure that we did not lose our negotiating power through the transaction if the spot approval with the buyer fell through. In the end, we received an excellent sale price on the property that was above our asking price, and Casey has now become the first agent to sell a property with FHA in that neighborhood since 2017. ~ Chris Tsigalas, Norcross
    Casey did a great job from the start when I expressed interest in selling the property. He helped with all the services to get the home ready for sale and handled any issues that came up with the property. He gave clear communication and provided many options for how to proceed when offers came in. I would recommend Casey again for any selling needs. ~ Adam, Sandy Springs
    Casey's overall knowledge was a fantastic asset and the fact that he came recommended by several of our friends was a major sell in going with him. We may not have gone to a lot of viewings with him personally, but given the situation on the market and he was always able to get a team mate for us to go to viewings with and was very approachable when we wanted to make moves. He was also super understanding of our hesitations when they arose and never made us feel bad for making decisions that ultimately extended our search. Would definitely recommend him to any of my friends and family were they looking for a realtor. ~ Aaron and Grace, Stone Mountain
    My fiancée and I wanted someone that cared about what we needed in our home and to help us understand the process. Casey Sears exceeded our expectations. He went above and beyond during our home buying process. He never had a problem answering our questions or explaining things since this is our first home. We have a new build that took months. While waiting, he would constantly check on us to keep us updated with any new information. His number one priority was making sure we were happy and he never hesitated when it was time to address any concerns we had. We would definitely work with him again and recommend him to all of our friends and family. He made our home buying experience as smooth as possible. ~ Vernon Nalls & Jziamonye Wicker; Locust Grove
    Casey came highly recommended from a friend who had used his services previously. From our very first conversation with Casey, it was abundantly clear that his knowledge and expertise in the metro Atlanta real estate market were what we were looking for in a real estate agent. One thing we particularly appreciated was Casey's dedication to his craft; repeatedly demonstrated not only through his expertise in real estate, but also his in-depth knowledge of home construction. It was refreshing for us to have absolute confidence in his abilities to not only successfully target homes that fulfilled our requirements, but also negotiate the contracts in our best interest; a steadfast advocate. It was this advocacy and trust that was critical to use finding and loving our new home. ~ Andrew and Dorri Smith, Marietta
    Casey knew I was a first-time buyer and went above-and-beyond to walk me through the process. He was always quick to respond to my calls and texts. He helped me understand the whats and whys of the process and alleviated my fears and addressed concerns. He was always professional and super helpful. ~ Spencer Reeve, Atlanta, GA
    Casey was extremely patient and helpful in getting me connected to resources who could help me overcome obstacles. I had a one year struggle to get approved for a loan due to bad entries on my credit report and Casey was supportive through the whole process. He even advised me on which mortgage brokers might be better for my complicated situation. As a first time home buyer, I found his knowledge to be absolutely indispensable. Casey noticed things before I did that I wouldn't like about a houses. He helped me see the better sides of houses that I was iffy on, but he felt I would love. I found his practical explanations of the pros and cons of houses to be an extreme help in making a decision. After making an offer, I felt like Casey was my champion in the negotiation process. He understood what could bend and what couldn't better than I could and helped me broker the best possible deal in my opinion. Overall, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I'd recommend him to anyone and I already have. ~ Constance Brown, Fayetteville
    Casey was wonderful! He helped me through the entire process while providing excellent service and advice. His help was invaluable! ~ Kelly Brennan, Gainesville
    As a first time home buyer, Casey went above and beyond. Very early into working with each other, he gave me a crash course in the home buying process, we made a list of the timeline and what to expect, and even ballpark pricing for the area for things like the appraisal and inspection. Casey worked hard to find the homes he knew I would be interested in that fit my criteria and budget, and even made sure to take the time to look at the ones I was finding as well. His commitment to hard work only grew once our offer was accepted and we went under contract. Even with delays in the process, he was always thinking ahead and making sure I was in a comfortable position and had options laid out. As an out of state buyer as well, Casey really went out of his way to make everything come together. I cant recommend him enough for those looking to purchase a home! ~ Kevin, Adairsville
    Casey was recommended by my brother. He was very sensitive to our needs in selling the property after our father's death. He laid out several options for us. He was confident that we could sell the property in a timely manner without much expense, and we did. ~ Wayne Wilkes Cleveland, GA
    The fact he came to view the property and talk about representing us with a full plan and expectation for the sell of the property with comps printed out was a major confidence boost and felt very transparent Casey and I were on the same page from a negotiations standpoint and it felt like we really had someone with our best interests at the table for us. At the end of the day he got us an amazing deal and within our absolutely unreasonable timeline. This real estate transaction was so much simpler than my purchase of the property. I never once felt like I was unprepared for the next step or lacked understanding of what was going on. Everyone's expectations were communicated up front and Casey delivered on them in a big way. ~ Eric, Sugar Hill
    Casey Sears made our first home buying process delightful. Through every step of the process he was there with us, explaining and teaching the whole time. Anytime a doubt entered my mind, he was there to listen and help work through it. This isn't just a job for Casey, it's not even a career, it's his life and passion. He WILL get you the home you want at the price you want. He WILL take care of you and make sure you are happy. Next house, there is zero doubt on my realtor, because I don't think anyone else could match the level of service and professionalism I received with Casey. ~ Jon & Alex, Cartersville
