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    Martha Molos has now sold 4 properties for us. The greatest compliment a person can give in business is continued relationship. We look forward to using Martha again in the future. You will not find a more honest, hard working, knowledgeable agent. She has not only the pulse of the market, but understands the tendencies of other agents and their prospective buyers. This is a key attribute in contract negotiations. Martha's work ethic is second to none, having not only handled her own business, but also coaching and dragging other 'less than prepared' parties through our various deals. She is not your typical laid back Florida agent. She works hard, moves quick, and knows when to apply pressure, and when to let things simmer. Our sincerest gratitude to Martha for everything she has done for us and our family. The Serranos Parkland, FL ~ Dennis and Dana Serrano, Parkland, FL
    Martha Molos was a total professional. Extremely knowledgeable about the community we were looking in, and always happy to answer questions. We were selling another home in the UK, while closing on the home we bought here. Martha made it as stress free as possible, and would always go the extra mile to try to make the process easier. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home? ~ Jody Harlowe, Coconut Creek, FL
    Martha has managed threes sales for us and we area already working on a fourth. She is the hardest working agent in the area. She is tenacious, professional, personable, and the bottom line is she gets results. We look forward to working with her again. ~ Dennis and Dana Serrano, Parkland, FL
    Where do I start? Martha Molos was exceptional throughout the whole process. Patient with us as we progressed through our buying process. Never said no to anything we wanted to see. Provided knowledgeable feedback and support throughout the whole process. Would call or text immediately with any updates or issues or concerns. Supported us as we live in Chicago but buying in South Florida. Went above and beyond to make the process run smoothly for us even though we were over a thousand miles away. Always had time for us to kick around ideas. Trusted her with many decisions and was not disappointed. Could not have done anything any better than she did. Being of Greek heritage, I wanted to deal with a Greek real estate agent that was knowledgeable of the South Florida Market. I called her and she spent a fair amount of time on the phone getting to know us and figuring out what our priorities are. She also gave some very significant insight as to how buying a condo is different than buying a house. These were very helpful as we moved through the process. If there was anything higher than an Excellent rating, I would have given Martha that rating! If anyone is looking for an agent Martha is the 100% right choice! ~ Christine Pahopos, Addison Illinois
    As I've previously mentioned, Martha Molos is the BEST agent I've ever worked with! She always anticipated problems and promptly solved them as they came up. So knowledgable and professional. Very rare in my past experiences. ~ Rozy Arno, Coconut Creek
    Martha was extremely knowledgeable about Wynmoor and the other 55+ communities in the area. But her real expertise was in the details of the units; she knew at a glance if cabinetry was original or had been replaced, for example. She commented that new appliances were top of the line, pointed out good or poor workmanship on remodels. And she was always on top of all the closing details, reminding me of my 'to do' list and making all the phone calls to the various parties to keep things moving along. She was completely professional in every way, as well as complying to all Covid guidelines. I always felt safe and comfortable with her. I could not have found and purchased my condo as quickly and smoothly without her. I would heartily recommend her to anyone. Martha was always as close as my phone. Even on weekends she responds quickly. ~ Pam Trieste, Denver
    Martha Molos went above and beyond in a lot of respects I would expect as my Realtor. She originally sold me this particular property as I was purchasing for my mom and there were obstacles in the sale due to a difficult HOA approval process. Additionally, I live out of state and she guided me through the approval process, served as my intermediary with the association and basically helped me every step of the way and we were able to close on it. My mom was in an emergency situation and without Martha I feel there is no way we could have done it. Unfortunately, my mom passed and I needed to sell the property and again Martha Molos did so much in assisting me with selling this property, which is in an Adult community during a bad COVID epidemic. She scheduled numerous showings, scheduled conferences with other brokers, advertised and again assisted me with the HOA to ensure we had a qualified buyer. Martha Molos kept me constantly updated for potential buyers showings and all aspects of the buying process without exception. She was always accessible, gave great advice and Martha is just the nicest most personable person you will find. ~ Jeffrey Tschiggfrie, Alexandria, VA (Sale in Tamarac FL)
    Martha, Thank you so much for helping me threw one of the most difficult and trying times of my life. Between probate, difficult family members and then the Coronavirus you certainly had your hands full! I have never seen an agent work as hard as you for a client. Always friendly....always professional....always eager to help....always ready to go above and beyond! I hope Century 21 knows what an asset you are to their team! If I need another agent in the future, it will be with you, no matter what company you are with! Thank you for helping me survive this and getting this done! I have no doubt that if it hadn't been for you, this would not have gotten done! Keep up the great work! Do not change! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ~ Kelly Chernow Boynton Beach FL
