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    My Client Testimonials

    Yvonne did everything that I expected and went above and beyond she's very professional she knew her stuff good working with her. I would recommend her to anyone all I have to say is good things very knowledgeable and real estate infections so on so forth getting to buyers realtor working issues out very knowledgeable. Very good at it. Overall very good experience with Yvonne.. ~ Robert Williams
    She's a true go getter and persistent. She stayed by our side during a most difficult market and I'm glad we worked with her. She covers all bases and should be mentoring others, teaching others of the right way of being a realtor. ~ Alison, Boynton beach
    Yvonne is and will always be our go to Broker for all of our Real Estate transactions. Yvonne has a persistent but welcoming style that gets to the heart of the issue without offending the client. This is so important when dealing with something as personal as a home. This is the third house we have sold with Yvonne Biondo. Each time Yvonne has proven to be efficient, patient and persistent in addressing all sale possibilities with quick follow up to potential buyers. The most recent sale of our home is a perfect example of that. Offers did not produce immediately but it was Yvonne's follow up that produced the ultimate sale. We sold our home in 20 days, for a strong market price with very little friction in the sales process. Yvonne is the best! ~ Michael Vullis Parkland Florida
    Yvonne was the ultimate professional she was always there for me when ever I had a question or problem I believe she went above and beyond her duties without having to ask I would recommend her services without hesitation ~ Thomas Clinton fla
    I selected Yvonne because of her considerable knowledge in the Real Estate Market and expertise in negotiating a proper purchase agreement. Yvonne is very time conscious and respectful of the buyer¿s time schedule. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to negotiating. Yvonne made the process of buying a home an easy and positive experience. I would recommend Yvonne to anyone buying a home in South Florida. She is a 10+ Real Estate agent! ~ Ronald Troy, Margate, Florida
    Yvonne, is extremely professional and knowledgeable agent. She knows the local market really well. Yvonne is an excellent communicator with very engaging personality. She paid attention to every detail and understood our needs very well. Yvonne went above and beyond to help us find our dream house. Yvonne negotiated on our behalf extremely well and helped resolve all the issues in timely manner. It was very easy to work with her to complete the transaction. ~ Julia F.
    Yvonne was very helpful and thorough. We enjoyed working with Yvonne! ~ Tri, Boynton Beach
    My condo was an estate sale listed across the street from the ocean. The title was incorrect and Yvonne help me correct it. Yvonne is remarkable and how she organized the furniture throughout the condo to make it more appealing. Everything was original from the 1970s but Yvonne has the knack to create a current look to the condo. Part of that was Yvonne asking me to paint the walls giving a new appearance on the inside. Pricing is an important part of what she does so she priced the condo to sell quickly. The place sold immediately and she has always communicated with me daily by returning texts, emails, and phone calls. She was always available day or night. she is an incredible realtor who knows the ins and outs of real estate. She accompanied every showing because the property was a penthouse and she followed the sale all the way to the end. Use Yvonne Biondo because you'll be getting all her brilliant strategies!! Yvonne Biondo is a Flawless Diamond because she is the BEST!!!! ~ Janice Greenburg - Pompano Beach
    Yvonne was a great to deal with. She was organized and helpful finding us our home. She hustled from door to door in this crazy market. She was organized and made sure we had everything we needed from start to finish. We are grateful that we were able to find a home and close without issue. Thank you Yvonne! ~ Jeff & Renee Ross
    Yvonne is fantastic. She sold our last home for us and did a great job, so when we needed help selling my mother-in-law¿s hime we contracted we Yvonne again. Then when my mother needed to sell her condo, Yvonne was our go to again. She is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and she fights to get the best deal for her client. In the walk through, prior to selling she knows how to advise her clients on what needs to be done before it can be shown. She works hard to schedule as many showings as possible. Yvonne is a strong advocate for her clients during the entire process especially through the inspection and appraisals. Yvonne ensured the properties sold quickly and for top dollar all three teams we have worked with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone, including friends and family. ~ Sheri Gosselin
    Yvonne Biondo is the BEST of the best!! Absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field and it shows. I would recommend her to any and everyone who is looking to buy or sell. She was guided me every step of the way and her list of contacts is amazing. She had a contact for everything from roof repair to a handyman. I cannot recommend Yvonne enough. You will NOT be disappointed! ~ Dominique Alsafeer