    Casey was amazing and on top of everything. He made buying my first home so much less stressful. ~ Jay Ferguson
    I can now say that I have purchased and sold property under the guidance of Casey Sears. His experience, real estate knowledge, and approachable demeanor are truly outstanding. Any questions I had along the way were quickly answered and the whole step-by-step process was thoroughly explained. I was able to buy and sell with confidence knowing that Casey had my interests at heart and understood my needs. ~ Jennifer Etheredge, Marietta GA
    Respectful, courteous, and possessed of an immense knowledge base, Casey is an exemplary professional. At no point from start to finish did I ever feel uninformed about where I was and where I was going. Willing and able to use technology to aid in the buying process, Casey was able to facilitate buying a fantastic first home safely during a worldwide pandemic, which is proof of his versatility and resourcefulness. ~ Andrew Carlin, Marietta
    Casey did a fantastic job helping us get ready to sell and then get everything taken care of. He understood our needs and came up with a plan that helped us sell our house while leaving us feeling in control of the process. Even though we handled the sale from a distance, I never worried about any aspect of selling. He helped us out a lot with the various things that needed to be done before closing. This is especially important because we went under contract right before stay-at-home orders started being issued across the country, and there was a lot of uncertainty in the air. I feel like he went above and beyond his responsibilities as our real estate agent. If I ever move back to the area, I will definitely use Casey's services again. ~ Jess Dunks, Lithia Springs, GA
    Casey was pretty on point with all aspects of the transaction. Casey was able to help answer all the questions we had as first time home buyers. He was also very flexible with scheduling. During the process we were on our honeymoon and he was able to coordinate the inspection of the home and schedule the repairs that needed to be done in order to complete the deal. ~ Alex Hansell and Megan Gribble, Kennesaw
    Casey Sears took the time to learn what I was looking for, even when I wasn't sure myself. Casey also was a great agent for a first-time buyer who had no prior experience with real estate. ~ R Zimmerman, Marietta GA
    Casey was very helpful in helping to find my house and moving forward in every aspect of the process. Thanks Casey! ~ Andrew Beckman Smyrna
    Casey did a wonderful job of analyzing our wants and needs. He was very patient with us as we worked through the process. He always explained every step.We really enjoyed getting to know him better. ( He had helped our children previously and we had met him at their wedding as he is friends with our SIL. He came highly recommended and we trusted their experience with his skills.) Thanks to Casey for a job well done. Casey is the best! ~ Ron and Mary, Gainesville
    Casey made the whole purchase process less stressful. Even when unexpected things came up he handled it before it became a major stress or issue. He made the whole process less stressful and easier than I was expecting. Casey's patience, understanding, flexibility, and honesty were refreshing. His demeanor also made it easier to talk to him and work with him. Very pleasant and enjoyable to work with. Having similar interests also made it more fun as well whenever my husband and I chatted with him on various occasions. :-) Thankful he was recommended to us and definitely plan to use him again when the time comes. If you're needing to buy or sell, go see Casey! ~ Kayla-Danielle Murphy, Kennesaw
    We met Casey when he helped some of our friends purchase a house. He made such a good impression, we decided to talk to him as we weren't too satisfied with the agent the bank had recommended. The first thing he did was sit down with us over dinner and go through the whole home buying process from start to finish before getting our list of desires for the home. We were using a previous agent, but quickly decided to go with Casey instead when he took the effort from the get go. I was extremely uneasy about the whole real-estate process, Casey took to the time and effort to put all my fears to rest and answer any questions I had. He made the experience as enjoyable, quick, and low stress as possible. ~ Bud Whitley, Monroe GA
    Casey Sears exemplified the highest standards of integrity and professionalism during our house buying process. He showed us every aspect of the market we were interested in. He did not in any way try to push us down any path, but instead he worked towards harmonizing to our needs and desires. Shortly into the process, it was almost as if he knew better what we wanted than we did, but without any kind of pressure to go that way. Casey demonstrated a broad and thorough knowledge of every aspect of the process. Every step of the way, at every juncture, he provided us with all of the details about how the process would go, what we would be required to do, what all of the other entities would be doing, and why everyone was doing what they were in the moment. He also shared with us various details about specific real estate markets, so we never had much if any homework to do when we were considering an area. But most importantly, Casey always gave us the impression that he was on our side, and then made good on that impression multiple times throughout. Whenever there was a negotiation to be done, a person to be contacted, a contract change required, he took responsibility for handling it as quickly as possible. He also kept us in the loop on what actions he would be taking and confirmed with us before acting on our behalf. Working with him is like having a teammate that is there at every practice, plays in every game, and always rises above your expectation. Overall, I could not imagine having gone through this process without Casey Sears. He not only helped to keep it as low stress as possible, but I am sure as low cost as possible as well. I would recommend him for all of the reasons above. ~ Aziel Ferguson, Atlanta
    As a first-time homeowner, I had a lot of questions and concerns before buying. Casey Sears was there for me every step of the way to answer my questions, take on logistical issues, go to bat for me in negotiations, and guide me through the whole process. He turned what could have been a stressful nightmare into one of the easiest and most comfortable things I've ever done. He's responsive, knowledgable, and friendly, an I'm very glad I chose him to help me buy my first house. ~ Ben Torell, Sandy Springs


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      • A lifetime of experience. Real Estate is a family business for the Sears. It is our heritage.

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      • I am a member of the Cherokee Board of Realtors.

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