Natalia Aulenbacher

    Natalia Aulenbacher


    "Are you looking to buy or sell a home and are struggling to find a Realtor who is transparent and reliable? I have made your solution my slogan! If you are looking for reliability, transparency, and guidance then I am the Realtor for you!

    Your Property is My Priority."

    Natalia moved to Alaska in 2000, chasing her dreams of climbing mountains and navigating rivers. After achieving her Bachelor's Degree at Alaska Pacific University (APU) in Anchorage, she worked as a fly-fishing guide in the Kenai Peninsula/Cooper Landing areas for nine summers. During the winter, she found herself intrigued by real estate and began purchasing investment properties. She has been a FULL-time Realtor since 2012 and got her Broker's license in 2017. She specializes in Commercial and Residential real estate.

    Give Natalia a call today and let them help you make your Alaskan real estate dreams come true!

    My Client Testimonials

    Natalia was great to work with even through issues that arose. She was professional, knowledgeable and patient. We would recommend her! ~ Angie, Kenai
    Honestly buying a house is one of those things that stresses me to my core and Natalia was immensely helpful and knowledgeable. Her go get it attitude and brutal honesty is something i not only needed but relied on when getting a home for my family. I will recommend her to anyone i know in the buying or renting process and truly believe that she is the absolute best at what she does. We stumbled onto Natalia by accident, and what a blessing that was, my wife and i feel very lucky to have gotten to know and work with her. 10 out of 10, amazing worker and an amazing person! Thank you Natalia ~ Eric pruett
    She sold our home in 24 hours Amazing Natalia was extremely knowledgeable We met Natalia when we were looking to purchase a few years ago. We used her to purchase this Brentwood property. We liked her so much we have used her for all of our real estate purchases and sales since then. In total she has helped us purchase two homes, and sell three properties including a business. I highly recommend her to any friends , relatives and acquaintances that are in need. She is professional, accurate, kind and personable. I do not foresee us ever having to use anyone other than Natalia for future real estate needs. ~ Christa Chelini
    She was a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable,straightforward,and honest. I would definitely recommend her. ~ Brad Unruh. Sterling AK
    Awesome seller She checks all of the boxes when it comes to important transactions! Dialed at what she does! Personable and enjoyable to work with! ~ Cody Dutcher, Soldotna,AK
    Natalia made selling our house a breeze. She was experienced, knowledgeable, responsive and very transparent about the real estate sales process. We felt comfortable with her recommendations regarding listing price and response to multiple offers and are happy with the sale outcome. Couldn't imagine a smoother process and would confidently recommend her services! ~ Annie Johnson, Soldotna
    She is the best !! ~ Donald Boston Soldotna Alaska
    Natalia has helped me buy and sell several homes on the Kenai Peninsula. She has exceptional knowledge of our local area and has been spot on with her estimating of the sale price I should sell my home for and her suggested marketing plans. I will recommend her to all my friends. ~ Susan Kellerby, Soldotna AK
    When my husband and I were considering who to contact to help us buy a house, we saw that Natalia had lots of great reviews and experience. I gave her a call and she scheduled a buyer's presentation, where she was able to sit with us for 2 hours to explain the ins and outs of buying a home. As a first-time home buyer, this was incredibly thoughtful and helpful! Natalia was able to walk us through the entire process, answered all our questions, and reassured us that she would be available as much as possible to us when we needed it. Natalia was incredibly professional from the get-go. We had talked to various agents and everyone was nice, but Natalia was MORE. She made herself available to us as much as possible (especially when we know that we aren't her only clients) and her clear communication was amazing. She was transparent about everything and we appreciated that! She always respectful to us, made us feel valued, and acknowledged all of our needs! Since we live in a remote town in Alaska, she was able to Facetime us to show us various houses and send us all the information we needed about each property. When it came down to the nitty gritty, she guided us through the decision making process and helped us get the best deal we could! We could not have done this without her and we appreciate her knowledge and expertise. We cannot say thank you enough to her!! ~ Cynthia A., Kenai
    I am so pleased with our recent purchase. I only had to look at 4 properties until the perfect solution showed up. We wanted 5 rental units and Natalia delivered. She understood the urgency to get an offer in as the property was priced good and got the ball rolling. She worked with my business agent in Alaska to schedule a property showing with the listing agent when she was sick with COVID and never missed a beat. I recommend Natalia to anyone wanting a seamless real estate purchase. ~ David Widick - Marysville, WA
    Chris and Natalia are spectacular. They truly go above and beyond in their work, from climbing into crawlspaces and patiently dealing with our slow internet connection trying to do a virtual viewing from out of state. Their knowledge of the area and the houses is unbeatable - Chris even noticed some issues in our house that the inspector didn't catch at first, and was able to help us coordinate getting an additional land parcel with the house we purchased. They are both very professional and personable. We are so thankful to them for helping us find our dream house! ~ Kattrina Rall, Soldotna AK
    Natalia was wonderful, she did a very good job in a short time. When I had a problem she was only a phone call away. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their home. The sale was very fast and well done. Natalia knows her job and is very good at it. Even though we never met in person Natalia was like a friend. I hope you use every word that I write. She did a great job for me. ~ Mary Beck Jacksonville, OR
    We were moving to the area for work from the lower 48 and had a tight timeline and pets making finding a rental impossible. Natalia reached out in response to a question I sent on a property and offered to introduce me to Chris (virtually). I'm so glad she did because they were lifesavers. Chris quickly scheduled home tours and battled technology to provide us an in-depth virtual experience including crawling in crawl spaces and looking at the details. Once we landed on a home he was great about offering his thoughts in a no-pressure way, supporting my decision making, and making recommendations for inspectors. As one might expect, the timeline was extended a few times and Chris and Natalia were both strong advocates for us, negotiating early occupancy and shepherding the process continuously. We couldn't have done this move without them. I mean that very literally; they made it possible. Thank you both so much! ~ Melissa Dowell, Kenai, AK
    Natalia Aulenbacher is the best real estate agent I¿ve used. ~ Bruce Herbert
    I can¿t speak highly enough about the team of Natalia Aulenbacher and Chris Van Slyke. As a resident of California purchasing a property in Alaska, more than 2500 miles away, Chris has proven his professionalism, hard work and most importantly, his trustworthiness. He has gone above and beyond my expectations and I will not purchase another property in Alaska without using his services and without having his seal of approval on any purchase opportunities. Thank you Chris for all you¿ve done. My trust in you is a proven fact and it¿s priceless. Sean Aras. ~ Sean Aras. Los Angeles CA
    We started our journey wanting to do it all on our own without a realtor. Our minds were quickly changed when we met Natalia and Chris! They both knew their jobs very well but they also had their own specialties. Chris was great at checking out EVERYTHING and finding issues with houses that we walked. This helped us decide if we wanted to put in an offer and the right offer. Natalia was great at knowing exactly what we were looking for and making sure we got in a good area which was very important to us. She was also an outstanding negotiator! Both of them felt more strongly about being open and honest with us and not just making a quick sell to earn money. You can tell they truly cared and are all around great people. I will definitely use them in the future (if ever needed) and refer them to all friends and family! ~ The Martins Soldotna