    This is the third transaction that we¿ve had with Yvonne Biondo at Century 21. Each time she handles our property sales she does it with extreme confidence and total devotion. We had three brothers inherit my deceased mothers property. So this was a probate sale. Recommendations for appraisers, inspectors attorneys is phenomenal! If you want a real estate agent that goes above and beyond the call of duty then call Yvonne Biondo. She will watch your back and protect you all the way to the closing! ~ Rose Mora
    I would never use any other broker in the future. Yvonne was the best ever. She always goes over and above for what ever is needed. She was also very patient with me and kind. If you need a bulldog to get your home sold quickly, Yvonne is the lady to do it. She also ALWAYS keep me posted on all potential buyers. If you need your home sold quickly and smooth, Yvonne is the broker for you!! ~ Terrie Rodriguez N Ft Myers, Fla
    Yvonne was exceptional to work with. Her vast local knowledge, an eye for detail, diligent, professional and efficient. Yvonne went above and beyond and worked long and hard to get our house sold. A wonderful person all around and a highly recommended realtor for all of your needs. ~ Jane G. Coconut Creek, FL
    I was apprehensive and slightly nervous about selling my deceased brother's house. I needed a realtor to make sure everything was done correctly. I found that realtor in Yvonne Biondo. She was the consummate professional. She was knowledgeable in every aspect of the sale. She took complete control and lead me down the pathway to a successful result. All of her recommendations proved to be valuable and helpful. From our initial consultation to the closing she was always positive and supportive. I would recommend Yvonne Biondo to anyone who needs an excellent realtor. Actually, I already have!! When you recommend someone as qualified as Yvonne you really feel like you are helping people out and you are. I can't imagine someone doing a better job than Yvonne did with me. I am so thankful she was referred to me!! ~ Peter Weix, Coral Springs FL
    Yvonne Biondo is the only broker I would use for selling or buying property. Yvonne is extremely knowledgeable and professional and is courteous and extremely patient. I would always depend on her to follow up and keep my needs and concerns first. Yvonne returns calls promptly and finds any alternative humanly possible to meet my needs to make the sale go smoothly. I would recommend her to anyone and she is an asset to Century 21 Tenace Realty. Yvonne is all of the above and more. She has such great expertise in this field. The sale went smoothly in less time than I expected. Yvonne kept me posted constantly and she made the sale easy. I would commend Yvonne Biondo. You have a wonderful and personable employee. I would recommend Yvonne Biondo to anyone in the market to buy or sell a home or any property. ~ A. Mora. Coral Springs
    Very professional and customer service oriented. I really like working with her and her team. ~ Robert Soto, Florida
    Yvonne was the best professional we could have hired to handle this property sale. The home we listed with Yvonne was part of an estate and without her knowledge and experience, this property would still be on the market for sale and not sold. Yvonne knew the other professional to call to get work done quickly, efficiently and at fair prices. Yvonne's experience in the mortgage industry made her prepared to guide us on the documents and the process. Yvonne sold our property for the most money possible based on the property condition and status. Yvonne's work ethic and real estate knowledge became a real benefit for us as a sellers looking for a quick sake and closing. We truly could have not sold this home without Yvonne's help. ~ Lori Wilk, Delray Beach, Florida
    Yvonne asked a lot of questions to understand what we really want in a house. She explained the pros and cons of new construction vs. resale. Yvonne make sure she was with us at both of our walk-throughs and helped us inspect everything. She also recommended home service providers and shared tips for house maintenance. We felt supported throughout the process. We appreciate that Yvonne still checks in with us, making sure we are situated and have everything we need. We are being treated like family. Thank you Yvonne! ~ Thu & Ronald, Deerfield Beach
