Post Pandemic Home Sale Preparation

    Post Pandemic Home Sale Preparation

    Mar 21, 2020

    Are you delaying the sale of your home because of the pandemic?

    You are not alone. Many people are concerned and rightly so.

    While you are waiting it out, you may be able to get a jump on your eventual home selling competition.

    You want your home to stand out among the rest and I can help to make this happen.

    If you would like, I could come to your home and give you a comprehensive evaluation. My evaluation would let you know what might need to be done in order to meet the basic housing requirements of the loans that most buyers would be using. Additionally, I could give you an objective view point about improvements or upgrades that could help to put your home at the top of buyers' lists. And, of course, I could give you an idea of the value of your home in its current condition or with potential improvements, if it even needs any.

    While you are isolated in your home waiting for the scary coronavirus to pass you by, you could use the time, and my report as a guideline, to make the improvements to your home.

    When the all clear sign is eventually given, then you would be ready to showcase your home, the best of the market.

    Feel free to contact me at 410-935-5844.

    Stay safe.