    Chris and Natalia are a strong team, and I definitely recommend them to folks who are buying a home. Their down-to-earth approach helped me understand the realities a buyer is facing in the current (tricky) real estate market. Both gave me practical and useful advice along the way that directly contributed to a successful purchase. Reach out to them if you are buying a house on the peninsula! ~ Michelle, now happily residing in Kenai
    This is the third home we have purchased with Natalia and the experience keeps getting better and better. Natalia really takes the time to get to know you and your specific needs, she's always available for questions, and she knows the market. 10/10 would use Natalia again! ~ The Parkers, Soldotna
    Natalia is knowledgeable of the area, super helpful, and super fast. When I work with Natalia, I know that I¿m in good hands. ~ V
    Natalia helped us navigate a sale while we were negotiating a complicated purchase, working two full time jobs, and had two kids under 3 in the house. We were completely overwhelmed and Natalia made it all work out. ~ Rob, Soldotna
    At first I didn't really have any particular broker in mind. I contacted Natalia and she's been very helpful and friendly. I also highly recommend and admire Chris. Super friendly, energetic and very helpful! I appreciate call the interaction and help we had in our house purchase! A great team! She was very informative and knowledgeable in many aspects of her work. Each of the staff in the Century 21 office was patient and considerate of all our questions and the process of our purchase! Great experience! Easy communication! Prompt response every time! Top notch service! We love the technology of Docu- Sign!! Great, fast response! ~ Curvin & Nancy Zimmerman of Soldotna, AK
    We have worked with Chris in the past and have referred him to friends. Everyone has had such good experiences that when we were looking to buy again we called him directly and didn't consider working with anyone else. Buying a home is a huge financial and emotional decision, and Chris understands that. He was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and extremely patient as he worked with us so that we were all sure we were making the best decision we could. He raised questions and concerns that we never would have thought of, even though they created extra work for him and slowed down the process. There was never a moment when we worried that he might have anything other than our interests in mind, and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Chris! ~ Gail, Soldotna AK
    Our experience with Natalia and Century 21 was nothing short of wonderful. Natalia was an absolute professional, very polite, very very knowledgeable, easy to work with and made the experience of selling our home easy and painless. 110% thumbs up! ~ Jeff Jackson Bemidji, Minnesota
    Natalia and Chris were extremely hands on, flexible, and pulled off a complex deal that 96% of agents would not have. I have bought a couple hundred units and this put them in the top percentile of agents Ive worked with. ~ Stephan - Napa CA
    Natalia Aulenbacher was instrumental in the sales of our lots in our subdivision. She knew the area and was the most professional agent we have ever dealt with! She was always patient and knowledgeable. She always responded quickly to our texts or phone calls and every purchaser commented on her professionalism. I would like to add how thankful we are that she was such a big part of our team. ~ David Wilson
    Natalia and Chris are top-notch agents. I have bought and sold several properties in the Kenai and Soldotna area, and I was always impressed with their professionalism and willingness to listen and respond as needed to meet my needs. Would definitely work with them again in the future. ~ David Lunt, Kenai
    Natalia (and partner, Chris) had been to my home many months prior as I started re-considering selling. Her thoroughness and thoughtfulness appealed to me and subsequently when I finally WAS ready to sell, she came to mind and I didnt hesitate to call her immediately! As we progressed with putting my house on the market, I was intimidated by the effort needed to put things away, to organize the house to make it attractive for showing. Natalia jumped right into helping me, showing me things to move, minor home defects NOT to hide from prospective buyers, colors,to,consider using, etc! It calmed me and she helped me focus...amazing! As we began the sale, Natalia warned me that my type of smaller home was a hot commodity at the time. She was so certain and, to be blunt, at the time I had my doubts and wondered if she was just making me comfortable...and was maybe TOO positive. But sure enough, she was able to have 3 or even 4 prospective buyers within 24 hours!! Ill never forget that Saturday in her office as she amazingly worked her iPhone with calls, then texts, then back-and-forth with various buyers agents, quickly passing on to me the strengths/weaknesses of each offer. We subsequently made a deal with the original interested making their final offer slightly higher as Id hoped! In the end it took 4 months for closing but it was no fault of Natalias as she kept on the various players...underwriters, title keep me informed of why there were delays. Added to the reasons for delay, no doubt, was due to selling/closing in the midst of a worldwide virus pandemic affecting each entity involved. I was SO stressed at times with the closing delays, with unpleasant manipulations by the prospective buyers, other irritants that I now see as minor...but Natalia always made herself available for calls or texts, was supportive and never made me feel foolish for my reactions and upset. She was actually inspiring numerous times! Natalia having her partner, Chris, help me at closing was timely! Chris made himself available during the actual closing, an hour or so process requiring our working from our cars with clipboards (due to COVID-19 restrictions), and he stepped-up to make that last important paperwork and some technical questions go incredibly smooth! I think probably the MOST comforting part of this selling experience, ESPECIALLY considering the long closing process during a virus pandemic, and considering buyers who were initially too bold and aggressive, was how Natalia was ALWAYS available to call me back and to talk things out, to keep me focused on the end goal, and to keep reminding a skittish 72 yr. old that it WOULD all work out. And it did! ~ Stephen (Steve) Widmer, Kenai, Alaska
    This was our 3rd or 4th time working with Natalia, and once again we were impressed by her knowledge of the area and her professionalism! Our home felt like a unique situation - a one-bedroom, a bit out of town - so we knew it would take some time to sell. We felt that Natalia was honest with us about the pricing, what fixes we could make to help the house sell, and helped us remain positive throughout the entire process. Overall, we were pleased with the outcome, and should we be interested in moving in the future, we will definitely be working with Natalia again! ~ The Parkers, Soldonta
    Natalia Aulenbacher had previously represented us in a property purchase so we knew that she was a go getter, with excellent attention to detail. So it was easy to enlist her again when we decided it was time to sell. A bit of a unique property for the area, she knew precisely the resources to use for maximum exposure for advertising. She knows the area and the market well, and priced our property accordingly for a prompt sale. She was extremely proactive throughout the escrow period with all required elements including coordination of repair work. Natalia was enjoyable to work with for the duration of the sales period. She is a highly effective and hardworking real estate professional and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the greater Kenai Peninsula area. ~ Harry and Kathy Harper, Kenai,Alaska
    Chris and Natalia really helped us navigate an overly complicted process. While we didn't get to deal with Natalia during the buying process she seems like a "get it done" type of gal. Thanks for your help guys, we love the new house! ~ Jim Clam Gulch
