Jesse Price

    Jesse Price

    Buying a home nearly always begins with a thoughtful plan, and usually ends with a decision of the heart. Anyone can buy a house. My job is to help you buy the home you love to live in.

    The home-buying process has benchmarks and deadlines. Experience and effective REALTOR action achieves those milestones in seamless fashion.

    Loving your new home should begin with loving the process that gets you there. An effective REALTOR accomplishes that, is committed to your family, with great outcomes for you.

    Selling your home is more than just listing it on the market. Effective marketing and pricing gets homes sold. Marketing must be multi-dimensional in our market. Let's talk about your home, and what's possible for you.

    REALTORS are service providers. Let us serve you today!

    My Client Testimonials

    Jessie was fantastic. Jesse made us feel very comfortable what's not only purchasing a new home but constructing a new house. He understood new construction he also understood the area. He was humble, respectful, polite and enjoyable to work with. He answered all of our questions without hesitation. Jesse never made us feel uncomfortable. For us, purchasing a newly constructed home was an adventure and exciting and stressful. Jessie alleviated a lot of the stress. Working with Jessie has truly been a blessing. We now look at him as a member of the family. We highly recommend Jessie for any future home buyers. ~ Christopher Horton in Manassas Virginia Bradley Square homes
    Jessie went above and beyond in every way. due to his efforts I believe the house sold for the top price possiblle. He's a real pro ~ tom berish N.C.
    Jesse not only helped us to build our townhouse in 2014 when we were looking for a home, but he helped us immensely when it came to selling the townhome when it was time to move on in 2019. In both experiences as both the buyer and the seller, Jesse was ethical in every sense of the word. He explained everything to us in detail to make sure that we understood each step of the process. He remained calm and collected, professional and polite always. Buying/selling a home is in the Top 3 of most stressful life events for me, and Jesse took something potentially stress-inducing and made it easy. His personality is open and kind. You can tell that he truly cares for his clients and that he is in the profession to HELP people, not to simply collect a paycheck. I would trust any of my friends and family to work with Jesse to buy or sell a home. He is incredible at his job and an overall stellar person! ~ Kristen Fedeli, Stafford, VA
    Jesse Price is a patient and knowledgeable agent and just the right person to walk with me through selling my home in Stafford. I had tried to sell it once before and consulted with him about selling it more than once and he was always available and offered just the right insight and information that I needed. Selling a structure you've called home can be an emotional roller-coaster. And Jesse was the kind of conscientious and methodical person I needed because he recognized all that went into moving on this decision and he was the consummate professional providing facts as well as a listening ear and never forcing me into a decision to sell. I would trust him for buying or selling because he listens and knows precisely what you might be looking for that you haven't clearly expressed. ~ Leisa, Stafford VA
    We chose Jesse to help us through a friend's referral and becaise of his awards in the business. Being a first time home buyer, his relaxed yet professional personality was a positive attribute. He was always patient with us, which is an understatement. Although the home buying process felt long and drawn out, Jesse always saw it from a glass half full point of view. He was easy to get ahold of and reaponsive through phone, text, and email. We highly recommend him. ~ Jeff G., Alexandria
    Jesse Price is an absolutely amazing real estate agent! This was our second home buying experience with him, and we could not be more satisfied!! ~ Rob Hollings, Stafford
    We have used Jesse in the past when we bought and sold our first home. He always went above and beyond for us. When we moved back into the area there was no question as to who we would call to help us find our new home. It took us a while to find the perfect home for our family however, Jesse's faith never wavered that we would find our perfect home . He was reassuring, patient, and connected us with great people to make the process as smooth as possible. I wouldn't use anyone else. ~ Laura and Avery LaBelle
    I would not go to Final Inspection and Closing without Jesse being there. He is very knowledgeable on all areas listed above. All items listed above pretty much describe Jesse's qualities. My wife really liked the fact that Jesse wasn't trying to push us into buying a property if we didn't feel comfortable. Thanks to Jesse it was a piece of cake. I not only consider Jesse our realtor but also our friend. ~ Gabriel S. Marrow, Stafford, Virginia
    Jesse is the man!!! His service is unmatched. We settled on our house in a month. Jesse set us up with the perfect team to complete the sale. With Jesse, you just sit back and let the master do his thing. ~ Clayton, Kelley. Ruther Glen V.A.
    Look, bottom line is Jesse Price is the consummate Real Estate Agent. Nothing more need be said!!! ~ Ted Eisenman, Frederickburg, VA
    Jesse Price was very supportive during the home listing process. We had a qualified offer with no requested seller concessions within 21 days of the initial listing. He was understanding and provided recommendations on the repairs needed to improve the chances of getting an offer from a qualified buyer. ~ Ai Hong Wang, Fairfax VA