    My total experience with my realtor, Martha Molos was extremely positive from our first contact with her and through the entire process. ~ Shari Stevens
    Martha is the only realtor I will ever use. She is the absolute best. ~ Gail Abramowitz
    I have dealt with real estate agents before, and can't say they have been positive experiences. From my first meeting with Martha it has been a wonderful experience. She understood from the beginning what I wanted, and never wasted my time showing me something that didn't fit my requirements. She always showed up with all the information about the property. She always had the answers to my questions, or would immediately get back to me. She was always available to show me properties, and was very patient and friendly to various friends who came to see the properties with me. When i was in New York, I sent a friend in my place to see properties and the one I ultimately purchased, sight unseen. Martha would always send me photos and tell me if the property was right for me. I finally saw the property I purchased a few weeks ago, and it was everything Martha said, I would definitely use Martha again, and recommend her to my friends and family. I had a great experience with Martha. ~ DONNA BELMONT WHITESTONE NY
    Martha is simply the best ! She cRes about us and our needs and is always there to guide and help us in any way ! Century 21 is blessed to have her ! We wouldnt go to anyone else ! In fact we wll everyone about her !! She has built a strong relationship with us and we consider her our dear friend ! Love her !!! Love Robert and Gina Filippone!! ~ Gina and Robert Filippone ! Bronx New York ,
    She attended the inspection and was there for me in case I had questions. She was always available by phone and ready to answer questions which made the process very easy She was always accessible and put me at ease with her positive attitude The first time I spoke to her she asked the right questions to find out what I was looking for. She listened very carefully, took me to see several properties without pushing me to select but asking what did or didnt like about each place. She is very professional, very knowledgeable of the communities and requirements they will ask the buyers. She is very patient and I will recommend her to any one of my friends. ~ Libby Hall
    I selected Martha because she did a spectacular job with my real estate purchase when I located to South Florida 3 years ago. Martha provided sound advice regarding appropriate offer for the condo I ended up purchasing. Escrow process was simple and efficient. All contractual details were explained clearly and succinctly. Martha has a great eye for evaluating the strengths - and weaknesses - of a particular address. When viewing properties, Martha notices many details, which I would probably miss without her expertise. My condo purchase was efficient, with a minimum of stress. Each step of the process was handled with sensitivity and insight. My values and desires were definitely honored from initial search to final closing. Clearly, I think Martha is an excellent, exemplary agent. She is knowledgeable, approachable, articulate and insightful. When I speak of Martha to my family and friends I call her my "Super-Agent:. ~ David Wanstreet, Coconut Creek, FL
    Martha helped us when we originally purchased this property. She was professional in every aspect of that transaction, and left a lasting positive impression. Theres no way we wouldnt have used her again. Martha updated me regularly on feedback received from prospective buyers and made helpful suggestions to improve our chances of having a successful sale. Martha always acted in a professional manner, we trusted her opinions and had every confidence we were being given the highest level of service at all times. There were multiple occasions during which she contacted members of the board of our HOA or the management company in order to clarify things we needed to understand during the selling process. Overall we had a very positive experience. We conducted this sale remotely, and relied on Martha to handle a lot of the local stuff we couldnt do since we live in NY. We slept easy knowing that we could trust her to handle every detail. ~ Lisa Abramowitz, Staten Island, NY
    Stayed in touch helpful ~ Jill's Cohen. Coconut Creek Fl
    Martha Molos was excellent. I Can't say enough about her. I have no complains or improvements to add for Martha. She paid attention to what we were looking for, pointed out areas on a property we previous told her we did not desire in a property, saving us potential disappointment, found properties based on what we told her we wanted and the experience was completely pressure free. I will add in general prior to working with Martha Molos, I have not had good experiences with real estate agents but Martha turned that around. ~ Jerry Wernicki, Coconut Creek
    Martha exceeded our expectations helping us every step of the way, even when dealing with the sellers agent whom was not an easy person to deal with , she was very professional. I would recommend her services to anyone in need. Thank you Martha! ~ Jason Williams coconut Creek
    Martha Molos is in a class by herself. I don't think anyone in her field could do half as good a job as her. She makes it look easy & I really think she enjoys her job. When a person has the knowledge she has and enjoys what they do it's easy. I can't think of one thing she missed or didn't go above and beyond with. ~ Joe Scire, New York
    Martha did a fantastic job ~ Hernan & Diana Duque
    Martha is an exceptional agent. She is the best agent Ive ever worked with, and Ive worked with some outstanding ones and known many more. ~ Ernie Blankenship