    We have bought and sold many homes with Natalia and Chris. Always very respectful and helpful through the whole process. ~ David Lunt, Kenai
    Natalia was great to work with, always up front and a great motivator. ~ Kelly Otto
    Chris made the entire process super easy and predictable. Chris was always easy to contact, quick to respond, and went above and beyond to help me get settled into my new home and into my new community. ~ Jose Gonzalez
    Natalia and Chris (buyer's agent) were both all one would expect, and more in our real estate experience: thorough, knowledgeable. professional, yet personable.... I highly recommend them. ~ Larry Smithwick, Soldotna
    Natalia and Chris were exactly what I needed. I am new to Alaska and it is extremely different purchasing a home here. Natalia and Chris walked me through every step and made sure the home I purchased was perfect for me. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this team. ~ Nicole, Soldotna
    This was the 3rd time we have used Natalia's service's over the last 8 years. Each time we have gone through the process of selling/ buying a home I'm reminded very quickly why we choose her everytime. Communication is key here and Natalia takes the time to explain everything and anything even when you have to ask her multiple times because it's just not sinking in. We had the pleasure of working with her partner Chris this time as well and they really make a great team! They're straight forward but easy going and they are ON IT! I don't plan on moving for a long time but when I do... I know who I'll be going through. ~ Cole and Brittany Hagedorn, Soldotna
    Natalia was very helpful when going over the contracts with us, explaining everything and making the sale of our home very personable. Even when she was taking care of her own personal obligations / family. Natalia ensured that the sale of our home was as easy and painless as possible. Consider Natalia a friend, a very knowledgeable, professional and friendly realtor. Natalia, not only helped us with the purchase of our first home, but she also sold it for us as well. With her already knowing the property that helped her a lot to see any changes or upgrades we had made, and was able to price our home perfectly. Thank you for everything you did Natalia. ~ Cory Shane
    Natalia Aulenbacher was professional and knowledgeable. The sale of the house happened much faster than expected and she went out of her way to make the process smooth, communicated each step clearly and worked with all parties involved in a non-biased and pleasant manner. I would recommend Natalia and Century 21 to anyone. ~ Joanne Reed, Idaho
    Very pleased with Natalia Aulenbacher and the sale of my property. She set up a plan and not too long after it felt like we closed. She was easy to communicate with and I dont think she could have made it any easier for me. ~ Lani, Nikiski AK
    This was a pretty straightforward land purchase, but even so Chris offered useful insights and helped us negotiate a price well below asking. We previously used Chris for a home purchase after a strong recommendation from a friend. We had a good experience with him so using him again was a no-brainer. Chris has always been very professional, approachable, and easy to communicate with. Responds to both texts and phone calls, and is very good at communicating at whatever level of detail we ask him to. As new Alaska residents and first time homeowners, we had very little understanding of the local market or how the home buying process works. Chris was able to explain the process, to learn what kind of property we were looking for, and to be our advocate during every step. He was professional, communicated well, and offered valuable insight into the local market. We would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a property in this market and we will use him for every future real estate transaction. ~ Nick, Sterling
    Chris Van Slyke and Natalia Aulenbacher went above and beyond in helping us find our home. Chris made himself available to meet us at many off hours and days, often at short notice. The time, effort and dedication that he put forth to ensure that we found the perfect home was absolutely unmatched. He is kind and outgoing and truly cared about helping us. Through our time working with him, he became a friend, not merely an agent. We are so thankful for this team and would highly recommend them to anyone we know in search of a home. ~ Bradley and Abbi Mangle Kenai, AK
    Natalia Aulenbacher was very informed, friendly and reachable. She was in constant communication with me through the process, with almost immediate updates. She was honest and fair and handled any hiccups with grace and assurance. She made me feel like being happy with my purchase was more important to her than the earnings for closing the sale. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. ~ Christa from kenai
    Natalia did a great job advertising my house. It wasn't even on the market a day and had 3 interested buyers right of the bat. Ended up renting the house out for a few months till it sold. ~ Jake ketelle soldotna alaska
    Natalia is a great realtor! She is very informative about her job. She explains things very well. She goes over and beyond for her clients. Easy to talk To and ask questions. Very helpful, respectful and an overall great realtor! She keeps you in the loop of the process and does a great job getting it done as fast as she can. ~ Tiffany Holly and Dan Smith
    Chris was equally as comfortable inspecting mechanicals in a crawl space as he was in his office explaining the intricacies of a real estate transaction. He was a tremendous asset for us throughout the entire buying process. I have no reservations recommending him. ~ Dan Saxton, Soldotna
    Natalia was amazing. She really listened to us and worked for us. Her photos of the house were beautiful and her use of social media to get the word out about the property made a real impact. Natalia stayed in touch with us throughout the whole process. She was easy to reach and answered all of our questions in a timely fashion. She also gave great suggestions for staging our house and presenting it in the best way possible. ~ Stacy and Randy Newbern, Ft. Belknap, Mt
    My husband and I worked with Chris and Natalia as first time home buyers. We had a great experience! We had lots of questions, they were understanding and had clear answers. ~ Ashley, Kenai
    Natalia was very professional and I appreciated that about her. She answered all of our questions promptly and guided us through the sale. She was present for all inspections and went above and beyond to check on the property. We had a few things that needed to be addressed and she kept us informed regarding progress. I would recommend her to family and friends for a professional realty experience! ~ Constance Moustakis
    Natalia was great to talk with and immediately went to the property and took fantastic pictures and had it listed before that afternoon was over. She is fast and knew I didnt want any hassles so she did all the leg work and only bugged me with important questions and the final sale of the land.. no wasted calls or she didnt try to push new property on me like most Realtors do. ~ Cory, wasilla Alaska
    Chris Vanslyke was highly recommended to us by friends. He was very patient with us as we searched for a house, we needed someone to be patient with us as my husband and I were being picky and also did not agree on houses. He did a great job in reading us and our desires and was quick to point out/remind us of things that were not on our "list" or things that could work for us. He was very knowledgable about the market and kept us in the loop at all times, giving us his honest opinion, but also letting us make our decision. We were grateful for his attention to detail of each house. I can not say enough about Chris. ~ Courtney Abel, Soldotna
    Natalia, was called when we saw a listing for the property and it didn't matter what time or day it was, she responded back to us promptly. Natalia was amazing and we would highly recommend her to anyone we know of that may be looking to purchase a home in the future. Our experience was outstanding and we would highly recommend Natalia to friends and family that are looking to purchase a home or property. Natalia, dealt with our builder in a professional manner. Plus she was dealing with an out of state agent that had the property listed. We were extremely impressed with how she dealt with everything. When we came into the office the staff was polite and quick to let Natalia know we were there. Natalia does her job extremely well and we were very impressed with the way she handled all of our transactions in the purchasing of our land. She dealt in complete confidence and efficiency with the out of State land owner, our bank, builder, and our offer requirements. ~ Mike & Linda Schwitzke, Soldotna Alaska