    Jesse Price, took his time to understand our needs. I skillfully negotiate the terms of our sales contract that were important for my family. He went out of his way to assure, we were informed of all phases of the home buying process. I would have no problem recommending Mr. Jesse Price to family and friends who have real estate needs. Exceptional customer service and very trustworthy. ~ Cleveland Eason
    Jesse combines his experience and professionalism with a deep sense of caring for the people he serves. He was passionate about not only getting the home sold, but making sure we as the sellers were getting what we needed from the transaction. Not once did we feel like he put his needs before ours in the selling process. He and his team truly went above and beyond to help us get our home ready for sale and that personal attention continued even after we had the house under contract in only 10 days! Start to finish, listing and selling our home with Jesse Price was an overwhelmingly positive experience and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor in our area. ~ Sara Jacobson, Stafford VA
    I was given Jesse's name from a good friend, was told he was the best of the best. With this being my first purchase of a home I was very excited to start working with someone who was very knowledgeable. All of these accolades above do not do Jesse justice. From the first time I met Jesse it almost felt like he was a family member or close friend. This matched with his unmatched professionalism made it very easy to bring up concerns, new ideas, and also general questions. He was available every time I needed him to be, and always on time. Again as stated before the communications during the whole transaction were frequent and fluid. Everyone that I worked with was very kind, and also very professional. Everyone seemed to have an interest in what you needed as a customer, rather than an easier route to take. Jesse kept in constant contact with me and my family. His attention to detail kept me away from negative things hiding in a lot of the homes we looked at. Again during the underwriting; closing; offer; contract; communication was key. Jesse took his time and explained the whole process of everything. This in turn not only educated my family and I, but also built confidence that we being taken care of correctly. Jesse had a vast knowledge of the surrounding areas we toured, he was always able to give us information on the area and surrounding schools for my children. ~ Andrea & Christopher McGowan
    Jesse was a great agent. He was always professional, pleasant, and patient. We had moved out of state, so his help was invaluable. ~ Sally Beecroft, Florence, CO
    I want to give a huge thank you to our real estate agent Jesse Price. My journey looking for a home began with this man before Katie Hollings and I ever started dating. It was just me...looking for a house for Robbie and I. My budget, ideas, and plans for the future were quite different then. As I was as picky as could be, I missed out on a couple of deals and had one fall through during negotiation. It took forever to find and buy a home, and my life and plans changed when Katie and I started dating. I took Jesse on a whirlwind with a budget that was about as narrowed down as the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it was a 150k townhouse, or a 350k single family house, he always treated me the same...with care and respect. When Katie came into the picture and it became evident we were going to buy a house together, he didn't flinch as he adjusted my search for the 50th time because "my" search became "our" search for a home. He found us our first home which was right on time, right on budget, and right where we wanted to be. We stayed in touch through the years, and 5 years later we were ready for the next adventure. Of course we knew we would work with Jesse and Donna again, so we called and he came. When we discussed the financial and logistical plans, he was all ears, on board, and willing to do what it took to make it happen. When he left our home, he said he was going to list our home at the top of the market because he wanted to get us every penny. He dealt with our constant texts, phone calls, emails, and probably ridiculous questions about every little thing right in stride, and he did indeed get us every penny. Hell, we didn't even pay half of closing costs. I've know this man for 6 years and he is much more than a real estate agent...he is a friend with a special place in our hearts. He walked us through each and every step meticulously and with care, almost like a father figure would. He and Donna are two of the kindest people we know, and we are so fortunate to have them in our lives. Beautiful people make this world a more beautiful place. If you need a real estate agent in VA, I'm telling you this is your guy. He and Donna are a great team and they get the job done. I love their diligence and knowledge, but most importantly I love the way they treated us with class, dignity, respect, and care...not matter what our budget was. Time to celebrate!! ~ Robert Hollings Stafford, VA
    Jesse Price was always there every step of the way. His attention to detail and expertise made the whole experience absolutely wonderful. I would recommend Jesse to anyone. ~ Michael Bosworth, King George
    Jesse is a friendly, patient, knowledgeable person. He is attentive to detail, proficient and a delight to work with. ~ Ebenezer Wilson, Stafford VA.
    I like to be short and sweet with my praise. Jesse was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He took care of us, worked for us, and went above and beyond with personal service to us. ~ Matt, Stafford, VA
    Jesse Price was referred to us by my brother who is also a realtor. We wanted a local agent that was knowledgeable of the area. Jesse is an excellent communicator and listened to our list of what we were looking for. His wealth of knowledge was super and he thoroughly walked through the houses, attics and even a crawl space. He went above and beyond the norm. ~ Robin and Clare Williams