    Martha is the ipitmy of what a GREAT Real Estate Agent should be. She has shown us professionalism, kindness, honesty, respect, integrity and an overall LOVE for what she does.!!!! She simply is the best Agent we have ever encountered. Her expertize is like none we have ever seen, and by the way we live in New York, spoke with her before we met and then visited. She has helped us from the very second we spoke on phone to the very last second before we closed!!! Anyone would be blessed to have her as there Agent and we will not use anyone else but Martha moving foward. Her Love and Passion for what she does is incredible and we would call her our friend!!! We love you Martha You are the BEST!!!!!!!! Love Robert and Gina Filippone ~ Robert and Gina Filippone , new condo Coconut Creek Florida and home in New York
    I was in a very difficult situation and she was patient and had unlimited understanding for me. Just the Best. ~ Monika Hack Schultheis, New York
    Martha is a great agent. She knows the Broward County 55+ condo communities thoroughly and guided us to the perfect place. We especially appreciate the fact that she is a straight shooter who points out problems when she sees them, which helps her buyers avoid making mistakes they may later regret. ~ Barbara Levin
    Top shelf, white glove, turn keythere really is no other way to describe our experience with Ms. Molos. Her name came up as part of a Google search of 55 communities, and after reading the attached reviews decided to give her a call. One of the reviews had mentioned her promptness in getting back, but being from New York and somewhat skeptical, I settled in and thought if I heard back within a week I would be doing fine. Sure enough, within 15 minutes I saw her name come up on the caller ID. Thus began a relationship with Martha that ended with my wife and I being able to acquire a beautiful apartment in a community that we feel very much at home in. Not knowing anyone in the area we purchased, Martha was able to assist us with specific recommendations regarding financing, title company, site inspection engineers, all of whom she has developed professional relationships with over her many years of helping folks like my wife and I realize our dream of being able to finally own a nice home in southern Florida. Besides being able to quickly get a sense of the style of home we were interested in, we found her to be an honest sounding board, and gave us selection advice based on reality. By that I mean telling us not what we wanted to hear, but what we needed to hear when viewing the many different properties we were shown. In short, Martha is truly the real deal and I believe from the bottom of my heart she is an exceptional agent, one who you will find treats you as she would her own family member. ~ Barb and Jeff, New York
    Martha Molos really did exceed our expectations through a very difficult process to help us understand the 55+ communities. She led us to the very best property to meet our wants and needs. After all was done, she was still there helping us find the right people to help my father settle into his new life at Wynmoor. ~ David Mullen, Georgia
    Martha helped us through out the entire process. We were out of the country and she made sure everything was taken care of. ~ Needia Broward
    Martha was wonderful. She was extremely helpful in all our dealings with new construction which can be difficult at times. She was always there for us no matter what. She is very professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend her. ~ Tamara Corvino, Four Seasons, Parkland, FL
    I wish there were more agents like Martha. She does an excellent job. ~ Carol Delima
    I think that is absolutely perfect for this job, correct, courteous, well informed and always ready to help. We do not live in Florida, and for each apartment that we would be interested, she went and took extra pictures that we can see in detail the apartments, giving us always extra information about apartments. As I said Martha Molos is a great person to work with. For all these reasons I will recommend Martha Molors whenever I get a chance. ~ Maria Manoiu (Kentucky)
    Martha Molos has been a wonderful Blessing to us. From the very beginning she has only shown us patience, guidance and has been very informative in the step by step process of purchasing our home. We are very grateful to her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for their dream home. She's a Winner!.... ~ Ana Blecher ~Ashmont Circle
    Martha Molos was fantastic - kept our needs in mind and had a great deal of patience ~ Paul Kershon, Coconut Creek, FL
    I can't say enough great things about my experience with Martha Molos, who really went out of her way to make this sale happen and a success for the price I wanted as well as helping me feel my way around the Condo HOA approval process. Martha was with me every step of the way even through some road blocks, which we were able to overcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone! ~ Jeffrey P. Tschiggfrie
    From my initial inquiry regarding Florida real estate to the closing, Martha Molos proved to be an excellent realtor. She was able to listen to my requests and meet them with specificity and options. Her knowledge of the market is pervasive, and her subtle guidance through the buying process ... in addition to her willingness to go "above and beyond" ... made for a very positive buying experience. She is thorough and diligent, consistently positive and supportive, with an incredible real estate "eye" and the ability to turn buyers' dreams to reality. I would recommend her whole-heartedly and without hesitation. ~ David Wanstreet, Coconut Creek (previously Syracuse, NY)
    All good. ~ Beatrice and Mark Horowitz, Wynmoor Village, Coconut Creek.