    Overall very satisfied with the transaction. I liked most how I was always kept in the loop and felt like they were truly fighting for me in the deal. I felt like there was nothing that I was left out on and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a down to earth realtor that has your best interest in mind ~ Dustin Soldotna
    We have enlisted the services of Chris Van Slyke multiple times now. Every transaction has run smoothly and without a hiccup. Chris and Natalia are both very professional and take the time to understand what we were trying to achieve, while providing critical insight into the details of each home. Hopefully we will not move any time soon, but if we do Chris and Natalia will be our first call. ~ David Lunt, Kenai AK
    We used Chris Van Slyke. He was amazing. He was so available and willing to help. We really put him through the ringer with time and requirements. He was so patient with us and we are so happy with the outcome. Thank you Chris. We would recommend him and use him again without hesitation! ~ Mary-Kenai
    I would definitely use Natalia Aulenbacher again. The house was sold in a week which took a lot off of our shoulders. ~ Herbert Hudson, Abingdon Virginia
    Natalia was extremely helpful during a complex land transaction. She is knowledgeable about the market in the area, helpful from the beginning to the end of the transaction, and she went above and beyond to work within the bounds of our non-profit committee and Board of Directors structure. Natalia helped us step by step and was consistently easy to work with, professional, and kept us informed. We would be delighted to work with Natalia again in the future. ~ Kachemak Heritage Land Trust
    Natalia had the expertise I required to make my purchase a timely and smooth transaction. She is someone I will recommend to friends and family for sure. ~ Kim, Soldotna
    Chris VanSlyke worked diligently on my behalf, making certain my home purchase was to my greatest advantage and in my best interest. He was personable, reliable, timely, honest, and professional. I enjoyed working with Chris very much and would highly recommend him. ~ Deborah Ransburg
    Natalia and Chris did an excellent job getting us into our dream home! We've been in the house three weeks now and I still can't help getting a big grin on my face as I look around and let it sink in that this is home...our home! We were kept well informed through the entire process and would strongly recommend the team of Natalia and Chris whether you are buying or selling! ~ Wendi & Rene' near Kasilof
    I would highly recommend Natalia Aulenbacher and Century 21 to anyone buying or selling property in Alaska. ~ Daniel Myers living in Loveland, Colorado. Selling property in Sterling, Alaska
    Natalia was amazing! Our personalities matched great and she sold my home super quick! Would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their home. Shes so nice and always there to talk to you when you need! Excellent at her job! ~ Shannon, soldotna AK
    Weve bought two homes through Natalia. The second deal was much more difficult for various reasons. Natalia kept us well informed through the entire process and offered her recommendations and guidance based on past experience and knowledge. We would recommend her without reservation! ~ Wendi & Rene in Kasilof
    Natalia Aulenbacher and Chris Van Slyke were very patient and professional. They spent a lot of time with me to be sure I purchased the home I really wanted. Highly recommend. ~ Carl Ruland Cooper Landing Alaska
    The first time I sat down with Chris Van Slyke, I made it very clear that I didn't want to deal with a pushy salesperson and that if he didn't listen to me, I would walk out. Little did I know, that I was sitting at the desk of perhaps the kindest, most patient advocate I could have asked for as a first time home buyer. Natalia kindly introduced herself at the end of our first meeting to help me understand her role in the process. Chris gave me as much information as he could to make each decision thoughtfully. He only offered his direct opinion if I asked, which really gave me the space to make the right decision for me. He was concerned with every aspect of the paperwork process and the actual house. He spent more time checking out the crawlspace for issues than I did! I can't say enough about how much I appreciated working with Chris Van Slyke and Natalia Aulenbacher. I felt supported, understood, empowered and heard, all in the process of one of the biggest life transitions. I will personally recommend this team to anyone I know looking to buy a new house! ~ Meredith Harber, Soldotna
    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, Knows her job and is very professional, respectful, polite, understanding , has all good qualities of agent you would want to represent you. Natalia was with us every step of the way, never faltering, going above and beyond to help us. I would highly recommend Natalia. ~ Carolyn Banks, Kenai Alaska
    Knowledge of the market and experience were highest considerations. Natalia was outstanding. Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and very pleasant to work with. I have bought and sold many homes and always used real estate agents. Natalia Aulenbacher was one of the best I have worked with. Having Natalia on staff is a huge plus for C21 Freedom Realty - I like the name too! Experience was my most important consideration and Natalia has exactly what I was looking for! Upon my fathers death, I was responsible for my fathers home sale. It was a difficult time and I definitely needed someone who could take charge and handle this task from a distance. My father was a 20 year resident of Cooper Landing and Natalia knew him personally. I live in Colorado and I came to Cooper Landing to set up the sale. I interviewed three Real Estate companies and agents. Natalia stood out as most knowledgeable, prepared, and experienced. Natalia was a pleasure to work with as she handled the, marketing, organization, communication, and sale flawlessly. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Natalia for all that you did! ~ Joe LeMieux, Superior Colorado
    I greatly enjoy working with Natalia. She was very helpful in the process of purchasing this HUD foreclosed home. There is a lot of paperwork involved and she is very knowledgeable in getting it completed and submitted properly in a timely manner. I have been buying properties that are in dire need of repair and remodeling and then with my team, we perform our magic to make them beautiful and affordable to prospective buyers. Because of the professional, friendly, and helpful experience I had with Team Natalia in the purchase of this home, of course they were my choice to help sell it. We had a full price offer in 2-3 weeks and the entire process went very smoothly, which is very important to me. I will continue to ask Team Natalia to work with me in my future endeavors. ~ Susan Kellerby, Fixer Upper Properties, Kenai
    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, Knows her job and is very professional, respectful, polite, understanding , has all good qualities of agent you would want to represent you. Natalia was with us every step of the way, never faltering, going above and beyond to help us. I would highly recommend Natalia. Carolyn Banks, Kenai Alaska
    Natalia Aulenbacher is quite simply the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. She has sold many lots in our subdivision on the Kenai Peninsula with every purchaser commenting on her friendliness and patience. She will continue to be our real estate agent for as long as we are developing property. Thank you Natalia for your patience and quick return phone calls!!! ~ David Wilson, Big Lake Alaska
    Natalia is a fantastic agent to work with. For us, she had great advice on list price and issues to consider on offers. This is the second property we have dealt with Natalia on. One a purchase, and one a sale. I think for us, her experience, advice, and patience throughout the process was instrumental in the successful sale of our property. Natalia will always be the agent we call for any future real estate needs. Thanks Natalia, you're the best!! ~ Larry & Marti Opperman Soldotna, AK.
