C21RA Giving Back 1% 回饋社會 齊心協力

    C21RA Giving Back 1% 回饋社會 齊心協力

    Aug 24, 2020

    Giving back isn’t an add-on or requirement, it’s a passion and an integral part of our organization. CENTURY 21® Realty Associates are not only committed to providing exceptional real estate services, but also committed to donating 1% of our company portion commission for helping those in need in our community. Our brokers are encouraged to contribute and be part of this giving back program. While you are buying or selling a home with CENTURY 21® Realty Associates, both our company and our agent are giving back to the causes nearest to your heart.  

    C21RA collaborates with local charity or non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations to build better communities. Together, we can make a difference!

    回饋社會不是附加條件或要求,而是使命,是初心,也是我們21世紀公司不可或缺的一部分。 CENTURY 21®Realty Associates 21世紀聯盟地產不僅致力於提供卓越的房地產服務,而且還承諾捐贈公司部分佣金的1%,以幫助社區中有需要的人。我們鼓勵C21RA經紀人共同貢獻共同慈善。 當您與CENTURY 21®Realty Associates購買或出售房屋時,我們公司和我們的經紀人會助回饋善心。


    C21RA SEAL 慈善勳章

    C21RA brokers are recognized by the seal when they commit to donate 1% of the commission checks received.


    List of Non-Profit organizations that our brokers are affiliated with:



    1.     Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce 芝城華商會

    2.     Chinese American Service League (CASL) 華人諮詢服務處

    3.     Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) 美國亞裔經紀人協會

    4.     Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) 華人青年企業家協會

    5.     Project: VISION 普進

    6.     US-China Restaurant Alliance 美中餐飲聯合會

    7.     Midwest Asian Health Association (MAHA) 美亞健康協會

    8.     Chinese Mutual Aid Association 華人互助會

    9.     Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community (CBCAC) 華埠更好團結聯盟

    10.     Pui Tak Center 培德中心

    11.     OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates 美華協會

    12.     Asian American Executive Network (AAEN) 美國亞裔行政網

    13.     Miss Chinese Chicago 芝加哥中華小姐

    14.     Chicago China Club (CCC) 芝中商會