    I saw Martha's advertisement on most of the 55+ community's websites near the listings. We decided to try her, thinking that it was probably her specialty. We called Martha and scheduled to see a few places...the rest is history! To this day, I don't know if that is her specialty or not. She was beyond wonderful! She is polite, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, considerate, timely, funny, understanding, I missing any other positive personality traits? She has them all. If she didn't know the answer to a question, she found out...and FAST! Buying in these communities is frustrating, time consuming and difficult. Martha made it so much better! We we're so lucky we found her! My dad purchased this apartment and she was a breath of fresh air after what we had been through in regards to looking at these communities and their requirements, etc. In a couple of years, our youngest will be done with high school and my husband and I will be looking for a new home. Martha will be my first phone call when we begin that process! She's the best! You are lucky to have her working with you! ~ Kelly Chernow, Coral Springs, FL
    Martha made a complex project simple and fun. She is a first class professional with a personal touch. You are very lucky to have her on your team. ~ Bob...Coconut Creek, FL
    Ms. Martha Molos... Is one of the most exceptional people it has been my great pleasure to meet and know. If not for her diligent work and ethics this sale would never have happened. Her dedication to meeting the customers needs and keeping a difficult process in such a positive light made it so much easier to handle than it would have been with others I have had to deal with. I would hope that Century 21 Tenace Realty understands what a gifted person they have representing them and I wish them nothing but the best that thier industry has to offer. On a personal note... Martha I wish the dictionary had more words in it to express how grounded you had kept me during a difficult closing. I appreciate you as a professional as well as a kind and beautiful person of heart and mind. I wish you nothing but joy in your life. Best wishes and regards, Joseph E Rodriguez - Home Owner thanks to Martha Molos and Century 21 ~ Joseph E Rodriguez, Florida
    Martha Molos was trustworthy, a great communicator, flexible, available and personable. Martha Molos really cares that you live in a home that you like. ~ Michael Chirichella
    Friendly and rapid responses Very professional She is Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Miriam and Jose Moran Stafford Virginia.
    Highly recommended. ~ Jerry and Edrie Goldstein
    It was "wow" at first sight. Martha Molos was spot on, really listened, seemed to take a personal interest in our satisfaction and needs (and she did), she was always available. She offered intelectual real estate insight and my husband and myself believed in her integrity and honesty. She should be the poster 'person' for Century 21 Tenace Realty. She should be teaching ethics to all real estate agents throughout southern Florida. My husband and myself could not have been happier with Martha. Martha Molos IS THE BEST! She cared about every detail and saw it through right until the end, and even after!!! She is more than excellent! Is there a plus plus plus category? Is there a President's honors list? Too bad. Martha represents the epitomy of what a real estate agent should be! We were so fortunate to have met her after having experienced so many untrustworthy, unprofessional, agents. The unfortunate thing is that we couldn't use her to sell our other property as she does not work that area and we've experienced nothing but anguish with the company and agent we used and ended off paying to get rid of (blackmail). She does not play games with making promises that can't be kept just for the sake of a listing or a purchase. Anyone having Martha by their side, is indeed fortunate because you can be so relaxed knowing that she will take care of your every need!!! My husband and myself understand real estate having come from that background (my husband is an AACI), and Martha is indeed the kind of agent we could only dream about. She is honest, caring, sincere, readily available, knowledgable, patient, and detail oriented. We highly recommend Martha Molos as an outstanding agent, an outstanding person. The office staff was always welcoming and helpful. Most sincerely, Leonard and Andrea Lipstein ~ Leonard and Andrea Lipstein, Delray Beach, Florida
    as a buyer from out of state, it was a great experiance working with martha, whenever a question poped up in my head, it went to e-mail and allways received a timely reply, no mater what time or day it was. I recomend Martha Molos to everyone. ~ Mel purchased at kings point, Tamarac, Florida, from PA
    In general I do not give a person the highest ratings available. However, in Ms. Molos's case I have to make an exception. It is very seldom that you find a person who takes such pride in her job that more than favorably translates into an excellent job performance. Her easy going style put us at ease with a rather unfamiliar topic, e.g the last time we bought real estate was 30 years + ago. With her help and knowledge it was as easy as 1,2,3. Ms. Molos impressed us with her knowledge of the real estate market, the speed at which she delivered promised documentation or requested information. We appreciated her understanding of our requirements and narrowing the "field" based on such requirements. ~ John Schultheis, New Hyde Park,NY
    Having been a realtor myself and a Farther who was one for over 30 years I found Martha to be a true professional. This all took place on line and over the phone. I went into it a bit nervous but Martha handle everything. Very responsive to all needs in the transaction, quick responses over the internet or phone. Never kept us waiting for a answer. Century 21 should be proud to have such a realtor working for them ~ Michael Berthod


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