    Yvonne Biondo is a fantastic real estate agent. She handles all stages of the purchase process very well. We discussed what I wanted in a property. She showed me different quality properties at different price points in order to explain the price/quality trade offs in the market. It helped me narrow my search more effectively and Yvonne took me to look at properties that matched my needs and budget. We looked on-line and then went to properties that looked like good values because of good quality for the selling prices. We took notes using an on-line application that made reviewing our impressions of the properties easier when we compared them later. Yvonne was excellent with writing a purchase agreement and helping to negotiate a good price on my terms that was still fair to the seller (so the seller would agree to the deal). She connected me with an excellent house inspector who did a thorough inspection. When we had to modify the contract to handle getting repairs done, and then modify it again to handle some of the repairs NOT getting done, she did this very effectively and protected my interests. In addition to being fully competent and very professional, Yvonne Biondo is a pleasant, patient person to work with. She made my purchasing experience as pleasant as it could be with a minimum of stress. I enjoyed working with her and feel I got the highest level of professional support possible with my condo purchase. I strongly recommend her to anyone needing a real estate agent. ~ Howard Levine, Delray Beach, FL
    Yvonne Biondo is extremely well known in the South Florida market and has made a name for herself. she went over and beyond for me and my siblings. There is nothing that Yvonne would not do. She is amazing and extraordinary. If the need arises there would be no question in my mind of who to use. Yvonne is #1. She is very knowledgeable and does a thorough job throughout the entire process. As my siblings and I were out of state the selling of our mother's condo was more difficult. However whatever we needed assistance with Yvonne was there to exceed expectations. She even packed up boxes of memories of our mothers and sent them to us. I will most definitely recommend her to others. There are no words to express what a phenomenal job Yvonne did. ~ Ginny Schoenfeld Charlotte, NC
    Yvonne Biondo is the agent you need in your corner. She is efficient and friendly, knows the markets and sets the right selling price. But her greatest asset is her expertise in handling unexpected situations. Yvonne has sold two properties for me. The first sold easily, almost immediately, with very little involvement from me. I expected Yvonne and I to travel the same path the second time around. I had not previously encountered any of the road blocks that could have stopped the sale...but Yvonne had! Because of her many years successfully negotiating the buying and selling of real estate for her clients Yvonne has seen and handled it all. She'll guide you when needed, communicate with you often and work tirelessly towards a positive outcome. ~ EGeier Pompano
    Yvonne Biondo has been an amazing realtor for my family as she has assisted us in purchasing 1 home and selling 2 homes in the last 24 months. The last home located at 6140 NW 53rd Circle in Coral Springs FL she sold for us on March 19, 2020. She was able to get us a purchase price over the appraised value, as well our property was the highest selling priced home in our neighborhood Grand Reserve for the last 20 years since the development was built. We would highly recommend Yvonne to all our family and friends. ~ John Ebert
    Yvonne was recommended by my real estate attorney, and I could not be more pleased with her performance. I was the seller on behalf of my elderly parents. She walked me through every step, kept me and my attorney informed of progress, and when the sale was getting a little shaky from the buyers end, she stepped in and pulled it all back together to make it happen! Thats what decades of experience will get you when you choose her. I would not hesitate to use her again! 5 stars all the way!! ~ Eric H, Coral Springs
    Yvonne's work ethics, diligence and overall performance are a result of her years of hard work and real estate experience. She handles the properties as though they were her own. She is tireless in her efforts. When transactions involve other cooperating agents, it is Yvonne who handles the ENTIRE transaction for all parties involved. She is relentless in her efforts to complete a successful transaction and that's a good thing. When considering Yvonne as your Agent, it is not necessary to consider anyone else. ~ Joanne Cairone White, Coconut Creek, FL
    I have known Ms. Biondo a long time, about forty plus years when she started in the rea l estate business and she is as honest, smart and helpful as a person can get. If she becomes your agent you can bet she will do her job as thoroughly , honestly and aggressively to get the job done in the best interest of the client. .If she had to run out in the middle of the night to aide a client in need of any necessary transactions she would do so without hesitation. I say this because I've stated in touch with her all this time and I see how she operates. Whenever someone asks me if I know a good aggressive get her done real estate agent only one person comes to mind, that's Yvonne Biondo ~ Michael Jacobus , Florida
    Yvonne Biondo was extremely efficiant, knowledgeable and responsive to my questions and concerns. She handled all aspects of paperwork and meetings in a professional manner and was highly professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her. . . ~ Eve, Boca Raton
    Yvonne went be on my real estate dealings by setting up my move when I bought and when I sold. I did not have to go out of my way in any part of the sale of my condo. All I had to do was sign the papers.She also went out of her way by setting the movers to make my move with ease both times. ~ Richard Fee , Ft.Lauderdale,Florida,33308
