Heather Pappas

    Heather Pappas

    Heather Pappas is an award-winning, honest and dedicated full-time real estate agent who specializes in residential properties along the Wasatch Front. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of successful transactions completed, she has the experience to get the job done right! Heather's person motto: "I always speak the truth, no matter the cost.

    I provide complete transparency and always follow through on my word. Honesty, trust and integrity build my business and create life-long clients."

    My Client Testimonials

    Heather was absolutely wonderful to work with. We were first time homebuyers in a difficult market, or, in other words, *not* easy to find a house for. However, she took that in stride and was able to help us determine what we could afford and what we should be looking for. She was also extremely easy to talk with, and caught potential issues before they came up. In short, we had a great experience working with her and would absolutely recommend her! ~ Chase Vernon, Mt. Pleasant, UT
    Heather Pappas was my agent when buying my house 3 years ago, so it was an easy choice to ask her to sell the same home when I decided to move out of state. I reached out to her just after the holidays, still hesitant that this was the "right" time to sell. Heather gave me encouragement and space, never pushing me any faster through the process than I was ready to go. She was very communicative throughout the whole process, and eased any worries I had with concern and respect. Her marketing strategy made sense, and everything went so smoothly. Heather collected the many offers made on my house into a spreadsheet, and patiently explained the differences between them. Her attention to detail made my decision easy, and we closed within a few weeks. I can't imagine a better house-selling experience. Heather is incredible! ~ Brittney Ellingson, Salt Lake City
    Heather was knowledgeable and prepared when showing us properties. She was great at walking us through the process of making an offer, even successfully negotiating the price (and in this market!) Her help with due diligence inspections was invaluable, as was her help mediating issues with the seller (through their real estate agent). Heather showed up for everything with an unfailingly positive, friendly, and helpful attitude. She was a true pleasure to work with. I bought a house that I love with agreeable terms and the search wasn't a nightmare like I know it can be so I am very happy with the experience provided by Heather Pappas/Century 21 Everest Realty Group ~ Derek, American Fork
    I would add that Heather helped sell my house while I was in North Carolina and not even in the state for most of the process. ~ Patrick
    Heather was great to work with. She was very accessible, super responsive and wasn't afraid to provide candid counsel when we might be headed down the wrong path. She was always very pleasant and professional and I'd be excited to work with her again in the future. ~ Michael Klassen, Herriman, UT
    Heather is one of the most honest people Ive meet. You could do with a few of her! ~ Mickey G Tville
    Heather always goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand everything. She always takes the time to explain what she is doing before hand and is quick to respond I will recommend her to anyone who wants to be treated right and have the best results possible. Very professional and respectful I will not go with any other Thanks Heather ~ Fred lipke utah
    Heather Papps was great ~ Gaige Trevethick + Zoe Petersen, Murray
    Heather Pappas is a super agent. When you call her you are family and she loves family. She will make it easy for anyone to get the best deals. She got me the best deal, Even when I was getting worried, she has got it covered. IF you choose Heather you will get the best experience, the fastest results and you will be bragging about it. YOU JUST WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ West Valley City Ut David Liddell
    Heather Pappas with Century 21 is hands down the most professional and nicest person we could EVER work with. With everything that is going on, our stress levels were through the roof, but she managed to take charge and get our home sold in less than 30 days. Her non-stop dedication morning, noon, and night proves that she not only values her job but understands the needs of her customers. You rarely see such dedication these days as most people are just out to make money. She was respectful of our home, by making sure things were sanitized, provided us with the knowledge we needed to best make our final decisions and respectful of our crazy timelines. Thank you for making this process easy! ~ Amber & Duane Land
    Heather Pappas with Century 21 did something we never thought possible. She helped us purchase our dream home. My husband and I spent months debating leaving Utah, uncertainties floating around, never knowing if we could ever find our picture perfect home. Then one day, while Heather was busy planning our open house, we stumbled across a house online. In less than one day, she worked to get us an appointment and then after we realize this was the ONE, she went to bat for us to get it! Jumping over every obstacle, with professionalism, kindness, and determination. We got our home in 30 days. We are truly thankful and would recommend her to everyone we come encounter with who is purchasing or selling a home till she decides to retire :) ~ Amber & Duane Land
