The Appraisal District Website "appraised amount"

    The Appraisal District Website "appraised amount"

    Jan 14, 2022

    I have had many buyers come to be with a concern about a property listing price compared to what the appraisal district website says. Each county has a public County Appraisal District website that will show the amount labeled as "appraised value." I wanted to spend a minute and clarify what this number is.

    That is the taxable amount. They use the word “appraised” but that is not the same as an actual “appraisal” that a lender does for a new mortgage.

    Taxable amounts are always lower than what a property is actually worth. This is a good thing! None of us want to have a 100% tax rate. Thankfully Texas has laws in place to help protect us home owners from extremely high tax rates. 

    Some homes not been physically appraised in a very long time. The tax office (this appraisal district website) does not have permission to come inside a property and do an official appraisal to decide how much to tax you. A true licensed appraiser is only hired to appraise a home when a lender is involved. (A purchase or a re-finance) 

    My job is to use the same MLS (multiple listing service) that a licensed appraiser would and compare this home to the similar properties that have sold in the recent past to give you my best guess as to what a buyer would be willing to pay for your home. The appraiser is the only one that can set the true VALUE or WORTH of your home. My goal is to get you extremely close.

    The “appraised value” you see on the public appraisal district website is not 100% of the worth of that home. Again, this is only the number that it is being taxed on!

    Feel free to reach out to me for more info! I'm here to help!