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    I needed a broker I felt I could trust to represent my family's needs remotely (operating outside of Michigan) during a difficult family health care transition. After interviewing several local agents across multiple companies, Abe put our needs at the top of the list, ensuring us we could partner effectively together via email/phone/text between Michigan and Virginia. Abe, by far, exceeded all of my expectations in handling and transacting this sale -- from early expectation setting up front, to continuous communication during prep and house listing, to needed counsel and assurances through closing. I couldn't have progressed through this challenging family event without Abe by my side. ~ Dan, Dearborn Heights & Virginia
    I would like to start by saying that Abe made the experience of selling my house seamless. Abe is very knowledgeable and he always was available. I will definitely be giving Abe a call when I am ready to buy a new home. Great experience ~ Ron Mets, Chesterfield, MI
    Abe was great to work with. I thought I got a great deal and look forward to working with him again in the future. ~ Tom Mathew
    I am happy and very satisfied ' ~ Antony Mathew
    Abe was dressed professional and was always on time on our appointments, Abe is a wonderful agent and was able to help us get our dream home! ~ Sotir Matka, Taylor Mi
    Amazing and kind person ~ Fatme Chebli
    He listened to me and my concerns. Took the time to answer any question I had, even when I had asked it once or twice already. Was very patient. Abe was patient, helpful, and followed through on anything he said he would do. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone. I ~ Evelyn Stop, Garden City, MI
    I found Abe on zillow. He had sold other properties in the area along Mortenvew Road. The other agent he sold with was very pushy and abrupt. So I chose Abe between the two. Abe knew what to do when traffic was getting less when the house was for sale. Open houses weren't picking up. So when Abe lowered the price , we couldn't believe the traffic coming through the house! That's when the house sold. Plus we had two backup buyers. When we were choosing between the two offers, I prefer to go with the offer of a family. The other offer wanted to flip the house. I asked babe what he advised, he agreed to sell to a family. The family reminded me so much of our own family. The grandparents bought the house. Their children and grandchildren will be over frequently. The house becomes the hub of family gatherings. At the beginning Abe suggested the price to start the house for sale. He asked me what I would start it at. I would start it $15,000 more. He was wise to start it where he did. We went down a little after that to improve traffic for the sale of the house. Myself and my family do not have any real estate experience. We could depend on Abe's advice and real estate knowledge. Should we need a realtor in the future, Abe would be the first person we went to. When we went to your office for the closing, it was a beautiful office. The receptionist was very polite and happy. The rapport with Abe and his colleagues at the office was very professional and friendly and happy. Abe and I could reach each other at a moment's notice via text. If we needed to follow up with the phone call we could. Abe was so professional at all times. He always dressed impeccable with a suit. He always spoke very articulate and intelligent. He's comfortable with his profession. ~ Lisa Pompa, Taylor
    I thank you very much. Such a great person. ~ Ahmed Elfgeeh / Dearborn Michigan
    Awesome job ~ Teresa Brennan
    I was very happy with Abe. He kept me informed every step of the way. He made showings happen for me even around my schedule as a nurse, so he was able to get some late showings. He was always on time. He always called me to check in on me. He helped me work with my very pushy landlord who wanted us out of our rental house asap. He made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I really appreciate what he did and would highly recommend him to anyone I know looking to buy or sell their home. Abe kept me informed every step of the way ~ Mary Muske Livonia, Mi
    Yes yeah he¿s help me a lot for everything I was having heDo great job for me Yes Brahim Cadoura He¿s the first Guy I see him help me and he was honest with me for everything . ~ Taha munaser
    Ibrahim Cadoura was highly recommended by a former agent of Curran and Oberski. Abe exceeded all my expectations for service from an agency. He stayed ahead of issues as they arose and had good advise to address them. All the while displaying professionalism and courtesy. Abe is an asset to this agency. Abe handled the onslaught of showings with great efficiency. The multiple offers that resulted were discussed with me in detail. Giving me the advantages and disadvantages to each. I was then able to make an informed decision. Abe provided a seamless experience from start to finish. ~ Brian Wells, Wyandotte, Michigan
    Abe is great in what he does, he's on top of everything, very friendly and helpful. He always made sure he was available for me whenever I needed. He pays attention to the details and reactions. He's knowledgeable and fast in responding. Abe not only helped me purchase my first house but he also gave me a new friend.! I would highly recommend Abe to anyone I know buying a house. He was a pleasure to work with.! He always goes above and beyond. Thank you again Abe for everything.! ~ Blakley Jones
