Top Free Energy Saving Tips for your Home!

    Top Free Energy Saving Tips for your Home!

    Feb 04, 2021

    We have all been told and heard many tips on how to save energy (and money) at home - but do they actually work? The answer is YES! Here are 5 tips that are simple are cost you no money!

    There is a reason we keep hearing the same tips over and over, that is because they actually work! These tips can help you save money reduce the impact you home has on the environment. These are easy changes to make and are win for you and the environment. 

    1. Be sure to turn off the lights & fans when you leave a room.
    2. Wash your clothes in cold water - saves the energy of heating the water. Actually, it is be to always use the cold water faucet unless you really want hot water. It saves the energy of trying to the heat the water if you don’t really need it. 
    3. In the hot months, close your window drapes or shades during the day when you are not home. During the cold months, leave them open to let the sunlight warm up the home. 
    4. Keep food and drinks covered or in containers in the refrigerator. This keeps them from releasing moisture and making the compressor work harder. 
    5. Reduce appliance use - only turn them on when you are ready to use them and don’t leave them on longer than needed - we all know distractions in the kitchen are easy so just be mindful! 

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