8 Things That Change When Becoming a Homeowner

    8 Things That Change When Becoming a Homeowner

    Mar 08, 2021

    8 Things That Suddenly Change When You Become a Homeowner

    Home ownership is a big part of the American Dream. It’s also a rite of passage, and millions of people go into their careers and family lives picturing the day when they can finally own a place of their own. When that day comes, it can be quite an experience. Signing the paperwork and getting the keys to your new place is one of the most exciting feelings in the world.

    But it’s what comes after that can feel a bit strange. When you become a homeowner, you not only get to see your name on a deed, you also get to experience some of the things that only other owners get to experience.

    Here are eight things that suddenly change when you become a homeowner:

    1. You start having conversations about being a homeowner with other homeowners

    “Yeah, we redid the kitchen first, but the bathrooms weren’t too bad. I’d like to add a deck but the nursery needs some attention next.”

    2. All of a sudden you have to buy all the things every homeowner is required to have

    You spend so much time at Home Depot buying tools and lawn equipment, people begin to think you work there…

    3. You quickly learn how handy you are (or are not)

    How’s the saying go? Is it “measure once, cut twice”, or “measure twice, cut once”?

    4. You start to notice every little flaw around the house

    I swear they said it was “smudge proof”…

    5. You want to buy nice furniture, instead of cheaper, disposable stuff

    Bye bye Ikea.

    6. You begin to take special note of what’s happening in your neighborhood

    Is that a “for sale” sign being put on the Jones’ lawn?!

    7. You identify a favorite room

    A place you could spend all day in if you could…

    8. You’re proud to tell people that you just bought your own place

    “Yes, I actually just bought a place. It’s near the park. No, on the far side, next to the baseball field. I really love the neighborhood so far.”

    No matter how many of these things sound familiar, there’s no denying that becoming a homeowner changes things—and usually for the better!

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