Cindy Jones

    Cindy Jones

    Hometown agent selling real estate in Henderson County for over 30 years. Native of Western North Carolina with over 6 generations having lived in the Asheville area. Real Estate is my profession and I love all the aspects of the business. I take pride in helping clients sell or purchase their home. I understand the process having owned and remodeled over 50 properties personally.
    Hometown agent selling real estate in Henderson County for over 30 years. Native of Western North Carolina with over 6 generations having lived in the Asheville area. Real Estate is my profession and I love all the aspects of the business. I take pride in helping clients sell or purchase their home. I understand the process having owned and remodeled over 50 properties personally.

    My Client Testimonials

    Cindy was always available and able to meet my needs in finding a home. This was a difficult time to find what I was looking for but she did it. She was able to see what I could not. When the stress of building a new house was overwhelming she took the time to talk with me and understand the problems associated with the new build. I would recommend Cindy to anyone. She is always available for her client ~ Sharon Wallace. Hendersonville
    Cindy Jones was absolutely wonderful! She looked out for me in every way possible. I would recommend her without hesitation. I wish that I could find a way to appropriately thank her for all that she did for me. ~ Carol Player, Hendersonville NC
    Cindy Jones was selected as our agent because she had sold the house for the previous owners and knew the house and the neighborhood well. However, we did not realize at the time what a lucky choice we had made, Cindy turned out to be the best agent we have ever worked with. From our first appointment it became clear that it would be a good working relationship, Cindy never disappointed us. She acted promptly to take advantage of a good market, arranged a beautiful online presentation of the house that attracted a number of good offers within a few days. She analyzed these offers for us and helped us choose the best offer even though it presented no advantage to herself. After the offer was accepted and a contract was in place a number of problems emerged having to do with the time of settlement. Cindy guided us through these problems with the help of another agent in her office. The move out process was also difficult and Cindy went the extra mile to assist in unexpected situations. Overall, we cannot say enough good things about Cindy Jones. We will recommend her to neighbors and friends in Hendersonville if they are looking for an outstanding realtor. We could not ask for anything better than our overall experience with Cindy Jones. She is outstanding and friendly and very professional. ~ Lois Lindsley, Hendersonville
    We could not have done this without Cindy. Since we live over a thousand miles away, Cindy's knowledge of local regulations, the work she put in, her contacts, and -- above all -- her friendship and understanding -- were key. ~ Nick Esposito, Hendersonville / Jericho
    We have dealt with Cindy before and her professionalism and knowledge she brings to the process of buying or selling is invaluable. She is very patient and extremely though. I would highly recommend Cindy Jones for and real estate needs in the Hendersonville, Asheville area. ~ Larry & Nancy Rhodes
    Cindy Jones was constantly searching for the perfect home. She was an attentive, knowledge and responsive agent in a fast moving market. I highly recommend Cindy Jones for any real estate needs. ~ Debbie Fain, Hendersonville, NC
    She's great, and that should be enough. ~ Arthur and Clare Willey
    This is the third time I have used Cindy Jones to either buy a new home or sell our home. Need I say more? Ok, I will. She's a local. She knows the Hendersonville area and surrounding region. She's very intuitive and smart, but, most importantly, she's so diplomatic in dealing with sensitive situations on both sides (buyer or seller). Emotions are easily roused when buying/selling, and Cindy realizes this. She is tough skinned and can handle a difficult situation, but she can also hand out criticism in a way that no one gets their feeling hurt. Another BIG plus is her design talent. She can "see" what changes might have to be made in a house to improve it for a seller or for a buyer who prefers a fixer-upper. Did I say this was the third time we used Cindy Jones? ~ Denise Scherl, Hendersonville, NC