    Chris did an outstanding job! He was efficient, informative, professional and friendly. He made us feel like we were his only customer. Our family will deal with Chris exclusively with our future real estate needs. ~ James Carne
    Quick and easy transaction. ~ Shelby McBride, California
    Natalia has been our real estate agent on the Kenai Peninsula for quite a while. She has assisted us the sale of many lots in our developing of a subdivision. Her knowledge, patience and kindness is always appreciated! Thank you Natalia!!! : ) ~ David Wilson, Big Lake Alaska
    Natalia was extremely helpful in selling our property and explaining each step to make it easier on us. We were amazed how quickly our house sold based on its size. The photographs and advertising definitely did justice to our lovely home...I would have bought it again! ~ Katy McKinley
    This was our first homebuying experience, and over a period of several month we had to navigate negotiations with a Relocation company, pre-inspection repair issues, contract delays, and a multiple party bid. Chris and Natalia were tireless advocates from beginning to end, never asking us to do anything but think about what was right for us. Without them there to do hard work, give us good advice, and provide us with their extensive knowledge and expertise there is simply no way we could have gotten through it all and found ourselves in our new home. ~ Rob, Soldotna
    I could not have done this without her! ~ Don Boston Soldotna AK
    We had been looking at properties in the Kenai/Soldotna area for several months trying to find our dream summer home and found some properties we were interested in on Zillow. Natalia Aulenbacher was the listing broker on the first property, so we exchanged information and got to know each other. Turns out the first property was not a good fit for us, but we kept in touch. We found another property we liked, and we reached out to Natalia about that one. Turned out that she was the listing agent for that one as well, so we began the proceedings to make an offer and do our due diligence. Natalia introduced us to an associate at Century 21 who was a buying agent named Chris Van Slyke. The purchase was challenging because we were out of state and never had the opportunity to inspect the property ourselves. Natalia and Chris were extremely helpful and made sure all of our needs were met. Negotiation between seller and buyer was short and sweet. We felt we arrived at a price and terms where both seller and buyers were very happy. Next, Natalia was very helpful to provide a list of inspectors from which we could choose from to have an independent inspection of the property on our behalf. We selected Bret McDonald of Braveheart Home Inspection who was very professional and thorough. From the inspection report, we were satisfied that we were getting what we bargained for even though we had not been able to visit the property. Closing was a breeze as well through Dawni Marx from First American Title. ~ Khai & Danine Harbut
    Natalia was a perfect fit for taking care of my home, making sure to keep it in the publics eye and doing a great job of promoting it on lots of sites so the perfect buyer could buy their dream home! It was sold without a bunch of drama, all the steps were completed so smoothly, and I absolutely recommend Natalia and her team to anyone looking to sell or buy, best realtors hands-down! ~ Linda Vitzthum, Ketchikan, AK
    This was a wonderful experience made easy by our agent. Family oriented and energetic, they were able to keep our best interests in mind while managing several aspects of the process. Would strongly recommend!! ~ Becca and Rustin Hitchcock
    Having previously worked with Natalia on two other transactions, it was a no-brainer to choose to work with her team for this new home. Both Chris and Natalia were always available when we had questions or concerns. They were even able to work around our travel schedule to ensure that we closed in a timely manner. When you work with Chris and Natalia, you also get the full force of Century 21 Freedom Realty behind you, and their years of experience working in this market. Both she and Chris are outstanding individuals who look out for their client's best interests in every part of the transaction. I would highly recommend Team Natalia for your future home buying needs. ~ Pamela, Soldotna
    Natalia is experienced professional and knowledgeable. She helped relieve the stress of buying a home and we had a lot of confidence in her skills as a Realtor Natalia was very down to earth and easy to work with, she was matter of fact and we really appreciated all of her knowledge and experience in real estate. We appreciated how she always took the time to explain everything to us and how thoughtful she was in helping us with home selection Natalia is an excellent Realtor, her demeanor and strength of character are an asset to her profession and she is so pleasant to work with Everyone at the Century 21 was approachable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We have lived in our new house a month, as I lay here next to my daughter writing this review I am so so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Natalia. Being a stay at home Mom has been a dream of mine for three years and because Natalia helped us sell our first house and purchase our second, I am able to attain that dream in our perfect new home raising my happy children. She didnt just do her job. Natalia helped us find fulfillment so we can thrive as a family ~ Maureen, Soldotna
    I didn't select Natalia. I called the local office because I didn't get a response back from the listing agent and the receptionist got me in touch with Natalia. She was very helpful and she put me in touch with Chris Van Slyke. I didn't deal with Natalia at all except for the initial contact at which time she put me in touch with Chris Van Slyke. who was very helpful. My experience with Chris Van Slyke was awesome. Once he got involved the whole thing came together. Chris was very good about keeping me informed throughout the whole process. He was professional, very thorough and the process moved right along which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend Chris to others. ~ Glen Payment Nikiski
    Natalia was very easy to work with and made the buying process a breeze! She was always available to answer questions or requests, and was really good at letting us know how the process would go and what to expect. I would not hesitate to use Natalia again, or refer her to friends or family. ~ Cory, Jeanna, and Brad Carver
    We had a vision for our upcoming retirement and selling our house was the first step in our preparation of this vision. Natalia, from the start, understood our needs and wants and was very encouraging of our goals, and played an instrumental part of us moving forward. Once we had an interested party in our house, she made the process go more smoothly. Every time we had a small obstacle, she made getting over that obstacle easier, thus reducing our stress level. Thank you Natalia for being such a great agent. We now look forward to easing down our road to retirement. We highly recommend Natalia for any of your real estate needs. ~ David and Laurie Stropes, Soldotna Alaska
    Natalia's professionalism is what sold us. She will remain as our agent throughout the development of our subdivision. ~ David Wilson
    Natalia Aulenbacher is a knowledgeable, professional and very hard working realtor. She is a good communicator both listening and giving good recommendations. She follows through. She is a good negotiator and if I was selling/buying another property on the Kenai Peninsula I would definitely work with Natalia. She has worked to attain my highest recommendation. ~ Ann Adams, Soldotna, AK
