How To Convince Your Spouse That It’s Time to Move

    How To Convince Your Spouse That It’s Time to Move

    Mar 08, 2021

    10 Clever Ways to Convince Your Spouse That It’s Time to Buy a New Home

    You lie in bed at night next to your partner, scrolling through and saving dream home after dream home. At work, you sneak in a quick look at new listings during break and at lunch. You slow the car down as you drive by for sale signs.

    It’s constantly on your mind…

    You desperately want to buy a new home, but your partner just isn’t as into it as you are.

    Before you resort to begging or getting all sorts of passive-aggressive, take a step back and reassess. Is it really the best way to get what you want?

    Instead, try to be strategic. Think things through. Wouldn’t it be better to convince your spouse using more subtle means?

    If you’re ready to start putting in offers and want to get your spouse or significant other on board, here are ten ways to convince them without having to beg:

    1. Commission a classical artist to paint a portrait of your family standing in front of a beautiful new house

    It doesn’t have to be a Monet, it just has to get the point across.

    2. Change your TV channel to HGTV and hide the remote

    Nothing will penetrate the mind more effectively than twelve hours of House Hunters seven days a week.

    3. “Accidentally” sign them up for listing updates on every single real estate website

    Redfin, Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Homefinder, MLS…if it’s about real estate, fill out the email form and click “submit.”

    4. When driving somewhere together, take long, slow detours through the neighborhood you want to move to

    “Isn’t this street just wonderful. Oh, wouldja look at that…is that a ‘For Sale’ sign?”

    5. Start leaving colorful real estate brochures around the house

    In the bathroom, on the nightstand, in the underwear drawer. Put them everywhere.

    6. Start slowly packing things up and write “new house” on the side of the boxes

    They probably won’t notice until five or six boxes in. Keep going!

    7. Start making offhand comments about how “we could use more space.”

    If you really want to commit, try tripping over the furniture.

    8. Have your children start making offhand comments about how they’re “sick of this house.”

    This one shouldn’t be too hard, children are impressionable.

    9. Whisper about how good of an idea it would be to buy a new house into their ear while they’re sleeping

    “I had the weirdest dream last night.”

    10. Send them this article

    It might give the game away, but it’ll definitely get the point across.

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