    Abe was great. From start to finish he took care of everything. Mo stone was left unturned. No property was left unchecked. No question was left unanswered. Any time, day, or place, Abe was always there to answer my questions. I normally don't write reviews, but Abe went above and beyond for us and this is the least I can do. ~ Ahmad Allan, Westland
    We had previously worked with Abe on the sale and purchase of other properties, and were highly satisfied with the support and service he provided. This experience was no different! Abe is a top notch agent who not only delivers consistent results, but who also supported my husband and I with knowledge, care, and was always there when we needed him, every step of the way! This a wonderful experience from beginning to end! Thank you! Every aspect of the sale of our home went extremely well! We knew we were in good hands with Abe! We have developed a level of trust and appreciation in working with Abe over the course of the past couple of years. He is committed and sincerely dedicated to supporting our needs. We are extremely happy with the sale of our home, and are greatly appreciative of all Abe has done for us! Overall this was a very positive experience from beginning to end. Abe is not only highly knowledgeable with the buying and selling of homes, but he is also a good listener, and understands the needs of his clients. He moves forward with a strong level of support and wisdom. We are grateful to know Abe and to have had him support the buying and selling of 3 of our homes in the past couple of years! Mr. Cadoura is an excellent agent! We trusted him with the buying and selling of our homes and he did not let us down. We are thankful for his wisdom, top-notch skill-set, and thoughtful approach to the buying and selling of our homes. ~ Salwa and James Kinsey, West Bloomfield
    Excellent performance. Recommend him strongly to others. ~ Karen Poulos, Sterling Heights, MI
    Abe did a fantasic job making sure we understand every step of the selling process we were going through. He took time to answer all questions at literally all times and could very easily be reached. He set very good expectations on what we should expect and all possible outcomes - starting with the exact timing of listing of the house to what to expect at closing. Abe puts his clients first all the time. ~ Kristyn Fakhouri, Livonia
    Abe Cadoura just sold my home and I am more than pleased with the whole experience. The house sold quickly and Abe was right there guiding me through the process, answering questions and attending to the details. He is a really nice person to work with and no request or question was too small for him to take seriously and take action. I can recommend Abe Cadoura to anyone buying or selling a home. Abe has a good reputation and knows the area and people. Excellent! 5 Stars from me :-) ~ Terri Kash - Dearborn Hts., MI
    Abe Cadoura is an experienced ,knowledgeable, professional. The property was sold very quickly.I found Abe ,respectful and informative. Responded to concerns or questions promptly. Abe is a true asset to Century 21 Curran &Oberski,he demonstrates this as soon as you meet him.Give him a call.Thanks again ,Abe ~ G.Lewandowski,3230 Lockwood
    I would recommend Abe to anyone. He was fantastic at everything he did for us. Even when it was a difficult situation and it was a waiting game. He always made sure that he contacted us and let us know what was going on. Never once did he complain when we want to see 2 houses and they were 30 minutes apart. Abe was super friendly and polite and even joked around with us. He was amazing and got us our home. ~ The Stovers
    Ibrahim Cadoura is very knowledgeable and was very understanding of our needs. He was extremely dedicated to helping us find our new home. Communication was excellent and helped us throughout the entire process. ~ Ali Almujahid
    Phenomenal service during the whole process. I was so impressed by Abe and would recommend him to anybody for all their real estate needs. The whole time dealing with him I knew without a shadow of a doubt he had my back and as a seller that's all you can ask for. He's been a blessing through this whole process and I cant thank him enough. ~ Adam Dearborn,MI
    Abe was amazing to work with. He made the experience very easy and pleasant. We definitely recommend him to anyone we know. ~ Sam Baiz Dearborn mi
    Abe did an outstanding job finding us the right house and was always available in our tight schedule, he worked hard to make it happen on a tight schedule. ~ Colleen DuBay Garden City
    Ibrahim was exceptional all around throughout the entire home buying process. He went above and beyond to make my home buying a breeze. ~ Maher, Dearborn Heights
    Abe was kind and professional while we searched for our home. He gave great seasoned advice concerning our choices. He always went the extra mile, and made us feel like family. ~ A.James Dearborn Heights, Mi
    Abe was extremely kind and patient with me and my husband. This was our first time buying a home and he explained everything thoroughly and never left us with any questions. If he wasnt sure about something he was quick to find the answer for us so we never had to worry or feel any doubts during this process. He kept us updated through everything so we never had to question what was next or how much longer this process would take. He made us feel secure about our decision and we are so satisfied with how everything turned out and are enjoying our new home! We will definitely recommend Abe to any friends and family who are going through this process! He was simply amazing! ~ Glenn and Jaclyn LaPointe
