How to Prevent Buyer's Remorse

    How to Prevent Buyer's Remorse

    Jul 28, 2021

    This Market is Crazy huh?? Here are a few tips for all you Buyers.

    1) Don't blow your budget just to win the contract! The market is very competitive right now, if you can wait it out, you will have a better chance at keeping within your budget and finding a home you LOVE instead of one you could get and one that is above your budget amount.

    2) All homes need repairs!! Do not forego a home inspection just to win a contract!! These home inspections are a protection for the buyer against huge unseen repairs.

    3) Don't view 5-6 homes in one day! How are you going to really remember details on what you liked and didn't like about the home? If you’re able to prepare beforehand, create a list of wants and requirements in priority order. Immediately after seeing each home, rank it based on the list.”

    4) Consider the possibility of doing some DIY projects yourself instead of wanting everything to be move-in ready.

    5) Use a Professional! There are a number of ways to submit a contract in a multiple offers, "highest & best" scenario. You will want an Agent that knows how to compete without compromising your budget, and protecting you from buyer's remorse in the end!

    Happy House Hunting!!