Jun 30, 2021

    By Lindsay Jones, Broker

    The goal in proper pricing and presentation of a listing is to make it the most attractive so that multiple buyers come to view and decide immediately whether they will be making an offer or not. Your home’s appearance and first impressions make such a huge difference in marketing and selling properly (for top dollar and to the best buyer in the most efficient way.)

    If you have decided to sell, try and keep these points on the top of your list! 

    • Know where you are going! In a busy market, having a plan will be the difference between a seamless transition between homes and potentially being homeless and under an intense amount of pressure. Do your homework, if you’re buying, make sure you’re pre-approved, browsing the market for what you want/need and actively working with your agent to be sure you’re ready to move forward with the next home. Don’t wait until you have a contract on your current home to decide where you want to go, learn what you can afford etc. 

    • A clean and organized exterior is almost just as important as the look of the interior. Let’s face it, we all don’t live in perfectly staged, dustless homes! This is real life and that’s what makes the world go around. Having said that, take some time to give your property some TLC so when people pull up, they’re even more excited to see the inside and back yard. Pull weeds, remove tools, toys, messy garbage cans, any extra clutter laying around (that bag of dirt laying in the flower bed you’ve been meaning to put down for two months.) Buyer’s love to see an organized yard where everything has a place. Create a corner for the garbage, a spot for the pool equipment, clean and stage your existing outside furniture (even if its not included in the sale.) Keep the grass cut and plant a few bright flowers or put them in a pot where people can see. 

    • DECLUTTER: I cannot emphasize this enough. We know you still live there and need to access things regularly, especially with little kids or pets but please do your best to hide stuff away if at all possible. Eliminate any extra items from the main parts of the home, blankets, decorations, items on the fridge, things on the counter… It’s ok if you relocate them to a closet but less is more when it comes to your home right now. It may not make or break a deal but it WILL HELP you sell and will help the buyer to make a decision! 

    • Evaluate your home’s “smell”: Yep, your home has a smell and it may not be evident to you as you live there everyday but it will be to new noses. It isn’t always a bad smell either but it’s important to be sure you don’t have any overpowering smells of any kind. Stuffy, stale, lingering pet odors, musty are just some of the terms I hear. Consider having your ducts cleaned and sanitized prior to listing. It will run you a few hundred dollars but it will make a difference and the documentation you get from the company can be presented on the listing, a nice plus for a buyer to see. If you have older throw rugs, remove them, roll them up and pack them away as they may hold old smells you’re just accustomed to. Vacuum and get a pleasant “homey” candle. Personally, I find that candles smelling like baked goods, Fall, Holiday scents or anything crisp and clean are great. Stay away from heavy floral scents overall, as it can be super strong and may appear as though you’re trying to cover something up. Open those windows and let some fresh air infiltrate, weather permitting! 

    • Bright and Light! When your agent is having photos done and when the home is being shown, leave lights on and blinds open especially if the view is nice! 

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