    Worked hard on a property that ending being a harder sale that we all had planned on . She did a great job. She did not give up. Got it sold. You can count on Cindy to be upfront with you on what needs to be done to sell the property. Cindy has the experience and knowledge in selling and buying property. I recommend Cindy Jones if your are buyer or sell real property to everyone that may need this service, Thanks Cindy ~ Ralph Freeman, Grayson, Ga
    I would highly recommend Cindy. She was always friendly and always professional. All of her suggestions were well thought out and always in my interest. Thanks a million to Cindy. It was my lucky day when she was recommended to me. ~ Nancy Edwards, Lake Pointe Landing,
    This is our third purchase in the Western NC area. We only use Cindy Jones. Cindy is knowledgeable of the area and truly wants her clients to purchase a home that fits their lifestyle. She listens to her clients and is always available within a reasonable time frame to discuss concerns, offer advice and solutions. She is patient even when you want to go see that house for the fourth time before you make an offer. When you ask, "How far is the closest grocery store?" Cindy's response, "Well, lets go see." Love her! ~ Denise Scherl, Hendersonville
    I have known and respected Cindy for many years. I would not have chosen anyone else even though I am a loan officer and deal with lots of RE agents. Cindy was wonderful and I always highly recommend her. ~ Linda Norton Prescott Hendersonville NC
    It was all good. She stayed on top of things and wouldn't let others drop the ball. She's great. She keeps you posted and coaches you on what's next. I always felt like I knew what was going on and where we were in the process. ~ Linda Pellett, Hendersonville,NC
    Cindy did far more than she had to do to help us. This is the best experience that we have ever had with a real estate agent. Cindy is great ~ Debbie Mack 2150 Woodridge Drive
    Cindy treated our family with tremendous respect and courtesy. She took the time to understand the emotional aspect to the sale of our property and navigated that complexity with care and compassion. Her diligence and transparency were apparent throughout. I recommend her highly. ~ Pat, Hensersonville NC
    Cindy Jones was a perfect choice. We cannot say enough good things about her. She is a great listener and always gave our family good advice. Cindy went over and beyond what we had expected. She will always be our first choice. I highly recommend her!!! I knew Cindy personally and wanted an agent who was patient, not pushy, a good listener with a calming personality. Selling a home can get stressful for a seller, but Cindy always stayed focused, calm and so helpful---which helped us stay calm. 100% happy with Cindy Jones. She will always be our real estate agent for future needs. ~ Barbara Newton for Charles Coira
    Cindy was most respectful and friendly, thank you. ~ John Hill, Sterling, VA
    Excellent agent....we have used her on other properties in the past. Has become a good friend to us. I would tell friends & family to hire Cindy as their agent....she works very hard to get your property sold...Cindy is a joy to work with. ~ Lauren Fizer
    Cindy Jones was excellent to work with. Whenever a lead for a potential home was available, she immediately acted; booking walk through's and collecting house information. Even while on vacation, Cindy responded to my emails, showing me that she was dedicated to making my first time home buying experience easy. When a house was final found, she acted quickly and secured the house under contract quickly reacting to the housing market. I will recommend Cindy to any friends/relatives that may be looking to purchase a home due to her excellent customer service, market knowledge and is a wonderful person to work with in general. ~ Stephen Morse, Hendersonville
    Cindy was always attentive to our needs and available when we needed her advice or help. She didn't get "flustered" when things didn't go exactly as planned. ~ Martha and Richard Ulmer
    My experience with Cindy was outstanding in every area. Cindy is incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market and exceptionally helpful with the buying and selling process. During our selling and buying experience, Cindy was readily available to answer questions and thoroughly explained every step. Because of Cindy Jones we were able to sell our house and buy the house of our dreams! Her knowledge and level of professionalism are exceptional. We are extremely happy with the job Cindy did for us and will recommend her to those we know. ~ Angie Peters, Hendersonville
    A great experience all around. I hope I have the opportunity to recommend Ms. Jones and Century 21 to others. ~ Patrick Gallagher Hendersonville, NC