    Heather has always taken great care of my family and she was amazing for me. I wouldnt have gone with anyone else on purchasing a property. ~ Angel B, Ogden
    I dealt with 3 brokers on my same house prior to engaging Heather Pappas and I fired all three of them in rapid succession. Having dealt in my life with realtors in Nevada, California, Texas, Utah, Maryland and Virginia I can unequivocally say that I have never in my life with a realtor as intelligent, persevering, marketing-savvy, patient, resourceful and ethical as Heather Pappas. And believe me, not only have I had many experiences with realtors but I have very high standards of performance (although not unreasonably so). The conditions surrounding the sale were numerous and very complex. Very few realtors in the world would have had the know-how to see it through. Heather was a blessing and now a friend. She is organized and always communicated in a timely manner and understood priorities. She's exceptional. I have never in my life encountered such a superior realtor (as I mentioned before, my experience comprises California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Maryland, Virginia). Heather Pappas was a godsend. And after I got my ducks in line--she and I worked out the timeline of what should be done when and what could be eliminated given the major constraints facing me--she sold my home within 2 weeks. After I rejected one buyer's terms I didn't think it would be possible to make a sale to him. Heather, with her diplomacy and finesse hammered out a deal I accepted wholeheartedly and with the same buyer! She is an unusually brilliant and dedicated realtor. ~ CHRISTIE WAGNER-STARLEY, Washington, D.C.
    Heather always made me feel like I was her #1 client. She went above and beyond to help me. ~ Kirsty Juengling, SLC UT
    Heather Pappas helped us with the purchase of our current home and the sell of our rental property and I am so pleased with how smooth she made the process. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to and would always take the time to explain things that we had questions on. She genuinely had our best interest at heart and wasn't just in it for the sale, Heather wanted to make sure that we were happy and she was always on our side in any decision we made. We couldn't have picked a better realtor! ~ Justin & Nicole Godfrey, Riverton UT
    I needed someone who understood my needs and the area that would best fit my lifestyle. Heather listened to my concerns, and she made thoughtful suggestions throughout the whole process. I still felt like I was in charge, but had great advice to help me make my decisions. Heather was an excellent communicator; I really felt like she had my best interests in mind. ~ Brittney Cramer, Salt Lake City
    Heather came highly recommended from another agent who is a close family friend. We were confident and happy with her from the first phone call. Heather communicated exceptionally well. We were out of state buyers adding to an already difficult process. She was always on hand to show us houses and keep us in the loop on any development in the buying process. Heather is a true pro's pro. Very helpful and knowledgeable. ~ Jim and Chloe
    She knew what she was doing, and did it well. She was Aggressive, Timely, Experience, Passion for career. ~ Troy, Glendale
    She is not only an amazing realtor who came make miracles happen, she is also an amazing person! I am so happy I met her because I not only have an amazing realator , but an amazing friend as well! ~ Brittany Elder
    She is the best realtor and we would never use anyone else. She made sure our home build went as smooth as possible and would always go to bat for us with anything they came up. We are in our new home now and she is still checking on us and making sure everything is going well. ~ Nate & Sam Burgess, West Jordan
    Heather Pappas was very understanding of my needs to have a basement and finding a home near a school. She was honest and had my needs in mind at all times. She never tried to sell me anything and I made the last decision. I could not have picked anyone better to help me find my home. She is always available and responds quickly. She is a charm! ~ Angie Villatoro - Kearns Utah
    As a first time home buyer, Heather Pappas was a great leader throughout the process- she answered all of my questions in a way I could understand and returned phone calls promptly. She kept me on task and was incredibly organized throughout the process. I truly felt like she was on my team and had my best interests in mind. She was a pleasure to work with. ~ Tara, Salt Lake City
    Heather Pappas is very professional giving Vital Information and keeping her clients up-to-date at all times she is also very easy two contact if any questions ochre. I had an absolutely amazing experience dealing with Heather Pappas and would recommend her to everyone that is trying to sell or purchase a house or property. ( Heather Pappas really knows her stuff) ~ Fred lipke heber
    Jeff Stanton picked a wonderful agent to help me with my needs. The process was complex and it was also quick considering the loan was ready before Heather and I had a place identified. It was great to have someone with lots of experience in this area who can see the big picture of the investment. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home. She knows the area and was very helpful when it came to getting my first place. Heather's co worker Stefanie Barnes was awesome in showing the place I ended up buying while I was out of town. Her help was crucial to get the process underway. Buying my first home was much easier with the help of a team that has experience in the area and knows how to approach any problem that might arise in the buying process. Heather was on top of calls and making sure I knew all the info. regarding my purchase. Even after having several issues with the sellers we were still able to come to a reasonable agreement for the purchase. ~ Patrick Gregory