    Natalia was kind, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the current market! I would recommend Natalia to any of my friends looking to sell their home. She jumped right in and made our home hers to sell and care about. Thanks again for selling our home Natalia! ~ Howarth's
    Overall, this was a very seamless and painless process. Natalia guided us through the ins and outs of buying a house and was available to answer any questions we might have had. She was friendly and fit our hectic schedule. She knew houses we would like and arranged showings quickly. I'm thankful to have worked with her and would recommend her to my friends. ~ Marissa Severson, Soldotna, AK
    Natalia was phenomenal every step of the way. She took calls at different times of day and night. She even texted us about our progress, while she was in the hospital about to give birth. I mean, that doesnt get anymore dedicated. She was the first realtor to get our house squared away, in shape and ready to be sold. She had her ducks in a row and executed everything with great detail and tenacity. We couldnt be happier with the outcome. Were convinced that if we had stuck with our previous realty company, the house wouldnt have sold. Natalia said the average for our area was 3-6 months. She sold it in 5 months! Natalia was so instrumental in moving everything forward with a positive outlook. Whenever wed get frustrated with a situation, she was able to explain it in a way that we could understand, and move forward with great attitudes. Thank you Natalia!! Were so happy we switched when we did. C-21 and Natalia are #1! Cant find more a dedicated, patient, knowledgeable and intelligent realtor to sell your home. A++++++++++++ I pretty much covered it in the last section of comments! We wish we could put Double excellent as an option. Natalia was fantastic in EVERY WAY. ~ Garrett Todd, Ninilchik
    Natalia was selling our house in Cooper Landing & acted as our agent while we purchased the house on Lupine Street. She was very responsive & worked with us all the way from the first showing to closing. She did a wonderful job! ~ Cheryl & Glenn Flothe, Soldotna, AK
    I would highly recommend this team. ~ Kirk Fausett astoria
    Great patience by all parties was required for this particular sale due to the unique circumstances. Chris and Natalia were both great! Would not hesitate to use them both again. ~ Ray Wilkes. Cooper Landing
    Natalia and Chris are a great team! They were always very helpful when answering our questions about the area and living in Alaska in general. Very accommodating to our schedules and punctual to meetings/viewings. Overall, great home buying experience. ~ David L, Soldotna
    Natalia is professional on every level. And also personable, which makes a difference. Being first time home buyers, we were constantly asking her questions and advice. She always had timely and thorough responses. We recommend Natalia to anyone thinking of buying or selling a property. ~ Victoria, Soldotna
    Our experience with century 21 was phenomenal. ~ Chrissy Bouschor
    After meeting with Natalia we knew within a short time that she would do a great job for us, and she has done just that. Natalia will be our agent through the sales of our entire subdivision, her patience and kindness are really appreciated. Natalia's real estate knowledge and attention to detail are unsurpassed! ~ David Wilson, Big Lake Alaska
    We immediately felt comfortable with Chris and had a great experience. We will absolutely call on him and Natalia when we are ready to enter the market again and will recommend them to any of our friends who plan to sell/buy a home. ~ Will & Suzanne, Kenai
    Natalia and Chris were both super pleasant and amazing to work with. They made this whole precess easy and enjoyable for me! They went out of their way to make sure that I had all the information and help I needed. ~ Gavan Ivanoff Kenai
    Chris did such a wonderful job in finding out dream home. He was always available to answer all our questions and was very knowledgeable. My husband works late so he worked around our schedule and was willing to stay after hours. Team Natalia did a wonderful job and made the whole process stress free. I I would recommend them to friends and family. ~ Kelsey Duncan, Soldotna
    Natalia was very professional and assisted us very proficiently & professionally. I would highly recommend her as an agent to anyone seeking to buy property in Alaska. ~ Lynn Sieck, Soldotna, Alaska
    Natalia did a wonderful job! She made the whole process easy. It was a pleasure working with her. ~ Gregory Ewald : FSC Lake Wales Florida
    Natalia was a pleasure to work with. We live out-of-state and she did an excellent job working with us at a distance to sell our remote property. ~ Lindsay, Colorado
    I was so pleased with Natalia and enjoyed working with her. She was always available and frequently asked me to let her know if I had any questions. I'm sure she was working with many other properties and clients but I never felt that she had just 'worked me in' . She has a pleasant personality and was easy to work with. I had a house sitter and Natalia never failed to call her to let her know of a showing. ~ Bernie Caler - Richland, WA
    Natalia and Chris made the almost impossible happen for us. We are greatly appreciative of their hard work and dedication. We highly recommend Natalia and Chris! ~ Joshua and Emily Hall Soldotna, AK
    Natalia and Chris were awesome! We would definitely use C21 again in the future. We really appreciate everything they did for us. They never pressured us into any decision and a couple of times they gave us an honest opinion even when it wasn't in their interest. THANK YOU! ~ Dustin, Soldotna, AK
    Natalia Aulenbacher has now been our agent through several sales of our subdivision. Natalia is very professional, very easy to reach, and always gets done what needs doing. Natalia will continue to be our agent and friend beyond our current project. My wife and I are very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism we have experienced in all dealings with Natalia. ~ David Wilson, Big Lake Alaska 99652
    Mrs. Aulenbacher was truly a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and sensitive to the clients' needs. Very professional and efficient at her job. I would strongly recommend her to anyone for their real estate needs. ~ Dale Brandt South Mills, North Carolina
    Natalia was very helpful. I was out of state and she handled everything in a very timely manner. Thanks for helping make my dreams come true!!!!! ~ Harry Rebuck Trevorton,PA
    Natalia's team was amazing on several levels! Shopping for a home was a long road but they never gave up on us. Upon purchasing we felt totally confident we were being represented by a team who wanted an end result we would enjoy for many years. Thanks Natalia and Chris for making our dream come true!! ~ Kevin Riley, Sterling
    Natalia did an excellent job helping us close this deal. There were many roadblocks along the way. It was not an easy purchase, but Natalia helped us work through it all. Her patience, experience, and eye for detail made this investment possible. I would recommend Natalia to anyone looking for a real estate agent to represent them. She will be 100% on your side, 100% of the time. Thanks Natalia. ~ Tyson Cox
    Natalia and her team went above and beyond to help us out. They were always available when we needed them and had great knowledge of the area. We wouldn't have found our dream house without them. Don't buy a house without the help from Team Natalia! ~ Brandon and Kelly Cutrer, Soldotna
