Winter Home Maintenance Tips

    Winter Home Maintenance Tips

    Mar 12, 2019

    Winter is in full swing! As we all know, Michigan can have some tough winters. Going from a polar vortex to feeling like spring the next day is the norm for us Michiganders. However, the weather doesn't have to wreck havoc on your home if you take the right precautions. Now is the time to take extra care of your home to preserve its value and keep everything running its best.

    Here are 10 Winter Maintenance Tips to keep your home in top shape

    Drain water from outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems to keep your pipes from freezing.

    Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans! Everybody thinks of using fans in the summer, but they can help you stay warm in the winter.

    Trimming trees and shrubbery away from your home will help prevent wildlife from rooftops and damage from fallen branches


    On sunny days, open all curtains on east, south and west facing windows. This will let the sunlight heat your home, instead of your heater.

    To keep warm air inside and cold air outside, check caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors for cracks and deterioration that could be causing air leaks.


    Get your roof inspected to reveal any deficiencies that need repairing, before ice and snow cause potential damage.

    Check or interior water leaks: Faucets, shower heads, water heaters, toilets, and attic

    Check for interior air drafts: Attic hatches, crawl spaces, doors and windows, electrical outlets, wiring holes, basement, furnace outlets

    Change your air filters. Your home’s heating system air filters should be changed either once a month or every three months, depending on the type of system you’re using and how often it’s running

    Get a Chimney Cleaning. Debris and built up carbon monoxide can be a fire hazard for your home. Have your wood burning fireplace cleaned for safety.