    I cannot recommend Jesse Price highly enough! Extremely knowledgeable, fastidious, an excellent communicator and very professional. We'all never use another realtor! ~ Kate Cooper, Alexandria
    I have used Jesse Price for the purchase of two homes, the sell one of, and the sale of another early next year. Jesse has a wealth of experience and knowledge that is very hard to find in a real estate agent, then add that he is very patient, listens, and puts his clients first, he is a GREAT agent! I listened to all of Jesse's suggestions and had a full price offer the same day the house went on the market. Part of that was that I had a beautiful, but the other part was making suggested changes to my house and listing the house at a price that Jesse and I thought would be competitive but also would allow it to sell fast. I recommend him to all of my friends and family. ~ William Robinson, Montclair, Virginia
    Jesse was exactly what we would have wanted in a realtor and more. He consistently went above and beyond what was required of him. He was honest, trustworthy, and is a sea of knowledge. We greatly valued his opinion as we searched for our home and appreciate all he did for us! ~ Brandon, Stafford VA
    After dealing with too many other brokers, we finally lucked out and met JEsse Price. Jesse Price stands out as a truly exceptional, even unique in his integrity, sincerity, and support. Combined with his exceptional technical knowledge of both the real estate business and of houses (he is a former housing inspector), he provides unique quality service. I cannot over-emphasize enough how this makes a difference: not one broker I have dealt with rises to this level, and most have no technical knowledge of homes and cannot advise on very important, long-term maintenance issues, building code specifics, and, frankly, most do not seem to care that much about more than the deal - Jesse Price ought to be paid to mentor and vet future Century 21 agents - if they don't pass his muster, they don't need to be on the Century 21 team. Jesse Price genuinely communicates integrity, and is able to also deliver blunt truths in a calm, mature manner, and always with advice of what can be mitigated or not. This helps set realistic expectation on all sides WITHOUT leaving any lingering thoughts that Jesse is only looking out for himself - he truly communicates honesty and fairness. ~ Mike Bruce, Fredericksburg
    This is our second time using Jesse Price and we just think he is the best of the best. We have had great experiences, he knows just the right people for the process the entire way through, from CJR Inspectors to Patrick for lending to Pam for closing. Jesse knows the area, knows the business, and takes care of his people. ~ Lauren Becker, Fredericksburg
    Jesse Price was incredibly patient and helpful throughout our entire house hunting process. We looked at homes in several areas in Virginia and he was always more than willing to find houses and take us to see them. Even though I felt like we were taking him on a tour of Virginia, he never made us feel like it was a problem. He was knowledgable of the area in which we finally purchased and had great insight on the homes we viewed. Jesse made a point to address smaller, less noticeable features or potential problems with the homes we viewed and encouraged us to inspect all areas. He was friendly, helpful, and an overall pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone searching for a home in Northern Virginia. ~ Chelsye Shaffer, Stafford
    As stated earlier in this survey - Jesse is the best of the best! ~ Kathy Morrell, Fredericksburg, VA
    Working with Jesse was very pleasant. He understood our needs and took the proper action to get the sale accomplished. Jesse is top notch. He was always available to speak with us and took care of all our concerns. I will recommend Jesse to any friends or family the next time they sale their home. ~ Colin, Virginia Beach
    Jesse was efficient, professional and understanding throughout the process of selling our first home! We would recommend his services to anyone in the Northern Virginia area! ~ Heather, Stafford VA
    Would recommend Jesse to anyone looking for a great agent. ~ Faber Family
    Jesse's experience with contracts is what helped identify a huge issue with a property I almost purchased which would have been a costly mistake for me. His attention to detail and persistence allowed me to back out of a contract and then eventually find a different property that I purchased. Overall the experience with Jesse made everything go smooth. Timing could not have been more perfect. I was able to list and sell a home in 48 hours. Then in 30 days I closed as the buyer on a Friday and closed as the seller on a Monday. Everything was flawless. Jesse's entire overall personality makes him the perfect realtor. He looks out for your best interest no matter what and makes you feel comfortable along the way of the property buying process. ~ Cody Bryant: Fredericksburg
    Simply put, Jesse Price is hands down the best realtor. He has a straight forward realistic approach and knows what he's doing. He always looks out for the best interest of the client no matter what. He has represented me twice as a buyer and once as the seller. His knowledge of real estate is what sold my house for full asking price in less then 48 hours. He is an expert in the real estate business. I will always choose Jesse Price as my realtor. ~ Cody Bryant, Fredericksburg, VA
    He was very knowledgeable about a variety of aspects of home buying and issues with possible homes in general. Jesse's partner (and in fact several members of his family) all helped out, and we saw dozens of houses, and they never lost patience with us. ~ Eric in Stafford, VA
    My wife and I were extremely fortunate to work with Jesse Price. He is extremely knowledgable, trustworthy and cares for what is best for your family. ~ C Keeton Stafford VA


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