    She is amazing and we would never use anyone else. She treats us like her own family and always made sure that our needs were meet and taken care of. We would not have survived the sale of this home without heather as our relator. ~ Samantha Burgess, West Jordan
    My best friend just finished purchasing a home and she recommended Heather Pappas. We ended up running into a really difficult homebuying situation with the sellers, they had a bankruptcy and didn't take care of everything which put us SOL. Heather was knowledgeable, experienced, and so friendly. She went above and beyond to reach and meet all of our needs. I would definitely recommend her to Anyone! ~ Gelise Chugg, Midvale
    From the first day I started looking, Heather Pappas was teaching and helping me understand what I needed to know, to prepare me for buying my first home. Heather Pappas was always the first person to the houses we looked at, always knew what to look for, and ultimately found exactly what I was looking for. Once under contract, the seller said the things Heather Pappas recommended in our offer is why he selected my offer, I wouldn't have even made it to contract without her. Every step of the way, challenges came up it seemed that felt overwhelming, yet Heather Pappas found a way to make things work, each ending up in my favor through it all. I am very happy with my home, and I wouldn't have it without Heather Pappas. She and her husband are welcome over for dinner anytime! ~ Zacharia Bickley, West Valley City, UT
    Heather was the best realtor we have ever worked with. She was always prompt and professional in every aspect of our purchase. ~ Aida Woodward, Sandy, Utah
    Heather Pappas was extremely helpful in educating us on processes for our first time home buying experience. We had some pretty specific requests and concerns and she was patient and understanding with us. She did a great job of staying in touch with us during various steps in the process. ~ Lindsey Salt Lake City, Utah
    Heather was absolutely wonderful to work with. Very knowledgeable, calm, and supportive during my selling process. I would highly recommend her to anyone/everyone I know. Heather was a joy to work with, and to get to know. ~ Peggy Hunsaker, Bountiful UT
    Heather was extremely helpful and went out of her way to do things that made it impossible for me to do. Living in another state and not being capable to deal with issues and repairs. Heather was more than willing to help and was very much appreciated. I would recommend heather to anyone needing to sell their home. ~ Janeen Bly
    Heather is amazing! So patient with us! She always went the extra mile and found information for us that was not readily available. The house we actually purchased was one we didn't think we qualified for. Heather totally surprised us by looking further because she knew we really liked it, and she found it hadn't been listed correctly. We'd been looking for months and if she had just let it go, we wouldn't have our new beautiful home! We're so pleased with Heather, we will recommend her to everyone! ~ Teddy Campagna, Ogden
    Heather was great to work with. She was open to our schedules and made it easy to find our perfect home. I will be recommending her to others from now on. It has been a joy to work with her. ~ Jamie, salt lake
    In a seller's market, Heather found me my first home! It met all my wish list items! She found it, in my price range, in a neighborhood I wanted, and handled all the issues from beginning to end. I didn't have to call Heather Pappas for an update, Heather called me. I couldn't say any thing better than I will recommend Heather Pappas to all my family, friends and business contacts! ~ Chantelle Trevethick
    Heather was so friendly. We trusted her in every situation to be honest and knowledgeable and she came through every time! I will miss working with her. ~ Stephanie, Draper
    We were so glad Heather was there to help us. She was there with us througout the whole process and stuck by our side even though we put her to the test. Heather was so great and we will recommend her to everybody who is looking to buy/sell a house. Thank you Heather, we are so happy. ~ Luke West, Salt Lake City, Ut
    Heather is an a great team player and great for your company. ~ Michelle Doelle Sandy, Utah
    Heather has been a friend for many years, and I have many friends I could choose for my representative for real estate affairs, but she is the only one I trust. She is honest, trustworthy, respectful, intelligent and well-informed when it comes to buying and selling homes/property. She has helped me buy two homes and sell one, and we are in the process of looking again. I would not consider anyone else for my needs, and I have frequently recommended her to other friends. ~ Renee King, Cottonwood Heights
    We can never thank Heather enough for everything she has done for us. ~ Rebecca Hansen
    She was amazing she listened to our needs, always called back and communicated with us, answered all questions and made sure we understood everything going on we were always in the loop Thanks Heater ~ Dean Steed


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