3 Tips That Sell Your House Fast in Pembroke Pines

    3 Tips That Sell Your House Fast in Pembroke Pines

    Dec 16, 2020

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    Did you know that getting top dollar for your property takes a lot more work than putting a sign in the front yard? In this episode of Leaving A Legacy, I’m going to show you how positioning your home will get you the most money for your home sale. We’ll discuss 3 ways to make your home appeal to buyers so that they’ll schedule a showing and make you an offer.

    What Is Positioning?

    When looking to work with a realtor, you need someone who will do more than stick a sign in the front yard and list your home on the MLS. Rather, you need someone that's going to position your home correctly so that you get the biggest profit. But what exactly is positioning? 

    Selling a home requires making it more appealing and attractive to the most ideal buyer for your home. For example, when you go to the store, you take into account three things: packaging, pricing, and whether it’s on sale. It's no different in real estate. The key is to emotionally connect your home to the buyers and create urgency around it. This is all positioning.

    Pricing Positioning

    The most important of the three is pricing positioning. What your home is listed for is strategic and should be part of the marketing plan, since price is the number one criteria that buyers search for online. 

    Prices are grouped into increments of $25,000 or $50,000. For example, if we're going to list your home for $304,000, wouldn't it be better if we listed for $299,000? This way more buyers would be looking at your properties online. You want to consider this when determining your initial list price. Every time a price change occurs in $25,000 increments, you will target a whole new pool of buyers looking for your home.

    Description Positioning

    The second way to position your home is in the listing remarks. You want to direct the listing description to who your home appeals to. Adding these comments is essential because it tells buyers a story of your home. 

    For example, if you're selling a single-family house, the remarks would be more focused on schools, restaurants, and parks. You’ll want to be focused more on the lifestyle your home provides. If you're selling an investment, however, your remarks will be more focused on numbers, cash on cash returns, operating income, and cap rate.


    The third way to position your house is in its marketing. You want to speak directly to your ideal buyer. An aggressive agent will chase buyers rather than just listing it on the MLS and putting a sign on the front yard. Your agents should actively be promoting your property on social media and going after the buyers—not just waiting for the buyers to come to the property. 

    People buy properties emotionally, so it's important to appeal to them in every way. Market your home right and put some strategy behind it, and you’ll get the most money for your home. If you'd like a step-by-step marketing plan, give me a call at 754-581-3452. I’ll be happy to connect!