    Ibrahim Cadoura helped us sell our previous home in Redford, and did a phenomenal job. He was highly knowledgeable, personable, and made sure our needs were met while being a clear and efficient communicator. We loved working with Ibrahim, which is why we continued working with him when it came time to look for our new home. Ibrahim Cadoura was clear and timely with his communications. We put our trust in him, and this was easy to do because he made sure to both listen and act upon making sure our needs were met. He was the ultimate professional at all times, but also approachable. We just loved his down to earth spirit, and were highly pleased with the outcome of both the sale of our old home and purchase of our new home. We highly value Ibrahim, and hope to work with him again in the future. We had a wonderful experience working with Ibrahim Cadoura. Not only is he an excellent listener, but he also makes sure to take action on opportunities so that we don't miss out on a thing. He is highly skilled at his profession, and made us feel comfortable about a very important purchase in our lives. My husband and I highly recommend him to any in the market looking to either buy or sell their home. Overall experience with Ibrahim Cadoura was beyond excellent. We have bought and sold other homes before, but the experience we had with Ibrahim Cadoura was definitely the best of the bunch. He is a top notch realtor who we absolutely loved working with! ~ James and Salwa Kinsey, West Bloomfield Township
    I was very happy with Abe and the knowledge he provided to help me sell my property. He was very polite and professional from start to finish. I would highly recommend Abe to all my friends and family. ~ Mr Ratton. Inkster
    Abe knew everything. He was on-point through every part of the home-buying process. As a first-time home buyer, Abe went out of his way to make sure I understood everything that was happening. Abe was an outstanding go-between while communicating with all parties and made sure that everything went smoothly. I truly appreciate everything that he did for me during, and even after, the sale. He even followed up and went the extra mile when there was a small issue after the home purchase. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering buying a home as he is very personable and professional and will make you feel at ease. I could not be happier! Thank you so much Ibrahim Cadoura! ~ Nicole Davis, Garden City, MI
    Ibrahim was an awesome agent that walked me through buying my first home. He made the entire process easier. Ibrahim did a great job explaining the entire process step by step. I felt that I could trust him and I am left satisfied with the experience. ~ Raymond Taylor, MI
    Ability to listen and relate. Abe did a fantastic job. Abe is the man. ~ James
    Abe was outstanding from start to finish. Even though he may have had other clients and houses to show, Abe made it feel like we were his one and only focus. There were several occasions where we were put in a difficult situation and all Abe said was "Trust me to get this done." I was skeptical at first but I often didn't have an option due to other life factors. But time after time he came back with better results than we were even hoping for. Given my experience with Abe, I feel as though I can trust him 110% and it's almost exciting to hear him say "Trust me to get this done" because I know he always had our best interests in mind. All-in-all Abe facilitated the entire process with an outstanding response and result times along with a professional candor that was unmatched. I would definitely recommend Abe and if the time ever comes, trust him on our next home buying or selling adventure. ~ Brandon and Victoria McKinley in Newport, MI
    Ibrahim Cadoura made my home shopping experience a joy , he was always there to calm me down when things seemed to get crazy , I would and will recommend him to all my friends and family abrahim was very knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had , all in all a great experience ~ Frederick Morgan 2631 Edgevale Dr Waterford
    We discovered Ibrahim by chance but were immediately impressed by his calm demeanor. From the beginning, he was trustworthy and honest. We appreciated that he was truthful and helped us make an informed decision based on his experience and expertise of the market. He remained extremely helpful, courteous and respectful during and after the closing. On several occasions he went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met. We could not have been happier with his service and will definitely contact him in the future. ~ Monzer Chehab, Dearborn MI
    Mr. Cadoura was one of the most professional realtors I have met. He goes above and beyond to ensure you get what you ask for. I will definitely use him again. ~ Mike Ghani, Dearborn
    Right from the very beginning Abe was very empathetic in regards to my situation. There was never a Time that I was not able to get hold of him he always, always returned my phone calls and or text messages very patient and would explain things to me several times so I could understand and would always answer the same question over and over again until it's stuck in my head. ~ Nancy Dearborn Heghts Mi.