    She is the best. Diligent, does not waste time, she is knowledgeable, courteous, polite. She does not hesitate. She has a plan and carries it through. I am very pleased with the outcome. Selecting Yvonne Biondo was the best decision. I regret not having chosen her before. All of the above are no exaggeration. It went faster than I thought and Yvonne Biondo delivered all she said she would do for me. I would certainly recommend Yvonne Biondo to any future buyer/seller because she does not hesitate to go the extra mile amidst all the steps required to complete a sale. Edna Brayfield ~ Edna Brayfield
    Yvonne Biondo has many years of industry knowledge and experience. Over the years she has received many awards and I knew she would be able to handle my condo sale smoothly.. The sale of my condo was done quickly and professional by Yvonne Biondo; she was extremely helpful in working with a difficult broker and her buyer. I would definitely recommend Yvonne Biondo without hesitation. Thank you again for all you have done!! ~ Eve Leiser, Coconut Creek FL
    Yvonne was referred to me by my neighbor. I needed to sell my house, but knew I was going to have a rough time showing because of the dogs I had. She was able to accommodate my schedule and the dogs. She gave me very specific, actionable items to work on improving and it made the process significantly easier. She made it as simple as possible for me. I will use her again the next time I need to deal with real-estate. ~ Paul F., Coral Springs
    Yvonne once again went out of her way to assure that a difficult closing was executed its on time and to our complete satisfaction Yvonne always stays on top of everything from the initial listing to the closing date particularly keeping an eye out for areas that could jeopardize the sale. She is invaluable ~ Mike Vullis
    Yvonne exhibits the utmost professionalism and knowledge and will always be my go to realtor! ~ Carly Kosloff Miami
    Yvonne was incredible, she made the process so easy and stress free! ~ AG
    Yvonne Biondo was from the beginning to the end excellent. She was very informative, knowledgeable, and organized, which I think they are very important factors at any business negotiation. Over all, I would certainly recommend her services. Yvonne Biondo, Thank you again for your outstanding job selling my house. ~ Jessie Peto, Washington DC
    I have dealt with Yvonne in the past on four other properties. I have also recommended her to help others. She is a dedicated realtor with decades of experience in this area of south florida. She follows up daily, pays attention to details and has negotiated on my behalf with great satisfaction. Yvonne was excellent in gathering all necessary documentation from the condo association. Since I was out of town for this sale, I was comforted to know she had everything under control. ~ Michael Easton, Margate
    Thank you Yvonne for another great experience in working with you. Not only did your knowledge protect me throughout the process, you went above and beyond with recommendations during my transition. Very helpful. Thank you! ~ Denise Jaffe Coral Springs
    My daughter was three weeks ago to have her baby when the realty we were working with failed us, my daughter was heart broken and we were looking into renting until we could purchase her first house, we then saw a sign with a house for sale in the same neighborhood that we lost the first house, at first we decided not to call because we thought we were out of time and it would take at least 30 days to close on another house, with the helped of Yvonne we were able to close in 12 days. Yvonne is indeed a very hardworking person for her customers and has gone above and beyond in helping us with my daughters new home. ~ Devon Powell 5891 E Grand Duke Circle, Tamarac Fl 33321
    Yvonne went above and Beyondo in the effort to sell the property. Shes the James of Tenace Realty. Hardest working woman in real estate. Stayed hot on the trail of the prospective buyers and left no stone un turned to facilitate the quick and painless sale. Made it look easy,but, I know she worked hard behind the scenes to bring the deal home. Bravo!!! ~ Paul Marshall parkland fl
    The sale went smoothly for me due to Yvonne's handling of it. She is always keeps track of the pending sale once an offer has been accepted, and follows through up through the closing -- and in some cases, even after if follow up on something on an issue needs to be done. Yvonne is someone I always want by my side wether I am buying or selling a property. ~ Elizabeth Bates, Hollywood FL
    There isn't any more to say . The survey says it all Yvonne Biondo in my eyes is the best. She knows her business very well and it shows. ~ Michele Jacobs
    When Yvonne Biondo says she goes above and beyond she really means it. Yvonne helped me prepare my home to go on the market and spent a considerable amount of time getting all the vendors in to help me. I live in New York and when i gave her my keys i had Peace of mind. Everything was handled from beginning to end. Look no further.... Yvonne Biondo is the agent you should HIRE!! ~ MIke J Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Yvonne was fabulous. Sold my home in less than two weeks. Would highly recommend her. Shes an excellent agent. ~ Lisa M. Coral Springs.
