Truth or consequences...

    Truth or consequences...

    Apr 18, 2019


    When working in the real estate industry, being a truthful customer is very important for a successful transaction and successful relationships.

    Do things in a timely manner and be honest, don't sugar coat the situation.

    Do things with integrity and answer back, and make sure you are truthful and honest with all parties.

    Truth seems so easy and yet is it? Do we all tell others what they want to hear?

    If you are the professional Realtor and the Buyer asks you if they think the Seller will take a certain amount, tell the truth. Dancing around the whole situation can cause a lengthy drawn out process.

    Buyers be truthful with lenders and your Realtor.

    Truth can set you free - says the smart ones-- and it can set you free to go out and sell more, not waste time and make each transaction free from disturbing circumstances. I'm not saying there are lies. I'm just saying on a day to day basis, speak up, tell the truth and move forward. Make the transaction happen in a timely manner. Tell the truth.