    I actually enjoyed my experience with Abe. ~ David Mitchell, Detroit, MI
    Trustworthy, respectful and persistent are just a few words that describe Abe. When it was time to sell our first home we knew exactly who to call. Abe sold us our Dearborn home 4 years ago which we build so many amazing memories in. When it came time to sell we had many mixed emotions. We have never sold a home so we were very unfamiliar with the process and all it entails. Abe walked us through the process step by step and was there for us no matter what time or day. He's very professional and represented us very well. He always pointed out the pros and cons in a situation and guided us. We are very pleased with the outcome and would definitely use him again. If you're looking for a realtor who's not pushy but will be there for you and will always have your best interest at heart make sure you call Abe. Thank you for everything again we truly appreciate it!! Fakhouri Family ~ Faris & Ammanie Fakhouri
    Abe was chosen for me by rocket mortgage. I was concerned at first wondering what he would be like. I was pleasantly surprised, he was an amazing realtor and I wouldnt choose anyone else. Best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would recommend him to everyone. ~ Jordan creekmore
    Abe, Thank you again for your courtesy and professionalism especially during the tragic loss of my brother, through it all you were poised, professional, and showed empathy to me during these negotiations. I feel blessed and thankful that you helped me through the closing process. My respect goes out to you. Cordially, Samuel Coats ~ Samuel Coats - Michigan
    To any future clients looking for a quality real estate agent to work with in finding a property or in selling an already owned property I would simply say that "you would be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified to be of service than Abe Codura. ~ Phillip P. Ettinger, Alexandria, Virginia
    We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Abe. Abe not only helped us find our first home 4 years ago but when our family began to grow and we knew it was time for a bigger home we knew exactly who to call. Abe is honest, professional and knowledgeable. We were pretty indecisive when it came to  area and  the type of home we were looking for. We had taken him to what felt like nearly every city. No matter time or day Abe was always available to show us any property. He knows us so well that he knew if I would like a house from the first expression on my face, he knows his clients in and out. Abe helped us narrow down our wants and needs and really helped us visualize what a home could be.  We never felt pressured to make an offer on a home and even when at times I would get cold feet I could call Abe any time (even at 4:00 AM) and he would make sure to reassure us to take our time. I was nearing my 8th month of pregnancy and Abe made the process as smooth as possible. When there were multiple offers on our new home Abe suggested that we write a letter to the sellers to explain why we thought they should choose us. It was an unconventional approach but it worked and we thank  Abe for that every day!  I highly recommend Abe to anyone looking to buy or sell and will never use anyone else! Thank you Abe! ~ Ammanie, Faris & Sophia Fakhouri
    My husband and I met Abe during a very high stress, busy time in our lives. We were late into our first pregnancy (seven months) and had a pending offer on a home we were selling. We needed to find a new home quickly and had a lengthy list of requirements the home of our dreams needed. Abe took the time to really listen to us and quickly learned our tastes and style. He worked around the clock and made himself available to show us homes daily and, at times, with very little notice. I have never seen a man work harder for people he had just met. He is extremely patient, positive, honest, and truly believed that our vision and our dream home was possible. I recommend any perspective home buyer work with Abe because he will treat you like a person, not a paycheck. He treats people like they are people- with kindness, respect, and compassion- regardless of age, gender, demographics, or how many homes you need to see before you finally step into the right place. ~ Kristina Rogers
    Thank you Abe, I know I was not easy to deal with some times. I would definitely work with you again. You were professional, understanding, calm. You are a top notch realtor. Again thank you for everything. ~ Tracy Lang, Newport
    Abe went above and beyond my expectations - its been many years since Ive owned a home ,and he handled our every need wonderfuly -thank you to Abe and your company for taking such wonderful and professional care of this process throughout ! Would highly recommend Abe to all my friends and family and having a true professional providing such exceptional customer service is so rare nowadays, sincerely Timothy Clauw ~ Timothy Clauw
    All around joy to work with. Very calming and understanding and helped ease concerns and nerves. Always reachable and responsive, went way above and beyond what I was expecting. ~ Mike Livonia MI