    Yvonne Biondo is number 1 in my book of REALTORS. She helped us sell our mothers condo when she passed away. She is compassionate, polite, knows every angel of the real estate business and knows how to handle any aspect of real estate. I would highly recommend Yvonne Biondo for all of your real estate needs. Buying or selling you want YVONNE BIONDO on your side!! ~ SOLD OUR CONDO IN COCONUT CREEK
    Yvonne Biondo is a master of Real Estate. She analyzed our situation as we had a medical condition that forced us to sell our house and downsize. She was able to price our home properly, market it effectively to the correct buyer. She accompanied all showings , listened to the buyers needs and found us a perfect match!! If there were any recommendations to improve the selling point whether it be staging the home painting a wall or fixing a roof leak she had all of the fabulous connections. I would highly recommend Yvonne Biondo in GRAND RESERVE coral SpringS to all of your real estate needs !! She knows how to deal with clients handle issues and get you to the closing table !! thank you Yvonne for all of your help !! we really appreciate you!! ~ Grand reserve homeowner Azalea model
    Yvonne has a very good reputation in the dance community and came highly recommended Yvonne would call me daily with updates Yvonne had to do most of the work on this sale as the buyer's broker was totally inept. Our closing was delayed twice because of his inaction. I fit weren't for Yvonne pushing him to get his end done we still would be waiting. She knows how to handle problems when they arise ~ Charlotte Sampson, Pompano Beach
    YVONNE BIONDO has record sales in the Oakbrook Hidden Hammocks Coral springs area She knows how to negotiate and deal with clients and customers!! Yvonne BIondo is polite, friendly, extremely patient, trustworthy, has clear communication skills, is always accessible and is respectful of everyone!!! 150% a go getter!! I would highly recommend Yvonne Biondo to handle all of your Real Estate needs. She will protect your back with the utmost professionalism and her knowledge in the real estate business is remarkable!! ~ Oakbrook /Hidden Hammocks Seller William Smith
    Yvonne is amazing! Although our home went under contract immediately, Yvonne remained diligent throughout the entire sales process helping us navigate to a successful closing. I strongly recommend Yvonne as your real estate professional...she is a dynamo!!! ~ Parkland, FL
    This was our first home buying purchase with Yvonne Biondo. She was patient and explained everything to us, then got us from contract to closing without any hiccups. We had a tight deadline because of our lease and Yvonne worked to meet our deadline requirement. Her recommendations and her follow up were incredible. She stayed in touch with us every day until closing. As a first time home buyer, I would highly recommend selecting Yvonne for your purchase for a stress-free settlement. You can absolutely count on Yvonne to make things go smoothly and efficiently. ~ Jorge Hernandez - Coconut Creek
    Yvonne's skills got us a contract right away. Yvonne is a BRILLIANT problem solver. A true professional responds to communications promptly, accurate and trustworthy. Yvonne is amazing at what she does. Her tenacity is refreshing to find. No one should look any further when selecting as fine a Realtor as Yvonne Biondo!! ~ Thomas at Parkland
    We have worked with Yvonne for the last few years. She helped us buy our home, rent out our condo, and now sell that condo. She is truly a professional, and is on top of things every step of the way. We have recommended her to others a few times, and those people had great success with her as well. We will never consider another real estate professional. Yvonne is always available when you need her. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly a professional. ~ Denise Gee, Coral Springs
    Yvonne Biondo came very highly recommended by a real estate attorney. He commended her on her expertise and many years of experience in real estate. Pictures of the property were taken very promptly, the printed matter for the open house was nicely organized and the Century 21 Website displayed the pictures and description of the property beautifully and in the most flattering light. Open houses were conducted regularly, and Yvonne always highlighted all the selling points of the property to prospective buyers. Yvonne worked really hard and was very dedicated to presenting the unique aspects of this property to potential buyers. Yvonne Biondo always kept me updated on any feedback she received on the property, and we worked with that feedback to make any changes in the presentation of the property that we felt would be beneficial to the sale. Yvonne had a great eye for knowing exactly what needed to be done to fix a property that had been left unattended for many many years, and make it look like new. Yvonne had many contacts regarding contractor work, and these contractors did phenomenal work, were very reliable and dependable, and completed very difficult repairs. I did not know my way through any of this and Yvonne took charge of many situations and ensured that everything was completed exactly how it should be. She was extremely patient and kind, and always upbeat and comforting regarding any obstacles I encountered. She was so generous with her time, and constantly offered and helped me through