Top 3 reasons you should buy a vinyl sided home

    Top 3 reasons you should buy a vinyl sided home

    Oct 27, 2017

    According to the US Census Bureaus 2016 survey of construction, vinyl siding is the most common exterior material used on single family homes. In our region, vinyl siding is used in about 62.8% of homes. The second most commonly used material is brick siding (used about 18.2% of the time). In the Midland area, vinyl siding is very common and follows the national trends.

    Here are a three key reasons buyer's prefer vinyl siding as an exterior home material.

    1. Vinyl siding is affordable. The cost of vinyl siding is very affordable when compared to material such as brick, stone or composite. Labor is also less expensive than other materials due to the simplicity of installation.
    2. Colors and textures of vinyl siding are (almost) endless. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or a traditional style, many color choices are available. In addition to many colors, different textures including shake and vertical boards are available in vinyl.
    3. Vinyl siding is practically maintenance free. Vinyl siding resists rot and insects. Most vinyl requires a simple yearly washing to maintain its color for many years.

    There are many reasons to seriously consider a home that is vinyl sided. This affordable and attractive siding material is prevalent throughout Midland, Bay, Saginaw and Gladwin Counties. When considering home updates, vinyl is a great choice to maintain home value.