    Ibrahim Cadoura helped us find our family home. His calming demeanor and kind words always made us feel at ease during each step in purchasing our new home. He was always quick to answer or return our calls and when we had questions, we got answers. We couldn't have asked for a nicer, more pleasant, honest, and/or stress-free broker whom we knew was working hard for us. If you are looking for a home and want someone who will work for you, ask for Ibrahim (Abe) Cadoura. Thank you so much Mr. Cadoura! ~ The Abojamra Family
    He was all around awesome helped out well . I will recommend him again and to others ~ Keena Davis
    I was in an unusual situation with a property I needed to sell and Abe was so present with listening to my concerns and needs, he really showed that my concerns mattered and wanted the best possible outcome for me. He was super to work with.. kind, polite, funny, personable, knowledgeable, honest,...he was easy to communicate with and trust. All in all he is great at his profession and enjoyable to work with! Thank you Abe for your commitment to get my house sold....you are a blessing! My God bless you always! ~ Sande May Dearborn, MI
    My experience with Century 21 realtor, Ibrahim Cadoura, was a relief to what could have been a very stressful transition in life, for example, selling my home I had lived in for over 30 years. I could call him anytime and he was always available and very professional taking the time to explain various situations and solutions. Thank you Ibrahim and Century 21 for making the next chapter of my life a smooth transition. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. ~ Patricia Anderson
    Abe was very helpful in the process of purchasing my first home. I never felt like I couldn't ask him anything. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house. ~ Andrew Kash Westland Michigan
    Abe made my first home buying experience a breeze. Anytime I had to meet Abe to look at houses he was on time and very friendly. I would strongly recommend Abe to any family or friends looking to buy a home. ~ Ron Mets, Trenton
    After the unexpected passing of our son we were left with the emotional burden of trying to sell his home. We had no idea which way to go. A friend of ours suggested we talk to her Realtor named Abe who was finalizing the sale of her home. Moments after meeting Abe I could see what a caring individual he was. Abe took the time to explain the process to me and answered any questions that I had. This was an extremely emotional time for our family and it helped that we had a Abe to help us with this sale. Thank you to Abe for his understanding, patience, and giving our family much needed closure. ~ Carol Mikaelian, Dearborn Heights
    Awesome salesman ~ Andrew Kash
    Abe is very helpful, thoughtful, patient and we enjoyed working with him. He is very good with people. Very nice man ~ Michael Brown Emily Nanry
    The best agent I have ever met. He worked with me every step of he way. He made sure that this was the house for me. If I had any questions he had no problem answering them. He made sure I got the best deal for the house and mor importantly made sure that I got the house. I would recommend him to anyone. ~ Jesse Love, Wayne,MI
    I highly recommend Ibrahim Cadoura. He is very helpful and nice person. ~ Jaafar Al Hasani, Dearborn Heights
    Abe was always available and patient with me. He was always professional yet personable. Highly recommended for others. Buying and selling a house is very stressful and knowing that we could call him anytime plus his continuous reaassurance and helpful advice made this experience much better. ~ Angie Maxon. Wyandotte
    Ibrahim Cadoura did an excellent job in helping me secure my first home. Being that this was my first time purchasing a home, he knew and understood how important it was to stay patient and understanding with me. He went to great lengths to make sure that I was aware of each step in the process and was very thorough in his explanations of everything. I would strongly recommend Ibrahim Cadoura to anyone looking to purchase a home! ~ Matthew Fakhouri: Livonia, MI
    Abe impressed me immediately with his firm handshake, and eye contact. He was gracious, attentive, really listened to me and asked pertinent and important questions. Abe was consistently on an even keel and absolutely professional throughout the whole process. I knew with our initial meeting that he was, without any doubt on my part, going to do an outstanding job for me. I felt totally confident in his recommendations and followup. A wonderful experience. I will continue to recommend Abe and Century 21 whenever I have the opportunity. Greant job Abe! Ibrahim Cadoura covered all the questions I had about the process of selling my house. Nothing was too unimportant to address. I would recommend Ibrahim Cadoura because he is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met. ~ Adrienne Hatten, Dearborn
    Abe cadoura is very professional and knowledgeable.understood my needs and treated me with the utmost respect.he is very kind and engaging.met all expectations.very accessible and patient. ~ elisabeth david dearborn height
    We have already recommended Ibrahim to family and friends ~ Dennis Geiger mi


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