many difficult situations in fixing this property to a salable condition. I did not have contact with other staff except on the occasion I had to drop off a house key, and was greeted by a very nice woman who placed the key in a secure place for Yvonne. This was a tough year for me in taking on the responsibility of selling a home that was in a state of complete disrepair. I was also not local to the property. I never would have been able to get this property sold for the price it sold for without Yvonne's help and guidance. Yvonne counseled me on what needed to be done to repair this home, recommended extremely professional and reliable workers, ran to the house any time I needed her to when I was unable to be there to let workers in, or look over their work. She updated me regularly on the progress of the repairs and always let me know if she felt things were not going as they should be. She was my eyes and ears for 8 months and did all of this graciously and generously, without ever considering the time commitment. We became friends quickly and loved to chat about our beloved pups. Yvonne has a phenomenal background in all aspects of real estate and I knew I was in the best hands possible, which was crucial considering the tremendous challenges that had to be overcome in bringing this property to a salable condition. Yvonne showed over and over again her commitment and dedication, and she is a tremendous asset to Century 21. Best of all though is that Yvonne Biondo is a wonderful, kind and very special human being. ~ Susan Rodney, Tamarac, Florida
    Yvonne Biondo is an outstanding sales person with tremendous amounts of contacts. She is caring and understanding and kept us informed along the process. We kept continuous dialog via cell phone until closing. She went and above in assisting the buyer realtor to get the deal done on time. Will recommend her and definitely work with her again when buying property in south florida area. ~ Monika A, New Jersey
    Yvonne was perfect in all aspects of my purchase process. She was there for me whenever I needed her and for whatever had to be done. Her personality allowed her to effectively deal with all parties. I was very comfortable with Yvonne and my purchase would not have been as smooth without her involvement. I would definitely would use her again and recommend here to others. ~ Nate Pincus, Boca Raton
    Yvonne Biondo was very patient and always willing to listen to our concerns regarding the sale of our house. She was very helpful in dealing with our dog and cats when it came to showing our house, and she made our closing a breeze! ~ Carolyn Dikranis, Coral Springs, FL
    Our house was sold in two days after listing. However Yvonne stayed with us throughout the duration through the closing. Always responding to any questions and concerns that we may have had. She followed through with all of the inspections we had and made sure we had the house in proper condition to sell. Yvonne was always very professional. If you want to sell your house, listen to Yvonne and follow her recommendations. Yvonne knows what she is doing. ~ Jim and Mary Dorris Arbors-Coral Springs
    Yvonne stuck with us even though this was a very difficult house to sell. I appreciate all the hard work she put into this sale. ~ John Prehoda, Margate,Fl
    Yvonne did an amazing job in finding us a home for our daughter, we would definitely use Yvonne again . ~ Jack Ebert Coconut Creek , Fl
    Yvonne had sold my house and took the time to find the right buyer of my house. She was phenomenal as I had said in my comments on the sale of my house. She knew the best condo in the Fort Laud area for me and spent the time to find me the best unit in this condo. The unit was incredible at a price significantly below what I expected to pay and was very nicely fully furnished to boot. I have a small dog and was concerned about the inconvenience of a unit not on the first level. She took this to heart and found me a unit that is right next to the elevator and a very short distance from the lake to walk the dog. You can be assured that when you tell her your requirements, she will act on it and find a place for you to fulfill your wishes. I have known many realtors my whole life and I can say that her knowledge and expertise along with her devotion to finding the right place puts all the other realtors I have dealt with to shame. She is phenomenal in her knowledge and expertise and applies her knowledge to find the best place for you. Most people understand the need for a selling agent but many people don't realize the value in having a buying agent who knows the marketplace and applies it to your needs. Many agents will waste your time taking you from house to house in hopes that you will accept one so they can move on to their next client. By analyzing my needs and knowing the marketplace the way she does, she honed in on the condo that was perfect for me. She found me the perfect unit in the condo to show me, so the first day that we went out to search for a place for me to show me 3 units she picked out for me, she made an offer for me and negotiated a great price. ~ David Isaacs, Tamarac
    Awesome job on selling my home. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Works with my schedule. Yvonne is the best! ~ joe
    We enjoyed working with Yvonne, she was very helpful along the way. She was always on top of the details and made sure things were smooth. ~ Patty W. , Tamarac
