Downsizing Your Home

    Downsizing Your Home

    Apr 25, 2018

    It's safe to say that the word downsizing can induce a feeling of stress among many. Moving in general can be an overwhelming task in itself. But, the mere thought of having to picture yourself living in a smaller space, going through all of your belongings to decide what stays and what goes, and having to let go of the memories you and your family have created in your home can be a lot to handle. Although this seems like a downer, reducing your living space means reducing your expenses, and this can lead to a number of advantages. We'll take you through the benefits of downsizing and how to get started.

    Why Downsize?

    Whether you are an empty-nester, looking to retire, or moving in with a spouse, there are many benefits of downsizing, which will hopefully ease your struggle in having to make this difficult decision!

    Less Maintenance

    With less space comes less maintenance. No more grueling yard work, or spending time cleaning those rooms that barely get used. You will now have free time to fill with whatever you desire instead of worrying about the constant upkeep that came with your old home.

    Less Money Spent

    Now is the time to fund your lifestyle! With the extra space, you were spending more time and money on upkeep and maintenance, had higher utility bills, and were spending money trying to fill more rooms than you needed with furniture. By downsizing, you have reduced your mortgage, utility bills, and maintenance bills. Now, you have the time and money to take your dream vacation, fund your retirement, or launch that new business. You may have downsized your home, but now you can upgrade other areas in your life. Exciting!


    It is all about finding the right place to fit your needs. Maybe you are leaving the big house with too many rooms behind and moving to be closer to your parents, kids, or grandchildren. Or perhaps you've always wanted a beach or lake house on the water. Sure, these homes will be smaller, but think of the advantages and new opportunities downsizing could provide for you.

    Where Do I Start?

    Make A Plan

    Start early on this! Make a schedule with set goals and ground rules. Tackle each task room by room and hold yourself accountable to stick to your schedule and get done what needs to be.

    It can also be extremely helpful to access your needs. Be sure to define clear priorities of what you envision your new home to be like, so when it comes time to make the move, you know exactly what it is you need to bring along.


    Your number one task on your schedule should be to declutter your home. You're going to be moving into a much smaller space, and you'll have less room for items you currently own.

    Some helpful tips for decluttering:

    1. Keep, Sell, Donate, or Dispose. Separate all your items into bins with these four categories. It could be helpful to set ground rules for yourself, too. For example, once you've touched an item, you must decide which bin it belongs. That way, you aren't bouncing from room to room and item to item telling yourself "I'll come back to this later".
    2. If you're having trouble deciding what to do with certain items, ask yourself these questions:
    3. Would I buy this again?
    4. When is the last time I used this item?
    5. Can I use something else instead?
    6. Eliminate multiples - maybe only keep two of the chairs in the set of four. Again, having a clear idea about the layout of your new home can come in handy here.

    We understand the difficulty of having to sell, donate, or dispose of cherished items. Whether they were inherited or gifts from loved ones, you must ask yourself if you truly love or enjoy these items, or if it is best to let them go. And let go of the guilt! Think of it this way: Would that person truly be upset by your decision if they knew you didn't use or find enjoyment out of the item? Perhaps you can sell or donate it to someone who will find more enjoyment out of it than you - then you know it went to a great new home!

    Make the Move

    It's time to make the move. The most important thing to note: Ask for help! Whether it be from friends or family, or a professional organizer, or a Realtor to put your current home on the market and help you find the perfect new home - we are all here to help!