    From initial contact through closing, Natalia did a great job at keeping us updated and informed. Her experience and knowledge of the area made for a very smooth process. We would recommend her without hesitation! ~ Wendi S. Soldotna, Alaska
    My husband and I are in a transition period in our lives with retirement. Natalia has been extremely attentive to our needs in selling our properties and in planning for the selling of our home this year. In working with her we have a clear understanding in the best plan to sell in the spring. Natalia is professional and caring about our needs. We will definitely be working with her again. ~ Lloyd & Patricia Little, Nikiski, Alaska
    I purchased a small parcel of land in Sterling through Natalia. It wasn't a large sale, but she made getting the deal done a priority. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. ~ Matt, Tacoma WA
    I had a piece of property no one else would touch. Natalia took it, worked closely with me. The property no one wanted sold in 2 weeks. I highly recommend her for all real estate business. ~ Alex Felker, Sterling Ak
    It was a good experience, I had been looking for over a year with an agent from another agency, and was at a stale-mate to find one that would fit my unique needs. Under Natalia and Chris, I found what I wanted, have moved in and am making it my home, its an awesome feeling! ~ M. E. Lee Coray-Ludden
    The personal attention I recieved from both Chris and Natalia was exceptional. I felt more like a friend and not just a client. They both took the time to find me the home I was looking for in the area I was wanting. They both spent allot of their time making sure the property was repaired and up to my specifications before closing. After closing they even showed up with an awesome gift for my first home that blew my mind. I would highly recommend both Natalia and Chris to anybody looking at purchasing a home. ~ James Lovell Kenai
    There were several people who had made offers on our house. She knew about a special clause to add which resulted in our getting the house. If she had not written that clause, we probably would not have gotten the house which had a "million dollar" view. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house. ~ Mary June Gordon, Sterling, AK
    Natalia was very helpful to me when I bought and sold my property. She guided me through both processes very professionally. ~ V. Oleman, Kenai
    Natalia Aulenbacher genuinely took the time to find out what we needed and what my concerns were in being a first-time home buyer. As daunting as purchasing a house is, Natalia Aulenbacher and Chris VanSlyke were always professional, timely, and knowledgeable. The purchase of our new home went much faster and smoother than I anticipated! Natalia's motto, "Because Every Move Matters" resonated with me because she really took the time to get to know us and was there to guide us every step along the way. ~ Michelle & Zaraphina - Soldotna
    Natalia and Chris went above and beyond to help negotiate the purchase of my property. I had dealt with other realitors on my previous purchase of land and the difference in help was phenomenal. It felt like I was talking directly to seller, negotiating terms till we could settle on the best deal and not just shooting an offer and hoping for the best weather to high or to low of an offer. ~ Samuel schilling, sterling
    We worked with Chris VanSlyke and although he is new to the RealEstate business, he was knowledgeable and seemed seasoned. He responded timely to any and all of our text, calls, and emails. My husband and I often each would speak with him at different times, and he kept both of us informed so we were all on the same page. We would recommend Chris to anyone! ~ Sandra Elam, Soldotna.
    Natalia is the finest real estate agent we have ever worked with. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling, or considering a move of investing in real estate. ~ David and Patti Wilson, Big Lake Alaska, Sterling Alaska, Nacogdoches Texas
    We knew Natalia before she started in real estate. When we made an inquiry with her it was obvious she knew what she was talking about. Natalia has a unique skill set that keeps the ball rolling and helps push things along when stuff arises ~ Jeremy Anderson, Soldotna
    Natalia is the foreclosure Queen! She gets the job done in the limited time foreclosures put on the seller! ~ Sara Koenig, Soldotna, AK
    Natalia was referred to me as a no nonsense realtor by a friend. It was very obvious upon the first time meeting her that she was up front and knew the business very well. We looked at a few homes together and Natalia was able to identify with what we were looking for quickly to make our search much shorter. She is very easy to talk to and was there to walk us through the entire step along the way. She was able to point me in the direction of easy, no nonsense, financing. This was truly easier than buying any other large purchase item I have ever purchased in my life!!! Thanks Natalia!! ~ Keith Roumell, Kenai, AK
    It was a great pleasure to work with Natalia to sell our home. She worked as an advocate for us and helped keep us informed since we no longer lived in town and were unable to watch after our home. Natalia exceeded expectations when it came to communicating with contractors who needed to work on the house. Natalia was the right realtor for us! Thank you for making the sale of our home a smooth and pain free experience! ~ Tyler & Kimmi, Kenai
    Natalia Aulenbacher is fantastic! She truly understands the market in the area and works to ensure that you're provided with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision. Not only does she know her stuff about real estate, she also knows how to treat her clients. All of our questions were answered promptly and Natalia was available to us at all times, even when she was out of town. From taking a sample of water for a quality check to helping us measure how far the wood stove is from the wall, Natalia went above and beyond what we expected from a Realtor. If you're looking for someone who is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, you'll want to work with Natalia. We're so glad that we did! ~ Pamela Parker, Kenai
    Natalia Aulenbacher has been the most professional agent we have ever worked with. This is important to me because I know the level of care that perspective buyers will be receiving. ~ David Wilson, Big Lake Alaska
    I have worked with many real estate agents and brokers over the past 40 years, including when I sold real estate myself. Natalia is one of the most professional, hard working, thorough, and pleasant realtors I have ever met or worked with. She ensured we had the property listed for a fair price that would move the property, kept us in the loop on all activities, progress, and issues that came up, and did an amazing job to ensure that all paperwork and required inspections were done with delay. I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Alaska to call Natalia, and if we look to invest in the Anchorage or Kenai area again, I will definitely work with her again. ~ Steve From Seattle
    She is GREAT ~ Jerry Larsen
