The Decision To Become A Real Estate Agent

    The Decision To Become A Real Estate Agent

    Aug 05, 2018

    The Decision!

    It seemed like any other day. Well....minus the fact it was the day after Christmas!

    So there we were, recovering from the Christmas Day hangover, still trying to figure out how to put this years gifts together. With two kids (Brayten 7 and Brylee 3) you can imagine the never ending mess through the living room of scattered Lego pieces and new princess dress up items. Then, my wife's phone went off. No big deal right? I mean when your wife is a Surgical RN, her phone goes off for everything from emergency surgeries to her friends wondering why their kids are sniffling! But, this one today was different. It was the notification that the owner of the home we had been renting for a few years accepted a buyers offer! It really wasn't that big of a deal, we knew from the time we moved in that it was going on the market. But....we still hadn't found what we wanted to buy yet!!! Also, coupled with the fact I hadn't worked in a couple of months. So it was quite a bit nerve eating to be told the day after Christmas that you have 30 days to be gone. Very, very bad "adulting" skills were exhibited. I had actually been working on becoming an insurance agent. Now however, I would find that being put on hold as we frantically searched for a "house" (I put that in quotations because I'll come back to that later).

    So we began looking on Facebook and Zillow for homes. My wife talked to one agent and I talked to another agent. But, nothing we saw online had what we wanted. Also, I was doing the insurance classes, my sons 8th birthday was around the corner, and we had to start packing. All of this I would slowly find enclosed on us rather quickly. The insurance stuff got put on hold first as I was busy doing everything else and then packing got procrastinated as we were getting ready for the birthday. Only being about 2 weeks away from moving we got discouraged on finding a "house" because we realized a "house" isn't what we were needing. We needed a HOME! Through much talking and some very unsure decision making, we decided to move in with my mother. This would allow us to slow down, find what we truly wanted and allow me to get back to my classes and get them finished without making any hurried decisions for our family. The day of my sons birthday party I picked up U-Haul's biggest truck and we loaded it for 2 days and put everything into a storage unit.

    This is when we got very serious about the HOME search. We knew what we wanted, we weren't in a big rush to find something since we had a place to stay. But, let's be serious, no one wants to move back in with their parents for any reason, so we didn't want to be there long. We began looking at anything we possibly had interested in. This was so fun, we started watching HGTV every chance we had in case we found something that needed some work and would need ideas. We were with the agent one day and while the wife was exploring a newly listed property him and I started talking. I was bouncing questions off of him and he graciously answered. I'm not sure it was then or not, but a few days later my wife came home and I told her I wanted to run an idea by her. I informed her I wasn't sure insurance was really something I wanted to do. The last thing I wanted to do was begin a new career with doubt. I told her I thought Real Estate was something I had found a passion in. You have to know my wife, she is the most caring and understanding human I've ever met. She agreed I should look into it. I started looking online at places around that taught classes vs. taking them online. After doing the insurance stuff online, I decided I would better benefit from a classroom style setting, so I signed up for one that would be happening in a couple short weeks.

    The first day of class, I realized this decision was one of the best I had ever made and my life would forever be changed!

    To be continued......