    Yvonne Biondo has previously provided outstanding service and demonstrated considerable knowledge. Her attention to detail is impressive and the level of communication she maintains with both buyer and seller expedites the entire process. Yvonne is detail oriented, organized and methodical. She has developed a high degree of competence through her years of experience. The consumit real estate professional. Yvonne made the whole process quick and easy. I recommend Yvonne Biondo without reservation. ~ Elyse South Fla
    We made the absolute right choice in selecting Yvonne to purchase our condo ! Her personal attention, professionalism, and communication were keys in getting our winter home quickly. This has been the best real estate experience we have ever had! ~ Jerzy & Marzena Ptak from Park Ridge IL
    There is no comparison between her areas of expertise and other Realtors on the market. Her 36 years of experience really shows through when you deal with her. When she originally walked into my house, she knew immediately what improvements need to be made for the house to sell at market value. There was never a time in dealing with her where she wasn't on top of everything which needed to be done. In addition she found me the perfect condo which is settling in a few days, is fully furnished, and the price is significantly less than other units in the development. Yvonne was always on top of the required documents to close the sale. She personally made sure that there will be no issues with settlement and her effort during this whole process has been amazing. It was a perfect experience dealing with her. It could not have been better. ~ David Isaacs - Tamarac
    Yvonne has been an excellent resource for us throughout our time in South Florida. She is very knowledgeable and took the time to get to know us and our needs. She was very accommodating to our schedules and to the efforts of finding us a quality home within our budget. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for home without any reservation. She is trustworthy and committed to the needs of the buyer. ~ April Bowers
    I've known Yvonne for years and I know her reputation and record; which speaks for itself. It was a no-brainer! I had a property to sell and I could think of no one else; that moves. Yvonne knows her stuff; need I say more? Yvonne goes over and beyond what she needs to do for her client. She is always ahead of the game and knows what she is doing at all time. My previous explanations; say it all. Suburb and fantastic; job well done! ~ N. Wolter, Orlando Fl
    Yvonne Biondo went beyond the expectations of any real estate agent we have had experience with. She was extremely kind, courteous, attentive, resourceful, cooperative and proactive in all aspects of the sale from the initial contract to the closing. We wish to extend gratitude to her and all that assisted us in our sale process. Yvonne's comprehension of the local market and our community is incomparable. ~ Damian Grabowski, Coral Springs
    Yvonne was a pleasure to work with and promptly responded to correspondence. She quickly found the unit and we were able to submit an offer the day after the showing. She additionally assisted with all aspects of the closing and securing the loan. Her attention to detail was impeccable. I will use Yvonne again for my next purchase and highly recommend her services. ~ Neil, Fort Lauderdale
    We have used the same broker many years ago several times and we were very satisfied. ~ John Prehoda,Margate,Florida
    Yvonne Biondo has my highest recomendations. She posseses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent real estate agent. Yvonne knows her market extremely well: she is diligent, responsive and yet very patient with her clients. Yvonne is very professional and personable. She takes pride in doing her job. There were a few rough spots throughout the process of preparing the house for sale and at every turn Yvonne was there to guide me and recommend to me what I should do. I would not hesitate to recommend Yvonne Biondo to any person looking to buy or sell a home as well as seek her services in any of my future real estate transaction. ~ Rose Mora Davie, Florida 33325
    As a real estate executive for over thirty years I have never met a broker who advocated for her client the way Yvonne has. This deal was headed for a crash and Yvonne worked with all parties to get it done. Awesome Job ~ Michael Vullis Coral Springs Florida
    Very knowledgeable and very good customer service skills , she did everything we asked and more. Excellent Knowledge and Professional Service , She went above and beyond on all our needs. ~ Joe Ft Lauderdale
    Yvonne is the perfect realtor she works with you anyway she can to help you I greatly appreciate all she has done for me. ~ suzan diresta, tamarac
    Yvonne has handled 3 real estate transactions for me over the past 5 years. She is incredibly professional and ALWAYS had MY best interests in mind. I trust her implicitly to handle any transaction with integrity and knowledge. She goes to bat for her clients and above and beyond her duties as a realtor. As long as Yvonne practices real estate, there is no reason for me to use any other agent. Yvonne elevates the RE profession to the highest level. ~ Simona Niculescu, Parkland FL
    yvonne should be the ceo of century 21 ~ morris e spitzer deerfield beach, fl.
