Apr 13, 2020

    Make your home cozy for winter showings

    If you're trying to capture those elusive winter home shoppers, you'll want to do everything possible to make your place warm, cozy and alluring during showings. Fortunately, real estate experts know many tricks of the trade for creating warm atmospheres. Consider the following suggestions.

    • Add rugs to cold floors. Invest in new ones to lay down just before guests arrive so they remain clean and fresh.
    • Create seating areas. Consider rearranging furniture to suggest cozy conversation.
    • Try aromatherapy. Use diffusers, plug-in air fresheners, candles or the tried-and-true baked goods in the oven to infuse your home with a comfy scent like apple pie, cinnamon, spice or vanilla.
    • Create a fire. The effect will be charming whether your fireplace is wood-burning or gas-lit.
    • Use soft lighting. Warm-light LED lights can go a long way toward making a space seem homier.
    • Decorate with pillows and throws. Place these on couches and chairs to give the impression of relaxation and warmth.
    • Cultivate plants. Greenery brightens spaces by suggesting life, sun and the outdoors.
    • Choose drapes in a luxe fabric. Sheer, filmy curtains can make a room seem colder.
    • Introduce pops of color. If the lower light of winter makes your color scheme drab, brighten it with décor accents.
    • Invest in luxe bedding. Make your bedroom more appealing with heavy, quality fabrics like cotton flannel, velvet flannel or heavyweight Egyptian.


    4 tips for hiring a dependable moving company

    If you're buying or selling a home, chances are you may need to hire a moving company. Since many people conduct major moves only once or twice in their lifetimes, you may have no idea where to start.

    • Below are some tips for finding a great moving company to not only ease the process but also avoid any potential conflicts.Ask for references from friends, family and/or social media contacts. You can also find lists of local vendors from your CENTURY 21 Price Right REALTOR as well as lists from industry groups including the American Moving and Storage Association.
    • Seek professional references. Contact two or three customers who have worked with the companies in the past three months, asking probing questions about quality of services, reliability, prices, etc.
    • Check for past issues. Be aware some moving companies dodge the Better Business Bureau by working under aliases, so check for DBAs (other names under which they've conducted business). The firm you choose should have a local address, insurance and state and federal licensing. Conduct an online search for complaints and/or call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hotline at 888.368.7238.
    • Pay afterward. Use a credit card, and don't pay until the contracted work is fulfilled.


    10 elements to seek in a real estate agent

    1. Honesty/integrity
    2. Familiarity with the market
    3. Field knowledge
    4. Sales acumen
    5. Problem-solving skills
    6. Pro-activeness
    7. Friendliness/positive attitude
    8. Self-motivation
    9. Tenacity
    10. Good listening skills


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