    Cindy was attentive and kind. She carefully guided me through the purchase of my first home. She made me feel at ease as we went through the process. I very much enjoyed working with Cindy! I would highly recommend her to all of my family and friends! ~ Katie Henderson, Hendersonville
    Was great working with Cindy, professional in every way. Went out of her way to make sure everything was ready for showings. A pleasure to work with. ~ Jeff Pustelak, Crown Point IN
    I think that the above comments say it all... thank you, Cindy ~ Joe & Maria Coleman, Virginia Beach, VA
    Cindy Jones went out of her way to accommodate me and she always knew exactly what I would be iinterested in before I did . Our friendship meant a lot to me and got even stronger through the process I would highly recommend Cindy for anyone searching for a home in this area. I will definitely deal with her again ~ Ilona Phillips Hendersonville NC
    Cindy Jones presented a reasonable plan and path forward. Cindy gave us a feeling of confidence as we proceeded though the process. Even though the house was just in the 100,000 range she was interested in selling it and was there throughout the process with guidance and support. Cindy knows the area which helped as questions arose regarding the house and potential issues. When she went to closing with us, we knew all was ok because she was there to guide us. Cindy Jones provided support from the initial visit to the closing We knew we were in great hands with Cindy. ~ Jerald and Barbara Wright, Hendersonville, NC
    Cindy Jones made us feel welcome to the Hendersonville area from the minute we met her. She was never too busy to show us properties we requested to see even when they weren't really the best fit. She was always one step ahead of the game checking and rechecking reports or issues that could be a problem. We knew she had our backs. Cindy is one of the kindest, most sincere women we have had the pleasure to do business with. Our experience buying a house in a new city was excellent because we were fortunate enough to have her as our broker! ~ Kathy and Robby Hendersonville NC
    Highly recommended by United Federal Credit union. Cindy went above and beyond what any other realtor that I have ever worked with. Cindy was kind informative and on top of everything that was needed. ~ Sandy Ritter, Hendersonville
    Cindy was fantastic! She knows the market very well. Her recommendations for staging were spot on. She had a great photographer come out and the pictures were just perfect. We were under contract, in the middle of the winter, in approximately 8 weeks. There was an aggressive marketing plan in place and she was instrumental in getting the house sold quickly at our target price. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. ~ Laura Myers, Lawrenceville GA
    Cindy did a great job, we would use her services again. ~ Mike Carlin, Hendersonville
    As always, Cindy did a wonderful job in handling all aspects of the sale of this property. She is a very knowledgeable professional who doesn't sell houses. She finds Homes that clients will be happy to live in and when selling a property, she goes all out to please all parties in a fair and reasonable manner. As stated earlier, Cindy is a hard working, caring person who uses her profession to make the world a better place. The overall atmosphere is that of friendly, caring individuals..... I would not hesitate to request the services of Cindy Jones and Century 21 Mountain Lifestyles again! ~ Iris Whittington, Timber Creek area, Hendersonville, N.C.
    Cindy Jones was simply exceptional. She went above and beyond to make this transaction as convenient as possible for me. She worked diligently and kept everything in order. I would use her again anytime and would encourage others to do the same. She is a true professional and wonderful to work with. The sale of this condo could not have gone any easier thanks to the work ethic and professionalism of Cindy Jones. I would recommend her to my family and friends with confidence. ~ Kaye Youngblood, Fletcher, North Carolina
    Only the highest praise and thanks to Cindy ~ Ken Smith, Flat Rock
    Could not have been smoother! Cindy Jones helped an 89 year old woman......happily sell her house! This sale & Cindy's handling of it could not have been better!!! Excellent job that exceeded our expectations!!!!!!!!!! Our previous experience's with Cindy's professionalism, knowledge and integrity eliminated any thoughts of using anyone else! Thanks Cindy, job well done!!!!!! ~ Greg & Peggy, Flat Rock NC
    Cindy was always there for us. She Passed On COMMENTS THAT Were relavent. Our contact with VINDY Was Very GOOD. We are very happy with working with Cindy. We would highly recommend her to family and friends. ~ Mary Ann Kelley, 201 Dennis Ct., Oakley, Ca.