    HIRE HER!!!!!!! ~ Anita Middleton
    It was a pleasure working with Yvonne during the sale of my Mother's condo. Although the personal cicumstances were very difficult for me since my Mom passed away. Yvonne was the ray of light that help me through the process. Her compassion and commitment to detail exceeded my expectations in every way. She was always there to answer any questions and very knowledgable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. She's a professional with outstanding service. ~ Beth Snyder Kings Point, Tamarac Florida
    She did a great job with the sale and purchase of my new condo. A very diligent and detailed orientated person. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell there home ~ Suzan DiResta, Tamarac Florida
    All real estate objectives are unique and Yvonne Biondo did an amazing job at achieving ours. Yvonne understood our goals as well as timelines and brought a wealth of market and industry knowledge that found us our unique buyer. Yvonne always listened to our questions, comments or concerns, was supportive, provided guidance and helped us navigate the process of selling our home in a seamless and stress-free manner. Yvonne found us our buyer, got us our price and smoothed the way for an uneventful transition from showing to agreement to closing. Everything was in place and happened as expected. Yvonne Biondo is the one person I would refer to anyone in the market to buy or sell a house...and I have! Thank you Yvonne! It has been a pleasure. ~ Dave and Sirry Shulman, Coral Springs, Florida
    Great agent. Went above and beyond when it came to making sure my parents were happy with their purchase. She was such a pleasure to work with. ~ Pete mongone
    Yvonne listed all three of my properties In coral springs snd coconut creek. And sold them top dollar!! Then she took us to our new property in parkland where we live now. She did it with speed, integrity and her success in knowing how to get deals closed with problems on appraisals to failed inspection reports. With her connections and knowledge on how to keep us out of trouble. We did not even need an attorney to represent us. Her caring personality and her availability to answer questions 7 days a week with detailed answers and guidance. She also rented one of my units for the past 5 years. Her expertise is surpassed by anyone we know!! If you are looking for a realtor that goes above and beyond. Call Yvonne Biondo. You will have the best expectations!! ~ Giuseppe & Jennifer Marie Parkland FL
    Yvonne was always very friendly, very knowledgeable about the areas, and very helpful when it was time for inspections looking out for my best interest. I would recommend Yvonne to anyone who is in need of a realtor that cares about your needs and is willing to give her time and attention to all details of your purchase. ~ Suzan DiResta, Tamarac, FL
    Yvonne Biondo is professional, persistent, attentive, knowledgeable, experienced, calm but relentless in achievement of goal, strong, unruffled, firm. She. kept us focused and informed. Helpful, honest and a lovely person. ~ Nan and Michael Sanfilippo
    Yvonne provided professional service and was a pleasure to work with. I plan to work with her again in the future as the need arises. ~ Madeline Fell, Coral Springs, FL
    Very thorough in every aspect of selling our home. Thank you! ~ Joe and Jen Coconut Creek
    Over and beyond in our expectation. ~ Joe and Jen Coconut Creek
    Yvonne Biondo is smart, polished and professional. She LISTENS and DELIVERS!!! Yvonne Biondo is my ONLY consideration for any real estate needs! Yvonne Biondo created a campaign that included print and on line advertisements that sold our home in 2 weeks! Yvonne Biondo should be your ONLY consideration for any Real Estate needs! ~ Anita Middleton - Coral Springs
    She is awesome. A real go getter. She works 24/7 and gives 150%. We were extremely fortunate to work with Yvonne. ~ Brant Gee Coral Springs
    Yvonne is excellent. I am very pleased with her performance and knowledge. If there was any question that she could not provide a satisfactory answer to, she would get the right people to handle it. I would definitely recommend her with no hesitation to family and friends. ~ Guy Lamarre, Margate
    Yvonne Biondo created a page for us with houses we might be interested. Since I live out of state, it gave me an idea of what houses were available in the area and my price range, She arranged for me to talk to Danny Sidenberg regarding the mortgage, etc. Danny was a wonderful person to deal with and was always available when I needed him. She also arranged an insurance company and attorney who were also easy people to deal with. As I mentioned I was living out of state and Yvonne lined up several houses for me to look at in the short amount of time I had to spend in Florida. I would definitely recommend Yvonne Biondo to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. ~ Patricia Chinquina Mena, Ar
    Working with Yvonne was a dream! She is knowledgeable, insightful, patient and available to answer any question or offer advice, day or night. We always felt that she had our best interests at heart and having her by our side definitely put our minds at ease during what was a stressful time. She's the best! We highly recommend working with Yvonne if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity! ~ Dan G. Washington
    She made sure I completed all the paperwork and even helped me on some of it. She followed up with condo association requirements as well ~ Richard Fee, Fort Lauderdale


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