    Natalia Aulenbacher was more than a realtor throughout the entire process and made sure that we were kept informed about each aspect of the house hunting and home buying experience. We were living in Anchorage at the time and she would make sure to do the leg work in Kenai and Soldotna to ensure a smooth and efficient trip to tour all of the houses when we came down. Even one day she was unable to walk, but it was the only day we could come down and her husband drove her around to the different houses so we could see what the area had to offer. That is not to say there were not problems that arose during the process, but she was always honest and quick with a fix or solution to the problem at hand. The most amazing thing has been after we bought the house she was still helping me with the house since I was so far away to do basic tasks that required someone to be local. I would gladly use her again for all of my house buying needs. ~ Greg Estep, Kenai, AK
    Natalia made our house hunting experience stress free. We were very picky about our house and Natalia was patient and professional while she provided us options in the local area. When we decided on a house Natalia made all the arrangements with trustworthy local professionals to complete the sale of the home. I would definitely recommend Natalia to anyone looking for a professional realtor. ~ Brady, Kasilof
    Natalia Aulenbacher answered all my questions on time all the time , very professional in what she does . I would recommend Natalia to friends, family and people I don't don't know. In all I'm very pleased :) ~ Curtis Nihart, Sterling Alaska
    I was contacted by Natalia after I had done a online inquiry. She was very helpful and knowledgeable, not pushy as I was currently listed with another broker. After I cancelled my other listing (after 6 months no sale) I listed with Century 21 and my house had an offer the following day! Closed in a month, could not be happier! ~ Gena Stahlecker Kasilof Alaska
    I could not be more please than I am with Natalia. Her concern for my needs and expectations were amazing. She listened to everything I had to say and was extremely knowledgeable in her feedback. I had heard great things about her from associates and I will not hesitate to refer her to friends, family and associates. I have no doubt that Natalia had my very best interest at heart. Again, she showed professionalism while showing concern for my purchase. This was my first home purchase and I was very nervous. She made me feel like I was doing the right thing. She made the whole process very smooth. When there was a glitch, she assured me that it would get taken care of asap and she stuck by her word. She is simply, in my eyes, the best broker that I could have worked with. I will recommend her, mention her and praise her every chance I get. ~ Tracey Dietrich Kenai, Alaska
    Natalia is an outstanding young lady. I knew from the first time I spoke with her that she had high values and ethics . I knew she was the right person to sell my property. She is phenomenal.. I cannot say enough good things about Natalia. Phenomenal young lady. They must be doing something right since they have Natalia. Outstanding ~ Dr Kristen Rohde, San Antonio, TX
    My husband and I came to Natalia looking to buy a small piece of property at a low price. Natalia welcomed us with excitement and enthusiasm. Although we had a low budget, and wanted a small piece of property, Natalia treated us as she would any other account. Communicating constantly, working hard to find properties that fit our needs and budget. She also worked extremely quickly with consideration to our time restraints. She often communicated after her working hours and even on weekends. She was friendly, talkative, and even gave us a few local fishing tips! We could not be happier with the land she found for us! The entire process was very positive and exciting! ~ Katie from Kenai, Alaska.
    I hope Natalia can read all my comments previously written. She is Super Woman to us. I have told her so. She so much impressed me that there is no question that we will ask for her help in the future when we do decide to make a change. We are very, very happy with Natalia and Century 21 for the help we were given. HIYA! ~ Don Poole
    All of the above in the excellent column is Natalia. Honestly speaking. Patient, caring, professional, knows her job, informative, personable, helpful, kind and Natalia will work hard at getting you the best price for your property. Please to have had her to work for us and get us what we wanted. ~ Lovell & Carolyn Banks
    Natalia Aulenbacher has a brilliant future ahead of her and will enjoy great success, and if I could, I would do a commercial for her or a testimonial on social media, but I think I've said everything I need to say about this wonderful professional in my earlier comments. I would strongly recommend Natalia for any real estate transaction in the future, and when I am approached by a friend about a referral, the first name to come to mind will be Natalia's. Sincerely, George Stecko ~ George P. Stecko, 2406 Fantail Circle, Anchorage, Alaska 99515
    Natalia Aulenbacher helped me find the property I was looking for. I will be looking for more land in the future and I will be calling Natalia for any help that I may need. Joe J. ~ Joe J. Alaska
    I greatly enjoy working with Natalia. She was very helpful in the process of purchasing this HUD foreclosed home. There is a lot of paperwork involved and she is very knowledgeable in getting it completed and submitted properly in a timely manner. I have been buying properties that are in dire need of repair and remodeling and then with my team, we perform our magic to make them beautiful and affordable to prospective buyers. Because of the professional, friendly, and helpful experience I had with Team Natalia in the purchase of this home, of course they were my choice to help sell it. We had a full price offer in 2-3 weeks and the entire process went very smoothly, which is very important to me. I will continue to ask Team Natalia to work with me in my future endeavors. Susan Kellerby, Fixer Upper Properties, Kenai
    Knowledge of the market and experience were highest considerations. Natalia was outstanding. Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and very pleasant to work with. I have bought and sold many homes and always used real estate agents. Natalia Aulenbacher was one of the best I have worked with. Experience was my most important consideration and Natalia has exactly what I was looking for! Upon my father's death, I was responsible for my fathers home sale. It was a difficult time and I definitely needed someone who could take charge and handle this task from a distance. My father was a 20 year resident of Cooper Landing and Natalia knew him personally. I live in Colorado and I came to Cooper Landing to set up the sale. I interviewed three Real Estate companies and agents. Natalia stood out as most knowledgeable, prepared, and experienced. Natalia was a pleasure to work with as she handled the, marketing, organization, communication, and sale flawlessly. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Natalia for all that you did! Joe LeMieux, Superior Colorado


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      • Lived in Sacramento CA for 6 years
      • Lived in Eugene Oregon for 4 years
      • Been involved in Real Estate investing since 2010 and have worked with Century 21 Realty Solutions Freedom Realty in Soldotna since 2012.
      • Love investment properties, flips, first time home buyers, riverfront properties, commercial property - you name it!

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      • Quality Service Pinnacle Producer Award 2017
      • C21 Team Player of the Year Award 2017
      • Quality Client Service Recipient 2016
      • Quality Client Service Recipient 2015
      • Graduated from Alaska Pacific University

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