    Cindy Jones is very competent and professional; she served in the unique position of "dual agent" and we feel she was fair and honest with both parties. Cindy was always available and helpful as we navigated the purchase process. She even paid for our home warranty from her profit to ensure we would have the protection! (Thanks again!) We would not hesitate to call Cindy again if we find the need to use a broker/agent and will recommend her to all our friends! We asked for some cards from her to hand out if we find someone in need~ If you want excellent, personalized care when looking for a home (or selling one!) you won't go wrong calling Cindy Jones! ~ Kevin & Sherry, Hendersonville, NC
    I have given her an excellent rating all the way through this survey. She did everything possible to make this experience fast and easy. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a property. ~ Judith Jones
    Cindy is excellent and extremely experienced. She knows the area and works very hard to help you find the home you not only can afford but a home you love. I have and will recommend Cindy! ~ Linda Prescott in Hendersonville
    I was so fortunate to have Cindy as my realtor, she was the buyer agent for the people that bought my home and I knew when I began looking for a new home that I could trust her guidance on all the many steps required in buying a home! Always calm and on track, which is extremely helpful in dealing with all the normal stress of buying and selling a home! Thank you Cindy! ~ S. Murphy Hendersonville NC
    I would work with Cindy again in a heartbeat. ~ C Gonzalez Hendersonville, NC
    This is the second time that Cindy Jones has found a house for us. She is so thorough in showing us a variety of houses. We were not familiar with the housing market in Hendersonville; and Cindy showed us several different communities in order that we could make an informed decision on where we wanted to focus our search. Cindy is "local". She has lived in Hendersonville and Western North Carolina all of her life. She knows the region so well that she can pinpoint specific communities based on your particular desires in a community and home. Once we decided on our future home, Cindy was fully protective of us and commenced negotiations at a healthy price point. I truly believe that Cindy's willingness to protect our interests, without regard to commission, resulted in our owning a home in a community that we wanted to live at an attractive price. In the end, both parties, sellers and buyers, were happy. If you have had experiences with real estate agents, you know that there are really good ones and very bad ones. Cindy is a really good one. She responded timely to any request we made. She was accessible at all times. These two characteristics were most important to us. We have dealt with many real estate agents over our lifetime, and she is the most responsive of any agent we have met. Cindy Jones have proven to us twice now to be the most outstanding agent. I cannot imagine a better agent than Cindy. She is outstanding in every aspect. ~ Denise and Tom Scherl, Carriage Park, Hendersonville,NC
    Cindy and I have been tennis buddies for years. Plus, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law purchased a home from Cindy several years ago and really enjoyed their experience. Cindy knew what my preferences were from the beginning. She chose delightful homes to show me which all were excellent choices. She is very easy going, fun to be with while searching for the "perfect" home, and extremely knowledgeable. The entire experience was wonderful!! I never realized that buying a new home could be such an enjoyable experience, thanks to Cindy!! While in the Century 21 office, the entire staff was very friendly. Everyone spoke even though they were clearly busy with clients. Very good office experience. I have and will definitely recommend Cindy to anyone that may be interested in searching for their next home. ~ Patti Germann, Columbia, S.C. soon to be full time back in Hendersonville, N.C.
    Ms. Jones came highly recommended, she was everything we were looking for a realtor and more, her help made it possible for us to find the exact house we were looking for and her recommendations made the purchase easy, I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Cindy ~ Dan Wilson and Antonio Rosado
    Cindy Jones had helped some friends of ours and that's how we got to know her. She is an excellent RE Agent. She was responsive to our needs, knows the WNC area very well, took the time to explain issues, and was always available to help us. She's the best!!!! Would not hesitate to request her services in future RE transactions. ~ Joe & Tammy S., Flat Rock, NC
    We had an ongoing dialog during the sale period of the house discussing pricing strategy. She help me plan the staging of the house after the house was de-cluttered. Agent very professional as well as friendly and helpful with paperwork. ~ George Kiefer, Hendersonville


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